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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by amandaxcullen »

You hit the nail on the head.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by navarre »

To say that I was disappointed is the understatement of the century! Here's how I saw it:
1) Edward was made into a weak and angsty person. No life, no passion - just angst. In the book Edward came alive when he was in Bella's room and heard his name on her lips. I know Rob is better than this, but he needs to go back and reread Twilight and the manuscript of MS. Edward was portrayed as weak and unsure. He was actually a very confident poised individual that was still trying to reconcile who he was on some levels. Rob just did not get it.

2) Bella(Kristen) was stiff, uncomfortable and stilted. Bella learned to unwind and come alive after her relationship with Edward took off - where was the love story? This was an angst story not a love story as it should have been protrayed. I felt that Kristen did not get Bella either. It was like she hated being there.

3) The Meadow seen was butchered!!!! Where was the confession between the two; the intense conversation that started this whole series. Where was Edward telling Bella to "Don't move" and then he slowly glides his nose down her cheekbone, across her jawline, down her throat and runs his nose across her collarbone and then places his cheek against the hollow of her throat and chest and says "Ah". The tenderness and sensuality in that moment was not shown. And how about Bella telling Edward to "Be still" and no one could be still like Edward and she slowly touches her fingertips to his face; his cheekbones, his eyelids, across his forehead and finally to his lips which part under her touch and she feels the coolness of his breath and then he opens his eyes to reveal the hunger in them. That scene was the pivotal point in the book and their love. GONE.

4) Where was Alice? I love Alice.
5)This film was choppy, stilted and ill-written and directed. I mean, did Melissa Rosenberg even read the book?

I know that the film was screwed with the budget and time constraints, but that should never cause the script to be so compromised the way it was. Scenes taken out of context?! I mean, really!!
I am shocked that SM even approved this movie - I would have been very upset with what they did to the book.

Everything was disjointed and everyone with the exception of a select few looked uncomfortable in this film.

I did like Taylor(Jacob). I think he will be great in NM.
I loved the nomads, especially Edi(Laurent) he looked like he got it and Rachael(Victoria) that ending with her in the window watching Edward & Bella was a great send off and segue way to NM and things to come.
I think Ashely(Alice) was very good and Nikki(Rosalie) and Kellan(Emmett).

I truly hope that they will have a bigger budget, better script/screenplay(different writer) and different director because even though I know Catherine is a good director, she just did not get Twilight.

There are other issues but I have hit the main points for me. Please do not take my dislike for the film as in any way a 'hater', because I was saddened by the portrayal of this wonderful love story. I still think they got the right actors for this, but they need to go back and reevalutate their portrayals of these characters and get it right next time or I feel the series will be in deep trouble. It is just my opinion only - so, please no rocks and garbage thrown. Thanks.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by *Bloodlust* »

mangobun wrote:I watched the movie yesterday and i agree with EVERYONE on this page. Even though the movie was a not bad movie.. like it had its good scenes and parts but then overall... I found the movie rushing...They didn't focus on teh relationships between EVERYONE...
In general, liked the movie(not loved), but I agree VERY MUCH with this statement. Bella and Edward's love wasn't believable at all.

Another problem...the inappropriate laughter in the audiences due to the parts of the movie that weren't supposed to be funny, but were hilarious. Also, Rob's 5 o'clock shadow and the bad vampire contacts. Still, I liked the movie more than not, though it was still a bit disappointing...
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by vamps4evr »

I didn't hate the movie - but I agree with most previous posters, it was rushed...didn't show the love between Bella and Edward...the meadow scene was completely wrong...and Jasper???I don't even know what to say!!

I will say I loved Charlie and Mike the 'bad' vamps were great and the baseball scene was FABULOUS!! Im glad there will be a New Moon - but they really need a LOT of changes!!
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by kcmiller »

What a shame. I haven't gone to see the movie yet but have heard all the things written here from my friend's who have seen it. Everyone I know was very disappointed. Great books, great love stories CAN be successfully made into great movies. Think Lord of the Rings and the Notebook. I fully expected this movie to be in the same league as those seeing as how they had a wealth of wonderful material to work with from the amazing books. It is truly a shame that they didn't turn this book into the amazing, epic movie it could have been. :cry:

I'm going to go see it tomorrow and see if it's as bad as everyone seems to think. I'm just not nearly as excited about seeing it now though.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by allisoninLA »

I saw the movie yesterday. I am able to get past the necessary omissions of certain scenes, etc., required to accomodate a 90-minute movie. But what I cannot get past -- and what has been haunting me -- is the issue of the MEADOW SCENE.

What happened to the meadow scene? This is arguably THE most pivotal moment in the Edward/Bella relationship, and one of the most touching reveals their intimacy and love and Edward's torment (and sets important inner-conflict/stage for the next three books)... What happened????? Why was this scene relegated to a music montage, and a camera spinning out of them laying in the sun? Could we not have maybe shaved off some of those unnecessary tree-top scenes (which didn't even happen in the books, to my memory) and instead focused those minutes whole-heartedly on the crucial meadow scene?

I wonder what Stephenie thought of the meadow scene -- did she fight for it? Did it pain her to see them chop it into what we saw? I am hoping with all my heart that now that the producers/studio/etc. have seen that it's the books' fans who have made this movie a success, they will give more weight to Stephenie's concerns or suggestions. I have to believe that had the producers given her more power, she would have insisted the meadow scene stay truer to the book...I could have forgiven the other omissions if they had just gotten that meadow scene right.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by awesomejen1 »

I can't say I was disappointed, because I went into the movie with low expectations. I have never really like Kristen Stewart, she seems to think every character she plays is moody and full of teenage angst. The special effects were just the running, I was thinking, man, this looks like Power Ranger's running. Same with the jumping/ was just bad. I also hated that there was way too much scenary shown, like when they climbed the tree, and in the meadow they are just layig on the ground staring at eachother. It's not that I didn't like the scenery or anything, but when so much other stuff was cut or rushed, it would have been better to use that time to actually develop a real relationship. The way the movie plays out is Bella is just infatuated with the gorgeous Edward...there really isn't any love, which is going to make New Moon seem super weird because she is totally depressed over this guy who she is just infatuated with. Boo to this movie, I had hoped that it would be awesome. I hope for New Moon, they get a new director, unfortunatly, the screen writer is already signed on for New Moon and Eclipse. I am also hoping Kristen Stewart drops out for one reason or another, just so they can re-cast Bella. I hate seeing actors change out in series movies, but I REALLY hate seeing bad acting.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by angelz429 »

so i just saw the movie for the 2nd time... and this time i liked it, surprisingly. I suggest anyone who didn't like it to see it again.

I realized that the first time I watched it I was way too focused on comparing it to the books to enjoy it as a movie.

When I saw it the second time, I knew what the changes would be and I expected them, and just enjoyed going to the movie theater and watched the movie on the screen.

I took my husband with me who's never read the books and just explained the bits and pieces that the movie didn't explain thoroughly without going too far into what the differences were.

I think that helped, and I really suggest seeing it again.

Yes, there was still some bad acting and some bad special effects (low budget film hello)...but overall a MUCH better experience...and my husband actually ENJOYED himself and the movie. I dragged him kicking and screaming the whole way and then he was glad that I made him watch it.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by xoxfreyaxox »

Omg! Overall... all i have to say is that im biased because i did read Twilight for at least 5 times. And i memorized it by heart. (yes im a weirdo). I do want to suggest for people to watch it--if they haven't read the book yet. But if they have... prepare to be sad.

One thing that made me really kind of BOOM omg this is just so wrong. Is when "Bella" said that she moved in March... which is BS because the book was set In January 05. And thats when i realized that the movie is going to be rushed. I mean what is the deal with the laurent/victoria/james hunting? instead of wasting 15 minutes of all that unessesary thing. They should have added more scenes to the "Van/truck" phenomenon. I mean, why the heck did edward leave bella alone? He was supposed to be there with bella, be with bella in the ambulance. And though i hate pain, Why didnt bella hit her head on the concrete? I mean all of freaking sudden she goes to the hospital. NOTHING HAPPENED TO HER! and then edward claims that bella had hit her head even though...she never really did hit her head in the movie.

Or the fact that Edward was just so serious and angst all the time. I mean when bella and edward started to be together, he becomes a totally different person. He laughs all the time, he's basically happy. The movie was just rushed romance! bella and edward's love story is just rushed! and it annoyed me. I understand that the movie is based on the book. And the movie isnt really the book, but it would have been nice if they actually made it right--the character develpment. And then alice and bella relationship was nothing... "We are going to be great friends."? what the--... they never really talked to each other, not as much. gah!

And though many people believe this scene is one of their most favorite scene... the passionate kiss that bella and edward had shared in her room was just TOO much! If the real edward would be too jealous too see them kiss like that. I mean edward couldnt even dare kiss bella like that... he didnt trust himself for a very long time. The only time he kissed bella like that was when he was going on a hunt for james. Which by the way they didnt show in the movie. gosh. Underwear?! are you kiddding me!? gosh!

but overall if i would watch the movie i might like it. But for now, im just too sad about it. Like my anxiousness for the past few months for that movie just broke my heart. I just hope they'd do better in New Moon, i have nothing against the director, the actors and the scriptwriter. I just hope that they just wont assume that since fans are going to watch the movie they wont work with the character development as much. Every one deserves to know about the characters too even though they arent the bookfans... alright.
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Re: Twilight the Movie ~ I didn't like it

Post by CindyBlack »

I pretty much agree with everything lol, couldn't have said it better myself.
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