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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by trhmllr »

I was at a midnight showing like everyone else! When the movie started it went dead silent!!! When the Cullen's were introduced that was when the first noises came...then Edward and the sighs, giggles, and gasps started!!!!! Girls of all ages were taken away with the movie and the guys loved the action and stunt scenes!

I loved the whole movie I agree with mostly everyone. The baseball scene was great. The Cullen's were able to let go and be themselves. Even Jasper didn't look like he was in pain. (I love when Jessica said that.) When Bella calls Rose "out" I was like yeah that will help you guys' relationship. When Emmett climbs the tree to catch the ball and Rose says "Yeah that's my monkey man!" Love that line!!
I love the scene where Bella goes to the Cullen house and they cook for her. Rosalie was great!!!! Alice, LOVE HER!!!!!!!! Japer was trying to be civil and pleasant! Love how Rose breaks the bowl and just acts like a ding dong the witch is dead which old witch the wicked witch, but that is her. Nikki did a great job!!!
I love when they destroy James. I love how Alice smells the blood and calls for Carlisle. Then how she prances over to James, jumps on him, and rips his head off. You don't expect small sweet Alice to do that!! Love it!!!!!!!
I love the scenes with Jacob. I am glad they added the part where they bring the truck over and introduce the Blacks to her. I just love Jake!!!! He was so cute! So Bella to hit people with the truck door.
I love the times when Bella falls.
WHO DIDN'T LOVE THE KISSING SECNE?????????? I like how she just keeps going when he tries to back off!!! The prom was great. I love the song (even thought the words make no scene. I bought the soundtrack when it came out, so I knew what songs would be in. I loved them!!!) while he is leaning her back!!!
I just loved the movie. I am going at least two more times with friends from nursing school and family. Who knows maybe I will go by myself as well!!! I know I will find new things to love the more I watch it!
I can't wait to buy it on DVD!! This one better be a 2 disc special edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone was so hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god they were amazing!!!! Way to go actors!!! Love Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, and James!!!!
Thank you everyone involved for making this movie for all us fans!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by DanyaO »

I loved the end of the bowl scene where Esme says to Rosalie- Clean that up! Now! lol
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by oleander »

*Loved the introduction of the Cullen kids...it was great and it drove the kids in the theatre NUTS!
*Loved the first biology scene. I know a lot of people didn't, but I thought it was great. Rob really played up the agony/pain of her being there.
*Loved the kiss scene
*Loved when Jasper finally let loose in the baseball scene
*Loved most of Charlie's scenes
*Loved watching Edward struggle with sucking Bella's blood and the flashes of memories
*Loved the "meadow" scene, which was actually more of a "behind-the-school-forest-scene"
*Laughed so hard when Edward was telling Bella what people in the restaurant were thinking!

Can I just say that music placement played a large role in enhancing some of my favourite scenes? It did. Especially placement of Rob's songs.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by he_dazzles_me »

The Baseball Scene... Supermassive Blackhole was the perfect song for it. Alice was absolutely graceful in pitching, and it was just an amazing scene. Even though it wasn't a "fighting scene," it had quite a lot of action going on.

The Meadow... it shows just how great a scene can be without the need to have "a lot" going on. I love how they ended the scene with the sun making Edward sparkle again.

The Dancing at Prom on the Gazebo... I thought it was so cute when Edward had Bella step on his feet so she could dance too.

The Kissing Scene in Bella's room... it was so passionate. I was actually hoping Edward wouldn't cut the scene so quickly :( I just wanted to replay it over and over, after it ended.

Charlie's scenes... the two that I remember the best were when he loaded the gun when Bella was talking about introducing him to Edward, and when Charlie asked if she still had the pepper spray as she was leaving. But all of Charlie's scenes were simply hilarious.

When Bella Accidentally Hit Jacob's Leg with the Car door... I thought that was funny how he grabbed his leg and like limped away.

When Bella First Meets the Cullens... I loved how Robert rolled his eyes and Rosalie broke the salad bowl. I think Nikki Reed did a great portrayal of the bitchy Rosalie who doesn't change her views of Bella, until later in the series. Ashley Greene was amazing as Alice Cullen. In that scene, she was my absolute favorite character, at the time. Edward will remain my favorite character always, though. Emmett waving the knife in the background was funny too. I think it made the whole scene less serious with the humor, which I was glad to see, because it probably would've been slightly boring, otherwise. The whole cooking for Bella was great.

When Alice Rips James' Head Off... that was kickass. I was glad that they didn't just portray Alice as a petite little graceful vampire.

When Edward Drives Up in His Volvo and Scares Off the Thugs... he did look intimidating (on the contrary to what he said in an interview, cause he thought he wasn't able to look intimidating enough)! I loved how he left and drove up to them. Awesome scene!

The Fight Scene Between James and Edward... simply amazing. End of story.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by debussygirl »

Baseball scene was my favorite. It was so amazing and cool! I don't like baseball, but I would watch Cullen baseball, it was awesome!
But I LOVED the part where the waitress comes and give Bella her food and asks Edward if he wants anything but he just keeps staring at Bella and doesn't even look at the waitress. I was just like AWWW, he loves her! :P
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by j_jam »

I think my favorite scene was at the prom when he kissed her for the second time in the movie. The way he went in slow, the look on his face was so heart-wrenching. Now, that's what a man in love looks like! It was so sweet and adorable.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by Twilove »

I loved pretty much every scene but here is my ranking

The baseball scene Emmet was hilarious Jasper was far too sexy when he was swinging that bat and when Rosalie said "my monkey man" ha ha too cute

The kiss scene i have no words for that one it was wayy too sexy for just a kiss lol

Ballet studio so intense and every time i hear James break Bella's leg i always gasp that sound makes me cringe and seeing Alice rip James head off that was great seeing how hard it was for Edward to suck the venom out his face broke my heart :(

I loved Charlie when he had his gun out before Edward came in and when he told Bella about the pepper spray i busted out laughing soo like my dad

omg and when Mike was dancing outside while Charlie and Bella were in the diner ROTFL!

When Edward was playing the lullaby me and my friends were crying and we were crying during the meadow scene idk why we were the tears just decided to flow at those times lol

I felt Bella's pain when she slid on the ice and fell that happens to me all the time lol

and eww that waitress was so ugly even if Edward wasnt in love with Bella at the time he still wouldent have looked at her

That death stare that Billy gave Edward gosh if looks could kill
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by Hey There Elizah »

I wanted to cry in the hospital scene because I knew what it was leading up to. i was like nooooo. lol.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by debussygirl »

Hey There Elizah wrote:I wanted to cry in the hospital scene because I knew what it was leading up to. i was like nooooo. lol.
OME I know!!!
I could feel NM coming on when Bella started to freak out about him leaving. It broke my heart.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by ashiekins16 »

I absolutely loved the baseball scene! Jasper was too cute when he was up to bat! It was just amazing! Also the fight scene was done soo well. It got my adrenaline pumping. Haha. Lets see, also the "..and so the lion fell in love with the lamb" scene was done well. It was so sweet. I felt it.

Oh and of course when Edward comes to save Bella in Port Angeles. That was completely hot!

I'm sure theres more..I need to watch it again!
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