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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by thewall28304 »

My favorite scenes were-
the baseball game
the kiss(of course,who didn't love that)
Bella's conversation with her mom on the phone and Rene asks if Bella is being safe. Every audience I've seen the movie with,that scene gets the biggest laughs.
Bella telling Charlie that Edward is waiting outside and he tells her to bring him in and clicks his gun.

I can't wait for this to come out on dvd and the sales will probably match the ticket sales once it's released,seeing as how many fans like the movie.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by JodeenSings »

Now that I've seen the movie a half dozen times, I'm noticing the little things. The silly lines between Billy and Charlie. I like his comment about "Vitamin R" in reference to Rainier Beer.
Cora's comment about Waylon being "butt-crack Santa."
The running gag between Bella and Charlie about the pepper spray.
These are, obviously, scenes not in the book - but I like the character interpretation and the added dialog.
And Jackson/Jasper playing baseball, so awesome.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by footloose »

the baseball scene (cos the Cullens look ULTRA COOL) and the prom (cos Rob REALLY LOOKS like the Edward in my imagination :D). Oh and i love Jasper's look when he first met Bella and the joke about the graduation hats too :lol:
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by sachael »

fave scene..
of course the BASEBALL SCENE!!
jasper is soooo über cute.. and sexy.. not only him but all of them
but i think jasper is the sexiest!
aww i'm being biased again!
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by Alison »

I really enjoyed the scene where Edward is sucking the venom out of Bella's arm, and "Let Me Sign" is playing in the background. I like when they show the clip of Edward and Bella lying in the meadow and the snow coming down. I think it was very well done and kind of made up for some of the not so well-done parts.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by kissmecarlisle »

MagnoliasNSunshine wrote:Now, I know that most of the time I was totally drooling over R.P. (Folks, I'm 31... not 16... :oops: This guy is a child! :oops: :oops: :oops: I should NOT have those kinds of reactions to some 22 year old) I did have a few issues with his character... 1st and foremost.... I know he said he did lots of cardio and had lost some weight before the director told him to lay off... honestly... people... the guy needs some ab definition. I had been drooling in the popcorn the whole time, til his shirt was unbuttoned... then :o chest hair and unchiseled torso.... NOT what I had expected.... :( :( :( The sparkle thing was cheezy, but what else could they have done... :?: The whole hatchback Volvo thing was sad.... and totally unsexy. Then the last complaint I'll make is that he seemed to hit his stride AFTER the biology scene when he first meets Bella... The look on his face didn't seem like anger-how can I kill her this very second without having to kill the entire classroom-shock. I don't know... but after that once he was trying to change his classes, he totally nailed it for me.

Emmett is a DOLL! K.L. is absolutly adorable! Dimples and all!!! And Rosalie... W.O.W. Nickki Reed can certainly play the ding dong the witch is dead which old witch the wicked witch, huh? And I loved that Esme was such a mom! She was great in the baseball scene!!!!

Overall, I loved it. And honestly, I have to sell myself on going to the book adaptation movies. I go in expecting the worst a lot of times. I thought they did this one really well. So nice, I'll go see it twice! (at least!!!)
I am with MagnoliasNSunshine, I am 31 (although I claim that I am 27 forever!). The guys in the movie are cuties! But the hottest one of all is Carlisle!!!!

I LOVED the kitchen scene (the entire thing!) and the baseball scene. But my favorite line is "...you can Google it." it sounds very weird coming from Edward.

I was ahhhing over the playing of Bella's lullaby on the piano. Just as I envisioned it in my head!!! Good movie overall, heres to hoping that New Moon will be better!!!!
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by chaya28 »

1) The lion and lamb part was good, possibly my favorite part.
2) When Edward played the piano!!! Was it Bella's lullaby or something? i forgot.
3) Baseball scene (who wouldn't like this part?) and of course when Jasper twirled the bat, it was awesome.
4) Kissing scene (but my friend totally ruined thee moment when she said,"This is boring." WHATTT!!!??) :shock: :shock: :shock:
5) Any scene with Charlie in it, he was hilarious.
6) When Bella was packing her things to "leave." It was so sad and Charlie's face...! it made me want to cry. :cry:
7) And... And... and... basically the whole movie was awesome :D (but the biology part wasn't as great as i thought it would be.)
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by maybeshescrazy »

Okay, APART from the baseball scene and the prom scene, I loved tiny little odd things about it.
-Rob Pattinson dripping wet in the rain!!! :D Okay, I'll be serious.
-Starting from Angela's "Oh. My. God." and then the comments about staring, he looks so happy it's funny.
-When he's all a bit hyper as if he's nervous, when he tells Bella he'll take her to meet his family. Especially the "uh...yeah" bit. I don't know what he does, but I love it. He also does it again in the prom scene with "ohhh... why not?".
-"Are you being safe?", "Nice kitty", "Bring him in", "I'm down with the kids/ Oh yeah dude. You're the bomb", "I'm just keeping it real, son", "It's okay Jasper, you won't hurt her" *EDWARD'S WTF LOOK*, and every single time Edward laughs, best bits being "put your seatbelt on", flipping Emmett off in the field, and at prom about the boobs thing.
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by ReNa257 »

hhhmmm... When they're in the Cullen Kitchen, Esme's announcing she's making Italiano and in the background Emmett's waving with a knife in his hands....my favourite part by far....
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Re: Favorite Scenes

Post by oPhoenixo »

Oh the Baseball scene was the best. I loved every bit of it from the time Alice says "its time". The music was perfect too. It really made wish i could jump in that screen and play with them.

Then the Nomads scene when they meet the cullens is my next best favorite. I love it when James says "you bought a snack". That was awesome! really sent a chill thru me.

The kissing scene is the next. That was well played and then last of all the Meet the cullens scene where bella meets them.

The above were my most favorite scenes.

The scene I hated..... was the prom. 1. I would have liked to see the other cullen kids at the prom but they werent. 2. God both Pattinson/Stewart... looked like crap trying to dance. But this scene I would never bother to watch again. It was pathetic so im glad it was at the end.
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