Twilight Premier experiences

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Twilight Premier experiences

Post by Nena »

Tell us what happened at the midnight showing that you attended, or if you didn't have a chance to go until the next day or have to wait for the weekend. How did other people reacted? Tell us about your movie premier experiences in this thread.
Ps: If you have pictures, make sure that you only post links. Help us save the bandwidth :)
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Re: Twilight Premier experiences

Post by CullenxLove »

i went the night of the 21st, with my mom, my friends mom, my friend, and my boyfriend. and i had ordered my tickets weeks before the movie, but when we got there like two hours earlier before the movie, there was already a line for the theater of the showing that i was going to. thank god though, there were only like five people ahead of me in line lol but finally after standing in like for like two hours waiting to go in to see the movie, i like ran in through the doors and everybody was rushing to get good seats (which i got amazing ones lol) there were a bunch of girls behind us, and one of them kept pushing and shoving my mom trying to get ahead of her. it was ridiculous, like seriously some people can just be so rude..

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Re: Twilight Premier experiences

Post by xoxocamille »

Ah. My crowd was insane.
I saw the movie twice, and well, the first time I watched it people weren't really as crazy, but there were still some screamings going on. But my second time... holy crap. The crowd was VERY much hyper.

When the lights dimmed, people started screaming. It was loud, but not as loud compared to the others later on.

When the Harry Potter trailer came on, this one girl screamed out, "I love Cedric Diggory!"
Then this other girl yelled, "Team Edward!"
And after that, everyone in the movie theater started yelling out which team they were on.
Of course I was proud yelling out, 'Team Edward' in honor of my favorite character in the book.

When Kristen started saying, "I'd never given much thought as to how I would die", people started screaming again. Some people were clapping, while others yelled 'Shhh!' because the movie was starting.

When Jacob came on the screen, a lot of people screamed yet again. (I'm assuming some of them were Team Jacob fans, but not all. Of course there were some who yelled out, 'You're so hot!' which I found really funny.)

Then, when the Cullens came in (Alice, Jasper, Rosalie & Emmett) & Carlisle & James (what a hottie =D ) there were some screams here and there. But none of that prepared me for what happened next.

When Edward entered the cafeteria, EVERYONE inside the theater screamed (including myself, hehe). The scream was SO loud it felt like the walls of the theater were gonna come down crashing upon us. My ears pretty much bled, and I bet no one else understood the next lines that were being delivered. People screamed for a good 10-20 seconds. It was so loud that even security came inside because they thought there was a fight going on. It was CRAZY INSANE.

Then when Edward finally mentions the iconic line, "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb," you could hear some girls gasping and squealin. (Especially these annoying little girls behind me. They kept mouthing each word and unfortunately, they even got it wrong. HAHA)

And last but not the least, the kissing scene. Everyone started saying, "Do it!" that it almost sounded like it was a chant, haha. Then when Edward finally kisses her, the scream got louder, and when he pushes Bella to the headboard, everyone went, 'Whooooooooa!' It felt as if I was in a roller coaster. Hehehehe.

It was a good experience overall. I love the crowds here, they were so hyper.
And everyone clapped at the end when the film faded to black and Catherine Hardwicke's name finally showed up. =D
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Re: Twilight Premier experiences

Post by ilovetwilight »

^^ Wow that's awesome!! I wish I could've gone to the premiere!! I went the day after. But were going to see it again with my whole family, YAY! There was this one really annoying dude who kept talking really loudly in the beginning and I swear I was seriously going to throw something at him if he didn't shut up. Lol :lol: but he did, so I got to enjoy the movie :D
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Re: Twilight Premier experiences

Post by ashleygill03 »

I had a very interesting Twilight premier experience. We had to buy our tickets a week in advance because they were selling out so quickly! There were hundreds of tween girls there dressed up with banners, shirts, books, etc. I think I would have been able to enjoy it more if there was less squealing, but hey.. I'm glad everyone was excited. I went back again the next night to get a quieter experience.
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Re: Twilight Premier experiences

Post by trhmllr »

I was lucky. I got tickets to the midnight showing that day! Our theater was only going to show one showing but it sold out. I guess they saw $ potential so they opened 4 more. I got there an hour early with my brother, and two friends who I got reading Twilight. We all had Twilight shirts and pins on, and I had Rosalie's crest necklace on. There was a huge line but we were able to go in and get our seat before anyone else. Great seats. People came in and we all were talking about it. I had the Twilight soundtrack on my iPod and we were listening to it while we talked. Before the movie started it was loud...when the lights dimmed it went dead silent!!!!!!!!!!!!! The movie started and not a noise was made!!! It was strange! I LOVED THE MOVIE!!!!! SO GREAT!!!! HOTT ACTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT LINES! What wasn't there to love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing. My brother got a call yesterday from a friend who was there with us telling him that Rob was at the Carmike (the theater we went to for the show) on Friday the 21st. I had planned to go again on Friday with another friend. I wish now I had gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had missed him!!! AGHH!!!!
But I still love the move and am planning on going with some other friends from nursing school and my dad even said he would like to see it!!
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Re: Twilight Premier experiences

Post by NewMillenium »

The workers at my local theater were going nuts! They had never seen so many crazy, raving fans show up and sell out 14 straight showings :lol: The manager called in extra help and two workers had to patrol EACH theater throughout the movie to make sure we didn't get into any mischief or in case an Edward vs Jacob mob broke out :?

Screaming ocurred when the lights dimmed, Edward's first appearance, and the credits.
I started a standing ovation and EVERYONE joined in! :D

We also have an awesome cinemark dollar theater, where movies are shown a couple months late, so I'll be seeing Twilight about five more times when it come son there :)

There were seriously SO many people in line though! I was astounded, and I knew right then Twilight become a blockbuster in all of five seconds. It's fun when fans get excited like that ;)
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Re: Twilight Premier experiences

Post by debussygirl »

My ticket said I was supposed to go in theatre 1 and my friend was supposed to be in 2, so we ask the guy what to do and he said, "You have to go to different theatres." :shock:
Then he laughed and said, "Just kidding. Pick whatever seat you want."
Luckily my theatre was pretty quiet. We cheered at the beginning and for Stephenie, but that's it. I'm so glad, I didn't want people screaming every time Edward came on.
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Re: Twilight Premier experiences

Post by spookybell »

I had the pleasure of going to a screening that was made up of 50% radio staff, advertisers and reviewers. There was no screaming, some sighing, some pleasure from the crowd when something good happened or a cute face appeared... but nothing obnoxious that would have deemed a disruptive crowd. I loved it!
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Re: Twilight Premier experiences

Post by piemurmom2 »

The Austin Film Society had a special showing Thurs night at 6:30. It was at the Bob Bullock History Museum in the IMAX theatre. Director Catherine Hardwicke had a question & answer session after the showing. She graduated from the Univ of Texas as an Architect. About 15 memebers of her family living in Texas were also in the audience. She sat with them. A bunch of movies are made in Austin, so we have a very active film community here. The audience was probably 25% male and definitely older (some teens, but not many and those were in the company of parents). The film society works with the local high schools and we had a small group of high school filmmakers who got to spend some time with Catherine Hardwicke, before & after the show. The question & answer session went about 30 mins. Many of the questions were technical. Catherine's comment to the young people in the audience who were interested in making films was to just go for it. No one is going to give you $35M to make your first movie. Start with that $10,000 one and make it the best you can.

There was no screaming..........well the was an audible sighing the first time Edward appears(according to my husband). There was a standing ovation at the end of the movie. The IMAX was an overwhelming experience. The scene where they are laying in the grass and the camera angle sweeps around them made me very dizzy. The opening scene with the running deer is very exciting so up close in the IMAX.

PS. Did anyone noticed the stuffed armadillo in the Biology Lab?????
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