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Re: If there is a Breaking Dawn movie

Post by natterss707 »

Yeah that is true.. they could slim everything down but then we'll be missing all of the stuff with the pack and stuff from Jacob's POV. I like the first and third book the best from breaking dawn though. It would definitely be a very long movie. Personally, I would hate to see it be made into two different movies - I would be soo anxious while waiting for the second movie to come out. But who knows what they'll do with this if it becomes a movie. There's so much substance it will be interesting to see what they include. I hope they don't miss the best parts!!!
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Re: If there is a Breaking Dawn movie

Post by alchemist »

I hope tthey don't make two movies of it. The first two books in BD are practically about the wedding and Bella being pregnant. The actual plot starts only in the third books, so the first movie would be left really thin.
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Re: If there is a Breaking Dawn movie

Post by #1twi-guy »

Renesmee is gonna be sooo hard to do, because baby's just don't function like that.
They'll probably have to get a really young actress to play her, or even CGI :(
I don't know, but that'll be hard!

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Re: If there is a Breaking Dawn movie

Post by CauseofEdwardIlove »

I'm not sure how they should do it ...one movie or two....I just hope they do all the books as movies!! I am chomping at the bit already for New moon.....we have so long to wait!
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Re: If there is a Breaking Dawn movie

Post by twilightbelle<3 »

Oh PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE don't cgi Renesmee.*shudder*

They should just get a small toddler to play her.
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Re: If there is a Breaking Dawn movie

Post by debussygirl »

My mom though that they should use sisters to play Renesmee. Like have one that's a baby for when she's younger then the baby's sister as her as a toddler then just use her. I don't know if that would work, but*shrug*
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Re: If there is a Breaking Dawn movie

Post by Amethyst1 »

i don't think a normal toddler would do.
Maybe a normal toddler for the base. and then CGI the rest? because nessie has this lean, adult body as stated in the books.
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Re: If there is a Breaking Dawn movie

Post by RebeccaCullen »

I'm torn on whether it should be one or two movies. The book is too long to make one film, but at the same time I don't think there is enough to make the two films.

The wedding and (part of the) honeymoon need to happen for the movie to make any sense. Most of the first bit of the book can be done as added scenes for the DVD release because it's not essential to the over all plot. The 'before' car can just be made reference to in the movie, and if the scene with J and Max is included, just show the 'after' car as Bella, Nessie and Jacob go to get into the Volvo.

Most of the second book fleshes out Jake's character, but at the same time I can't see how it would be important to the final battle. It does answer some questions, like why Jake's pack are at the Cullen's, but I think a lot of that can be cut (don't hate). The one scene I find really important in Jake's book is the part where Bella goes into labour and Edward goes to change her.

If it is two movies I think it should cut out just as Bella goes into labour, but that would make the first half really borning. It would also mean that there would need to be some sort of reminder of what happened at the start of the second one.
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Re: If there is a Breaking Dawn movie

Post by RussetRose♥ »

I watched an interview with SM on MTV.com and she said that if they make BD into a movie then it would most likley be two movies.

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Re: If there is a Breaking Dawn movie

Post by ThisStoryOfLove »

I would love to see this book in movie form, but I think that there are lots of things in the book that would make it very difficult to make/cast:

First, Reneesme. She is too intelligent of a baby to be played by a human baby/toddler. And I fear CGI since usually these characters end up looking very unrealistic and I feel like this would almost ruin the movie.

Second, Bella as a vampire. I feel like it would be very, very difficult to make Bella look like a vampire and like a Cullen, but I guess that that's why there are professional make-up/costume people out there.

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