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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Post by debussygirl »

Jadey wrote:
And the fact that lauren wasnt even IN the movie.
Well the fact that the budget was so small and Lauren's part was so mediocre I think they made the right decision there.
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Post by Dovrebanen »

spicey16 wrote:
daniel.cullen wrote:
jlbower79 wrote:^ no no the craziness accent part was when he was telling her he was taking her to meet his folks the next day, during the car wash scene

"so you're more worried about what they'll think about you then the fact you'll be in a house full of vampires"

^ not exact line but close enough.. when he says the word "worried" it's like AWWWwwww so british and funny.

I totally agree with this... That was the one spot that his accent really, REALLY annoyed me!!
the absolute worst is when he says hello for the first time in the classroom.. i get it he's trying no to breathe and all but i literally froze the first time i heard it.. rewound.. hear it again and laughed for like 30 mins i mean ROTFL lol its awful!!!!
I hardly even noticed that his accent slipped in Twilight. I heard it when he said "worried". Maybe since "worried" is one of the words that really sound different in British English. But overall I think he did very well actually. Now I'm not a native English speaker myself, so I probably don't hear it quite as well as you guys do. But I would imagine doing an whole other accent to perfection is difficult.
debussygirl wrote:
Jadey wrote: And the fact that lauren wasnt even IN the movie.
Well the fact that the budget was so small and Lauren's part was so mediocre I think they made the right decision there.
I agree with you. It annoyed me at first that she wasn't in there. But overall, that is one of the parts that I don't mind. And I didn't like Lauren anyway, so... I would have wanted them to have Ben in there. Since he is the one Angela actually dates. But Eric will have to do.
The non book based scene I dislike the most is green house. I like the conversation between them and all...But Green is good??? Compost tea??? Ridiculous. And I don't like tree climbing...
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Post by Jadey »

The greenhouse scene. WHAT THE HELL?

Seems like catherine did what SHE wanted, not what the BOOK says or what WE would want.

The whole scene made no sense. The bloodtyping scene could've easily been done, and it was a very cute scene which showed eddie-bella bondage. :l It would've made the move 100% better.

Still angry about it.
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Post by spicey16 »

i know! really, what is so hard about blood typing?? i am still mad about a lot of stuff :twisted: and.... VAMPIRES DO NOT CLIMB TREES! lol
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Post by hannaa »

Blood typing scene should have been in the movie, it was one of the best thing in the first book. Like Jadey said: it was so sweet and showed the real relationship between Edward and Bella.

I didn't like the greenhouse scene and the tree clibd scene, they were unnecessary and only confusing...
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