who is your favorite character?

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Who is your favorite character?

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Re: who is your favorite character?

Post by Jazzy'sgirl112108 »

Melanie!! :)
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Re: who is your favorite character?

Post by TwilightRose1 »

Wow! alot of people like Ian! lol I like Wanderer the most! :)
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Re: who is your favorite character?

Post by TheHostTwilightSaga »

Always Ian his personality was awesome he started off like the disbelievers but grew to know Wanda................. Jeez I love thsoe two........... if only the aliens were more like the aliens of today........ then it would be even better I mean a worm and a male at first glance seems a lil wrong................ :lol:
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Re: who is your favorite character?

Post by lee lee »

Ian is fantastic. It was so amazing to me how his character looked at others for who they really were and not what they looked like, although he had to grow to that point. Which is why I wasn't too surprised by the outcome of the story and his ability to adapt to wanderers different bodies. His character to me showed the depth in the true meaning of love.
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Re: who is your favorite character?

Post by FilDeCuivre »

Yes, I noticed some similarities to the characters too! But for me it was more that Jared was Edward and Ian was Jacob. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm Team Jacob but I think that if Bella hadn't gotten pregnant and Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, I think he still would've loved her the same he did when she was a human.

My favorite character is Ian and even if he weren't Irish - I have a huge obsession with anything Irish, especially men & accent - I'd still think he's the best character Stephenie's ever created. He truly did love Wanderer herself and not just Mel's body and he proved it in so many ways.

My 2nd favorite character was Wanda, obviously. At first I was really annoyed with her being so self-sacrificing and not hurting anyone physically or mentally but then I started to understand the reasons for that and started liking her.

Part of me liked Jared and Melanie, too, Mel though a bit more than Jared. Jamie of course I liked, too, but I think Stephenie made him sound so much younger than he really was. I remember he was 13 when Wanda/Mel got into the cave..? Jeb and Kyle I liked very much, too, although Kyle was mean for a long time but when he softened I really liked him, especially scenes with both him and Ian. They were awesome together! And Doc for being so caring :)
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Re: who is your favorite character?

Post by Belice »

My Favorite is Ian....Because he shows that he can change...turns someone he hates with a vengence to someone he loves soooo much..
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