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Post by Alphie »

Discuss the character Kyle here.
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Re: Kyle

Post by KStew and RPatz »

FOr some reason, I always picture Kyle as this big, bulky dude who has blonde hair and strikingly blue eyes. There is this guy in my marching band who looks exactly like him to me! I don't know why I think of Kyle with blonde hair, but I can't get the image out of my mind!
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Re: Kyle

Post by I'll Take The Aston »

To me, Kyle and Emmett are kind of the same in my head. They are both insensitive jerks that mean well in their insensitivity. After reading the partial draft of Midnight Sun and seeing more of Emmett, him and Kyle automatically connect to me. But unlike Emmett, I wanted Kyle to die when he was trying to kill Wanda.
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Re: Kyle

Post by TeamAliceWins »

Kyle´s hilarious. He made me laugh all the time. Well, except the time he tried to kill Wanda. I was all like "Die, Kyle, die!" right then.. He always reminded me of Emmett, which I think is why I thought Kyle was funny. And in my mind, the only resemblance between Kyle and Ian was their blue eyes and their voices. Not their builds or anything (I always thought of Ian as sort of tall and lean, kind of thin, but he had muscles nevertheless. Kyle was tall too, but his muscles were more pronounced in my mind).

LOL. For more information on how I pictured Ian, go to ... -jeans.jpg
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Re: Kyle

Post by waiting tobe dazzled »

I had trouble seeing the similarities between Kyle and Emmett. In the beginning I saw Kyle as cruel and heartless, and I kind've thought of Emmett as the opposite of that. Maybe near the end after Kyle gets Jodi (or Sunny) I do see how his brotherly connection with Ian could be compared to that of Emmett and Edward but thats about it.
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Re: Kyle

Post by RussetRose♥ »

I thought that it was so funny when i realized that Ian proved Kyle wrong.
Kyle said to Ian, "Look who has a crush on the worm." But, Kyle ends up with Sunny instead of Jodi, so that is kinda ironic.

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Re: Kyle

Post by Konyx »

I alwasy kind of understood Kyle. I mean, after I realized that he lost Jodie (it does mention in the beginning of the...well, cave part), I just understood that he wanted revenge. On a smaller level he probably wanted to protect the new life he had found.

When he tried to kill Wanda I was pissed. I understood, but was pissed. She hadn't done anything. It was purely revenge that motivated him (in my eyes). And even after Wanda saved him he still wanted her dead! Trust me, I read the part where Jared punches him many times after that. Then when he told her that "a life for a life" thing, I was doubtful. Even when Ian said he was a man of his word. I was believing that he was waiting for the perfect moment.

Then little by little, as Wanda proved her worth, he starting coming around. He's really a nice guy living in a world that he's grown to hate. Think, if Mel had lost Jared ro Jamie what would she be like? I imagine something she would be something like Kyle was in the beginning of the book. After he found Jodie's body again, just the way he cared for Sunny, before and after they tried to get Jodie back, shows that he is a loving person, a caring big brother, and over all good guy.

Those are just my thoughts on him. Sorry if I spelled Jodie's name wrong. My copy of The Host is loaned out right now.
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Re: Kyle

Post by vampirechick101 »

TeamAliceWins wrote:Kyle´s hilarious. He made me laugh all the time. Well, except the time he tried to kill Wanda. I was all like "Die, Kyle, die!" right then.. He always reminded e of Emmett, which I think is why I thought Kyle was funny. And in mymind, the only resemblance between Kyle and Ian was their blue eyes and their voices. Not their builds or anuthing (I always thought of Ian as sort of tall and skinny, but he still had muscles. Kyle was tall too, but his muscles were more pronounced in my mind)
I thought of him like that too :D
die, Kyle die" That was funny :D
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Re: Kyle

Post by piemurmom2 »

In my past I've sponsored High School Youth groups. I always LOVE having guys like Kyle in the group. They are the energy and the spark. They move folks along and get things done. However, you need to have others who can keep these guys focused and under control. They can cause a lot of havoc and even distruction. They easily offend the more sensitive members of the group. And they have no idea why (if they even notice).

Kyle was totally shocked at Wanda's behavior after his murder attempt. He expected something totally different from her at the tribunal. I bet he was shocked when he saw her raise her hand for him to stay. I believe that was the turning point that made him come to the life for a life deal. He went with Ian, Jared, & Wanda on her first raid. I can see him watching Wanda constantly during the raid, as his mind finally figures out who and what she is. If he had any doubts left, wanda saving Jared from the seeker on the highway clinched it.

And then she gives him what he sees as a way to get his Jodie back. Even if he never gets Jodie back, he sees that Sunny is a loving special person too. He made them put her back in Jodie's body.
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Re: Kyle

Post by calculus_buff »

A lot of people don't give Kyle the respect he deserves. After he got Sunny, he finally learned that the "parasites" can really be nice and innocent beings. Kyle would be the kind of person that you would want as a brother, because although he may be a little mean and disrespectful sometimes, you understand him and really (okay, maybe not so really) get to know him.

He is probably my favorite character. When he was trying to kill Wanda, he definitely didn't realize that Melanie was still there. If he knew about Melanie, Kyle would probably not have tried to kill her. I mean, seriously! Melanie and Kyle were(are) cousins!
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