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Re: Host Question of the week 8-27

Post by mrs0cullen »

i think she took some emotions from mel's body to her new one. she knows she belongs with ian, but the emotions she is used to is love towards. she might never get over it, i am still not over my first love, he broke my heart, i had to change scheadules so i could be away from him, but i am not over him. i will never go out with him again, but i can love him from a distance. so it will most likly stick with her her whole life with ian though she belongs with ian and loves him dearly. it is really hard to get over the first person, and it might take a long time or it won't happen at all, but ian is who she belongs with. she knows that and won't go off to jared and "make love" with him behind ian and mel's back. ian is her one and only even if mel's emotions are staying with her.
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Re: Host Question of the week 8-27

Post by Cullen_Lover »

love it! Not as good as the Twilight saga but awesome! :D
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Re: Host Question of the week 8-27

Post by -Jasper »

I think Wanda will always have feelings for Jared, because she has lived for a while with Mel in her head, who loves Jared, and the love for Jared became her own feelings too. I think her feelings wouldn't make a difference to her and Ian's relationship, because she loves Ian a lot more and is mainly over Jared.
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Re: Host Question of the week 8-27

Post by VampireAlternative »

I think Wanda will get over Jared in some time. Love can't go away completely, but in my opinion, I think it can fade over time. And with Ian at her side, knowing he is hers and will be forever, and that Jared belongs to Mel, she will forget how strongly she felt for him. From personal experience :( , when you know someone can't be yours, you don't feel as much for him than before, when you thought you had a shot. You move on. And with Wanda, it will take enven less time, because she's got Ian with her, and he loves her no matter what.
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Re: Host Question of the week 8-27

Post by SethisMine »

I think Wanda will still love Jared, but I think her bond with Ian will grow even stronger without her being in Mel's body.
As she said in the book, Jared was her past life, and Ian is now her present. I don't think that her love for Jared will affect the relationship between her and Ian though. You can love more then one person at a time, for love can never run out.
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Re: Host Question of the week 8-27

Post by Jazzy »

As it was so nicely put in the book, Jared is Wanda's past, but Ian is her present and future.

Wanda always made it clear in her stories that whenever she goes into a different host, it's like living a whole new life. When she was put into Pet's body, her 10th life began. With it comes a completely new set of feelings and memories and emotions. It was a nice, even physical representation, of saying goodbye to Jared and that part of her past life.
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