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Re: The Caves

Post by MissMagnolia »

Yeah, I also had difficulty with imagining the caves, but we have a lot of caves where I live. I basically just combined different features from them and put the setting in the desert lol. To me the caves sounded like an awesome place to be. If the world was over I would want to hang out there, but would probably feel extremely different about that after being in one for a month.

Also, I thought it was really neat how they used mirrors to bring light in for their crops.
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Re: The Caves

Post by bookluvverx4 »

RussetRose♥ wrote:I was really confused about the layout of the caves. At first I didn't even know that they were in caves! I found out about the caves by reading the about me sections of the characters myspaces lol! :D
Anyways, they are kinda creepy, I mean its a cave. Well, the whole story takes place in them, so you kinda have to get used to them.
What character myspace layouts?! I must find them!

And I also saw that you're a Jacob fan as well! Yeah! None of my friends are on Team Jacob, I felt all alone...
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Re: The Caves

Post by kkswmmr114 »

I had a really hard time picturing the caves. I actually had to alter how they looked in my mind several times as she kept noticing different things. For instance, when she went to see the seeker and talked about how her initial "jail" was really right by the entrance. I had it in a totally different spot!! I also think it would be really nice for SM to put a map in the back of the book or something. Or on her website. The room I think I had the most trouble with was the bathing room. I am still completely confused on that one!! It was really ingenious though how she came up with using the mirrors to bring light in for the crops and stuff. Very cool. It makes me want to go live in a cave... :D .

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Re: The Caves

Post by bluemaria »

Wonder if Steph has ever heard of this.. and if so if it was inspiration in anyway for the caves. This link below, though much more high tech, makes me think of the caves. ... 6443547063
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Re: The Caves

Post by Belice »

I love the caves........ It just seems so cool that someone (Jeb) would use a cave system like that & to have the foresight to carve things out as needed, ie, the bathing area etc & be able to take advantage of the hot water without spoiling what nature has done herself. The main plaza & garden areas are just awesome the way it's set up with mirrors & such to let the lighs in & so plants can grow. The way Stephanie has it written, it's like...she's been there, like, this cave system is something that really exists & is inhabitable (or inhabited)

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Re: The Caves

Post by aussiesgrl »

i live like twenty mins from the peak in the book. also i go spelunking (exploring caves) at least once a month with my friends so i was able to picture everything in this book perfectly. Now i just wish i knew if these caves were real or not so i could find the exact ones.

On a side note, my friend and i like to plan out dif. survival strategies for dif. kinds of apocalypses (just playing around, not seriously) and cave living has always been my favorite.
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