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Post by Cocoa »

Discuss the character Jeb.
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Re: Jeb

Post by Alcyone »

He is so insane he is a genius. Or he is such a genius he is insane. One of the two. It depends on the circumstance, really. ;)
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Re: Jeb

Post by KaseyHeartEdward »


Awww he is awesome! "My house, My Rules!!" I just loved him! He was so funny and i believe he was a genius. Maybe a bit nuct but then agian you could understand why after all that happened. Such an awesome chracter!
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Re: Jeb

Post by midnight_fix »

I think it's interesting how Jeb kind of shapes the way the whole story goes down... without him, there are dozens of times Wanda/Mel would have been shot outright or given to Doc for surgery. He did it in a sly way too, he didn't say outright, "she's one of us cause I said so", which he could have done, he kind of manipulated how people saw the situation and patiently eased Wanda/Mel into their lifestyle until most of the people had unconsciously accepted her.I thought he was very clever, and it was funny how Wanda freaked out when she realized Jeb wasn't carrying the gun anymore and when he took off an left her alone with the others for the first time.
I also love him because he guessed that Mel was still around before Wanda even said anything and always believed it. Again he didn't try to convince everyone right away...he let them figure it out on their own.
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Re: Jeb

Post by Apple »

i love jeb, he totally makes me less judgmental of paranoid people. they might be on to something!! and even though he seems a bit odd, everyone knows that he is the man when it comes to survival.
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Re: Jeb

Post by Alcyone »

In this world, it's the oddballs that survived. The ones who saw "Big Brother before Big Brother was there." And Jeb definitely strikes one as having seen The Man, Big Brother, probably saw Little Sister too before the invasion.
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Re: Jeb

Post by ashleygill03 »

I love Jeb. He is so intuitive and such a forward thinker. He is not one of the humans who only have the ability to see things in the context of the world that they know. He can see outside the box, and he has the ability to see good in things he isn't comfortable with.
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Re: Jeb

Post by TeamAliceWins »

I could never picture Jeb as old. Ever. The image just wont go in my head! I imagine him as Hugh Laurie, from House MD, or maybe Robert Sean Leonard, also from House.

Anyways, I think Jeb is a genius in all of his insanity. LOL kinda like Einstein. Ooh, ohh fun fact of the day: Einstein wouldnt speak until he was three years old.

Sorry, that was random.

Anyways, my friends tell me I´m sort of like Jeb. Crazy, insane, stubborn, but right. :D
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Re: Jeb

Post by alellie »

Really...I pictured Jeb to be kind of like that tough-guy Santa Claus kind of person.

Though, I was entirely grateful for being the only person in the beginning to show kindness to Wanda, I'm still kind of confused on the reason why.

I mean, it says he was 'curious' and all, but is there something behind that reason? I don't know...maybe I'm thinking about this too much.

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Re: Jeb

Post by Amivera »

I really, really, really liked Jeb. He was, I believe, the most 3D character she has ever written. While Twilight was her first novel and filled with unbelievable fairytale vampire creatures who were perfectly cardboard in every way, The Host really showed just how many different types of characters she could make.

While she seemed reluctant to give the main characters any believable flaws, I always find the side characters very entertaining.

Jeb was by far the best. His humor, his sarcasm, his gruff attitude, but the pure kindness inside... Yeah, he was pretty amazing. :D
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