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Re: Sequels

Post by TheHostTwilightSaga »

I would not mind it but I would wanna know about Ian and Wanda in particular.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Re: Sequels

Post by cullensallovamybinda »

i think steph should write a sequel but i think she shold try her hand at NY17. i think she wold be goo at that kind of stuff. and the hole ian/wanderer and Mel/ jared could get steamy :P

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Re: Sequels

Post by TheHostTwilightSaga »

She could deffiantely do it however it may take away from the greatness which is "The Host" so in that sence new character visitation may be a good idea even though it would be really sad.!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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Re: Sequels

Post by akire »

I wonder how sympathetic she could make "The Seeker," if it is, in fact about a seeker. To me, they are utterly creepy. I would hope it would be about the resistance. SM kind of set herself up for a sequel by bringing in new humans at the end of the Host.

I would love to know about Wanda/Ian & Mel/Jared... and to see how Jamie grows up.

That being said... I pretty much agree with this:
pennybug84 wrote:when it comes to the Host I would be okay if there weren't any sequels. I think they place it ended is an okay place & doesn't really feel unfinished. but if she ever did right sequels I'd probably read them. I just hope I didn't have as hard a time getting into any sequels like I did this one. I really have no idea where the story would/could go (plus it's been about 4 months since I read it & can't remember much.)
Although I just LOVE spending time with SM's characters, I'm not sure what other conflict we could see other than furthering the human resistance.

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Re: Sequels

Post by sarah! »

There are going to be 2 sequels right?
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Re: Sequels

Post by CullensGirl14 »

I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but could The Seeker be The Host written from the seekers point of view, similar to Midnight Sun and Twilight?

The Host finished quite nicely, from what i remember the story was finished off nicely, with a glimmer of hope for sequels, although more about the human and soul they met at the end would be brilliant, because it would be nice to see where they came from and whether or not they join forces to try and take back their world, but as far as i can see, there were no real questions that needed answering, it's a nice stand alone book, but more information on the characters would be great.
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Re: Sequels

Post by Ally_Cat »

I think a sequel would be nice if SM could come up with another great conflict/plot. However, I wouldn't be dissapointed if the Host remained a stand alone book. It is great by itself and I would rather it remain a singular novel than have a forced, not as strong sequel.

Did SM mention the Seeker as a future book or is that just a possible idea from fans for a sequel? It would be interesting to see the soul vs human conflict from a different set of eyes.
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Re: Sequels

Post by Black »

I don't think any sequels will be from a Seeker's POV or anything like that. Stephenie Meyer said that if she wrote a sequel some of her favorite characters would have to die (why?) and I doubt she has a special place in her heart for any random Seeker. Plus, I would be hella disappointed if we didn't get to see more of life in the caves. And it's not really a sequel unless it's a continuation of the first.
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Re: Sequels

Post by AiedailEclipsed »

I hope they do a sequel but if The Seeker is from the seekers POV, I think I will have to hurt someone! :)))
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Re: Sequels

Post by debussygirl »

I don't think that the Seeker would be told through a seeker's POV. Think about it. The Host is not told through Melanie's perspective, even though she is the host.
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