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Just Ian

Post by Alphie »

Use this area to discuss the oh-so-charming Ian O'Shea. This is for JUST Ian. if you want to talk about his relationship with Wanda, please check out the Ian/Wanda thread.

Have I mentioned that Ian is my favorite character that Stephenie has ever invented. EVER. Yeah... he's my kind of guy.

Re: Just Ian

Post by shanaud »

I really never thought I would find a character I loved more than Edward. And then there was Ian. Love Ian. Really glad the boards are back up.
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Re: Just Ian

Post by Miss Vengeance »

Oh, Ian. I wish that there was a way to create a real guy by typing the description of the character into a machine. He's definitely my favorite fictional character ever and I don't think any character will ever come close to being as wonderful as Ian.
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Re: Just Ian

Post by eternitys_charm »

Ian comes extremely close to the "drool factor" in my brain, just slightly behind Edward. Wow there's lots to say about Ian. :]] he seems perfect in every way. Every time he came up on the book I shrieked a little inside, my heart started fluttering...*ahh* I am SUCH a fan girl. lol
Point-blank, I love Ian!
Top on my favorite characters EVER, [again slightly behind Edward]
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Re: Just Ian

Post by Nostalgicmiss »

Ian is the Epitome of a perfect man, he's rough and rugged, with a manly streak. Yet he can be gentle and open.
He gets me every time I read the host. I want an Ian . . .
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Re: Just Ian

Post by mlola619 »

Nostalgicmiss wrote:Ian is the Epitome of a perfect man, he's rough and rugged, with a manly streak. Yet he can be gentle and open.
He gets me every time I read the host. I want an Ian . . .

Agreed 100% i swear everytime Ian came around Wanda i was like "SCORE" haha he's so cute... :oops:

I love him- he really seems like a great guy- i want an Ian too! (and possibly and Edward and a Jacob *cough*)
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Re: Just Ian

Post by betonalice »

I loved to see the process of the change of attitude Ian made. I think the best parts for me involved Ian making that change from the angry want-to-kill-you Ian to the completely heart stealing wow-I-love-you Ian.

I love a man who can admit he was wrong, and make amends for his mistakes. *SIGH*
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Re: Just Ian

Post by bethrose »

i have a question, does anybody have a physical description of Ian? i was having a hard time picturing him in my brain. all i could come up with was edward.
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Re: Just Ian

Post by Jeminunzi »

^^ I definitely had that problem too. I kept picturing Edward Cullen. haha.

I really loved Ian. He's absolutely amazing. I'm not so happy with Stephenie for her ability to write perfect male characters though. haha.
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Re: Just Ian

Post by grbnte »

Yes, Stephenie's writing abilities make all real men fall short now. I loved how worried he was about kissing Wanda when she asked him to and then his surprise when she kissed him----his momentary delight made my heart flutter. Of course it broke for him when he realized he couldn't 'overwhelm' her like Jared. I couldn't help but start laughing when he kicked Kyle in the face---of course that stopped immediately as I read on. The banter over Jodi's hospital bed was very amusing though. Ian might just rank above Edward because of the fact that he is human and has no superhuman abilities, he just loves someone and would do anything to keep them safe.
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