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Re: Just Ian

Post by Black »

Ian's Irish.
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Re: Just Ian

Post by sarah! »

addictedbooklover wrote:I don't really like Edward, but I do like Ian, because Ian is a much more believable and realistic character.
Ian has flaws and faults, plus he's not a mythical creature :lol:
:lol: :lol: Agreed!
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Re: Just Ian

Post by ment2be134 »

OMG, Ian has won my heart. I have to admit that i love Ian MORE then i love Edward. NOT because i think Edward is to perfect to be real i think Edward has a lot of faults and that's part of the reason i love him, but i love Ian more because he isn't afraid to be happy. I loved the way Wanda described him a human with a souls heart or something like that ( I don't have my book at the moment other wise i would find the exact quote) and if you have read the book you will know what i mean. I don't know what else i can say just I LOVE IAN O'SHEA!!!!!!
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Re: Just Ian

Post by rosedahlia31 »

I love Ian. He is everything I would want in a guy. He's strong and protective but also kind and compassionate. He is now the for front of my fantasies, replacing Edward. Maybe because he is human, so it's possible that someone like him exists in real life. Also you don't have to be careful with him ;) His eyes are enough to drive me crazy. I love sapphires so to look into someone's eyes and see sapphires just makes my heart melt. Who couldn't love Ian?
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Re: Just Ian

Post by saw93 »

IAN IS AMAZING! i love him. If i were to choose a character out of any book to be with he would be my secound choice (Edward is first haha) ANYWAYS I loved how Ian looked out for wanderer and realized the seperation between her and Mel. My favorite seen was right before wanderer snuck out to doc's and they kissed un interupted by mel. When Mel allowed wanderer to explore her true feelings for Ian :) It was pure bliss!
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Re: Just Ian

Post by The girlie-wolf »

My favorite charecter in the book. The best HUMAN (heehee) guy ever, perfection.
My amazing incerdible perfect iPod is called after him, his name is Ian :D
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Re: Just Ian

Post by VolturiGirl »

Ian is my favorite charactor so far of all SM's. I like how he started off as a bad guy, but than he turned into the good guy.
I swooned over the fact that he loved Wanda for what she actually is. I guess you can say that he loved Wanda's soul. A lot of comments argue that they are torn between Ian and Edward. Ian wins for me because for one, Edward is a fictional vampire and Ian is human. Edward is cold, and Ian is warm. With Ian, you wouldn't have to feel like you can't keep up (vampires are super fast and strong). A person could relate to Ian more; they would have all the same struggles of survival.

Ian is the better choice.
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