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Post by Alphie »

Use this area to discuss the character of Wanderer.
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Re: Wanderer

Post by KaseyHeartEdward »

Wow Wanderer

This in the begining of reading this book i was struggling with liking her. The reason why is because i am human and understood why the other humans hated her and her kind. They invaded our planet and that is the position i put myself in. That i was being invaded. But as the book continued wow i fell in love with Wander and was fighting for her and couldn't understand why the other humans didn't like her until i remembered why i didn't like her. So it was fun reading about her. How she was so good. And how she looked at her kind and was like what we are doing is wrong. And i was sad when she wanted to give up her live for Melanie. I was like no Wanderer you can't leave come on just get into another body. And then i stoped myself and was like wait. Because another life would be taken. But that is how we are as humans. When we love someone so much we would do just about anything to keep them with us. So Wanderer is a good teacher, a strong chracter and i hope to read more about her.
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Re: Wanderer

Post by twilightluver27 »

In the beginning I didn't like Wanda because she was like any other soul. They didn't really think about how they were killing other species they just did whatever because they thought they were making the world a better place. But then as she started to go against the way souls were and to help Melanie find her family again, I thought that was pretty brave of her. She could've been killed by the humans for all she knew but she still went to find them. Also, once she started to be trusted she did anything she could to help.
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Re: Wanderer

Post by jacob-rox-my--sox »

personally i liked it better when she was wanderer
it sounds prettier than wanda
but i liked her because she wanted to change
and also because she embraced having mel in her head

but what annoyed me was that she wanted to please everyone
and when she stood up for kyle...grr made me mad!
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Re: Wanderer

Post by RussetRose♥ »

I had a hard time liking Wanda in the first like 15 chapters of the book. I would always look forward to reading from Mel's point of view. But, now I really like her, espically in her new body. I just have a problem with her nickname "Wanda". It makes me think of the Fairy Odd Parents. LOL! Anyways, I really do like Wanderer.

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Re: Wanderer

Post by maddy<3twilight »

I thought that they (Jared, Jamie and Mel) would put Wanderer in Jodi's body because I kinda knew that Jodi wasn't coming back and Jodi was attracted to Kyle and It says in the book so many times that Kyle and Ian are so much alike. So i thought that when Wanderer would be in Jodi's body that she would be attracted to Ian. :)
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Re: Wanderer

Post by vampirechick101 »

What can I say, um... I really like her she really is a nice compassionate person. Even though it caused her pain she still went to find Melanie's former family, and at the end of the book she sacrificed herself just so that Melanie could have her life back. Even though Jared and Melanie found her a new host.She really puts other people before herself and I think that's what makes her such a good person. :D
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Re: Wanderer

Post by *Wanderer* »

I really, really love Wanderer. Definitely a character I will never forget. I was, like, crying so hard towards the end when she's going to sacrifice herself because of her love of humans. I was really just, bawling... more than I did in New Moon! I mean, she found the greatest love of all in the human world, and she was going to sacrifice herself because of that love. Love, love, love. I think Wanderer's heart was just filled with love. And I know that has to do with her being a soul.

I mean, yeah, it was sorta annoying how she doesn't fight to defend herself. But that just adds to her character!

I really love Wanderer's character for many, many reasons and it's really hard to explain because she is such a complex character. Another reason I should add to my long list of why I love Stephenie Meyer's books: the characters.

Okay, now I'm just rambling and I should stop now.

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Re: Wanderer

Post by jeannie the nomad »

Oh wanderer, I wasn't happy with what the souls were but for some reason could not completely dislike her from the beginning. I could see what the souls thought was good about what they did, unfortunately they didn't seem to understand the damage and crimes they were commiting by taking. I really did love her when I realized that what she was inside she was a better "person" than most people in that she did not want harm to come to anyone especially if she was the cause of it. She was selfless to a fault. I cried like a baby when she was going to give it all up. I also loved her innocence in so much, while having experienced so much across the stars. I did not like her being called Wanda, it was to small and no connection in meaning to Wanderer that was such a descriptive name. I also wasn't nuts about them putting her in such a fragile, tiny girl at the end. I do hope her story is not over, and that Stephenie has more of her to share.
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Re: Wanderer

Post by bookluvverx4 »

I, too, disliked Wanda at first because of what she did to human kind. I knew that if I disliked her it would be harder to read the novel, so I tried to like her as I continued reading. But, when I saw how kind she was, and her willingness to help others, I really grew to admire her. I had a hard time picturing her as a small girl in the end. It just didn't seem....right, considering Ian's age.
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