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Re: Wanderer

Post by addictedbooklover »

I like Wanderer, she's my favourite character along with Ian.
I don't like the name Wanda, I think Wanderer suits her more. At the end, when she gives Mel her body back, it made me cry :cry:
I also like how she settles in, and comes to belong in the caves with the humans even though she's a completely different species.

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Re: Wanderer

Post by -Jasper »

I like Wanderer, I liked the book being from her pov. At first,I thought it was going to be from Mel's pov, and I was disappointed, but then I started to like it, because we get to understand her character and see how things develop between her and other characters. She sometimes annoyed me, because she didn't tell Jared the truth about Mel still being in her mind, but I also admire her for bonding with Mel and helping her.
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Re: Wanderer

Post by akire »

I loved how Wanderer was so strong throughout the book -- kind of Bellaish, in a way. (I'm sure others have made this comparison). It would have been so easy for her to do what so many souls did and squish (yyiiiick) Mel's brain. But she didn't. Then she's ready to give herself up for the good of another species. Amazing.

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Re: Wanderer

Post by Openhome »

The thing I like most about Wanderer is how the core of her stayed the same no matter what changes she saw and endured around her. Her "soulness" was beyond sinless, but she learned the sin of lying to save those she could never be a part of. It was quite a moral juxtaposition for her, and she stayed true to her compassion and courage regardless of the cost. Interesting character, one of the best I have ever read.
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Re: Wanderer

Post by PuNkk-Rawrr »

I absolutely agree with Openhome..I think that wanderer was the same throughout the whole story and that's what made her such an intriguing character. All these things were all very new to her but she coped through all of them. She gained a sense of family, or falling in love. Of being cared for. It changed her whole perspective and it changed her too but in the end she was still wanderer the soul who got attatched to humans and would do anything to keep them safe. It was just so great! the love she had for Jamie and Jared...but the whole controversy of her body's desires and her own....The courage she had to die for her sister. I just think Wanderer is one of the best characters I've read about. She had everything...compassion, courage, but she also had gentleness and fierceness.. She was great[:
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Re: Wanderer

Post by saw93 »

I agree wanderer was the same through out the book. This fact became aparent to me after it was revealed that the seeker had a rebeliouse human also. I think that the seeker was changed by lilly's personality where it became her personality. This to me showed how strong and sure of herself wanderer really was. She kept that vital seperation beetween her and melony and kept who she really was.
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