Jared and Wanda

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Jared and Wanda

Post by Alphie » Sun Aug 17, 2008 11:55 pm

Use this are to talk about the twisted relationship of Jared and Wanda.

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Re: Jared and Wanda

Post by brunetterebel010 » Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:14 pm

I think Wanda really only loved Jared because Melanie loved Jared.
That whole time they were searching, Mel was telling Wanda about him,
she fell in love with a fictional character, like so many fans have fallen for Edward or Jacob etc. etc.
She loved him because Mel's body loved him, Mel was in control enough I think, to keep from responding to Ian at first, for a while Wanda had referred to herself and mel as "we" once she regained the Me and Mel thing, she figured out how to be her own personality, seperate from Melanie's influence, things changed a little I think.
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Re: Jared and Wanda

Post by BittenCullen » Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:19 pm

I also think Wanda loved Jared for the reason Mel loved him.
She saw him for the way Mel saw him and she ended up loving him. I think the actual relationship between Wanda and Jared was more like a friend realtionship. Though Jared saw Mel through Wanda. In the beginning he was disgusted, repeled by the figure, because he thought "it" control in Mel's body. But, as the story progresses, I think he slowly understands both sides, for both Mel and Wanda, and ends up understanding Wanda for who she is.
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Re: Jared and Wanda

Post by wishingiwasbella » Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:50 am

The only reason why Jared hated wanda so much was because it was Melanie's body (which he loved) and then someone else's thoughts, words, and actions coming from her. it wasn't the person that he loved and he resented wanda for it. But as time grew on he realized that Mel was still there and after Mel became herslef again I think that Jared trusted wanda and believed that she was a "good" soul, and therefore possibly became friend with her after she left Mel's body.

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Re: Jared and Wanda

Post by ilovespaceheaters » Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:31 am

I felt sorry for Wanda. She fell in love with Jared because of Mel's memories.
I don't think Jared really loved Wanda in the end. Well maybe he did but it was like 1 billionth of the love he felt for Mel. But Wanda fell in love with Jared almost as much as Mel was in love with Jared. Poor thing.

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Re: Jared and Wanda

Post by Amivera » Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:04 pm

I, to be honest, found this relationship extremely disturbing. I hate to say the word 'abuse', but that's what pops into my head.

Wanda (not just Mel, but Wanda herself) chases after him, looking at him like he's the most amazing person in the world. She's almost worshipful to him, forgiving his flawing anger and his quick fists.
He punches her and slaps her and BEATS her and she forgives him, because she loves him.

It just really really disturbed me. I know he has a reason. I know she has a reason. I don't care. When you strip away the husk, the corn is still corn. (That was the worst analogy ever!)
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Re: Jared and Wanda

Post by Twilight_Perfection » Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:27 pm

I have to say I think Jared used Wanda to get to Mel, not intentionally, but it was the only way he could love her, and Wanda loved Jared because Mel, did. And that was all she new. Even when she was Pet, she was jealous, but Mel had already had a foundation in her relationship with Jared and so the attraction was stronger. But has with Ian it was all just beginning and so she didn't react as strongly as she did to Jared, because she is experiencing it for herself from beginning to end, not in the middle. I hope that makes sense.

That end part where Wanda had asked Jared to lie to her, made me pretty sad though. Because she had, had a perfect moment with Ian and then BAM, ruin it with Jared's lies.


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Re: Jared and Wanda

Post by edwardstruelove » Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:19 pm

This is really complicated.
Im sure that Wanda only loved Jared because she had to see him through Mel's eyes. that im positive about.
im not really sure about this, but it really seems like Wanda mostly loved Jared physically, unlike Mel. she obviously did love him emotionally too, because of the whole "i don't care if he despises me and abuses me, i still love him thing" speaking of which, what was up with that?
i think the only reason jared tells wanda that he loves her (obviously in a non-romantic way, but still) is because she is willing to give herself up for Mel. That bothered me. I found it a little selfish for him to think that way, i mean it was inselfish for him to love Mel so much, but selfished and kind of biased for him to think that Mel is more important than Wanda. I found that Ian had a point when he was angry at Jared for that.
overall, jared isn't exactly the edward in this story, so i found myself not a big fan of him and wishing that wanda would stop loving him. I do love Mel and Jared together though. They are very adorable!!
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Re: Jared and Wanda

Post by sydenay » Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:15 pm

I'm pretty sure the reason, like so many of you guys will agree with, she fell in love with jared is EXACTLY like how we love Ian, or Edward...she was told and SHOWED so many things about him, she saw and felt all of the memories about Jared...so she fell in love with him, and i mean...who wouldn't right? He sounds kinda hot(though Ian takes the cake when i'm talking about the dud ein the book i like best).

Mel+Jared=YES and when Wanda started to love Ian i was soooo happy she was finaly getting over Jared...he was Mel's man 8-) . All and all, yeah....wait, i'm done... :lol:

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Re: Jared and Wanda

Post by vampirechick101 » Sat Oct 18, 2008 1:47 pm

This one is hard... Jared and Wanderer's relationship was interesting because there was 2 defferent relaitionships going on there was Jared and Wanda's and Jared and Melanie's. It was twisted becasue of the hate jared held to Wanda but as the story progressed the hate goes away and is replaced by a friendship. i think it was hard for Jared to understand that Melanie was no longer in control of the body. I was happy to know though that they really did have a bond at the end and that he would miss her even for a little bit but he really cared.
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