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Post by Alphie »

Use this area to talk about the character of Melanie. Do you see her as a strong female role model? Would you have been able to trust the Host like she did?
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Re: Melanie

Post by KaseyHeartEdward »

Yes Melanie is a strong role model. She is always fighting and never gives up on the preople she cares about and most importantly she doesn't give up on herself! She is amazing and i loved how she was a Smart A** it was great. And i think i would do the same as her and Trust Wanderer because Wanderer was different and Melanie could see that and i believe i could do the same. I am so happy Melanie made it and i hope to also read more about her. Because she is an interesting character.
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Re: Melanie

Post by dazzledby »

Melanie was my favorite part of the book. I loved the end when Wanda got to see Mel for the first time through different eyes. It was really touching (though sad, because of the whole Jared thing). I love Melanie for her sarcasm, her strength, and the fact that she loves her family so much.
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Re: Melanie

Post by mlola619 »

I really liked "in charge" and determined, definately the type of character i'd want to read more about. Not to mention the fact that she has one beautiful somebody named JARED ;)
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Re: Melanie

Post by Apple »

i love melanie. i think she is a fantastic role model, and i loved the way that she was so protective of her brother. it was really sweet. that said, there is no way that i would have been able to trust the alien inside me like that! if i woke up and found my body hijacked by a member of the alien race i had been running from for so long, i would have had a complete mental breakdown.
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Re: Melanie

Post by vampirechick101 »

I think that Melanie is a very strong charactered female. I would have probably have had the same reaction to wanderer if I was in her situation due to the fact that the souls invaded their planet. Melanie certainly had a reason to hate her at the beggining but I am happy they developed their new friendship. I disagreed with Melanie in the fact that she was the one that threw Wanderer all the memories resulting of Wanderer to also love Jared, I thought it was unfair for her to blame Wanderer and be mad at her when Melanie caused the problem without realizing. I was happy at the end when I saw the real bond they had made all throughout their adventure in the caves and what limits Wanderer would reach to make things right and give Melanie her life back, I was also impressed with Melanie due to the fact that she wouln't have her life back that easily eaither she would rather never have her body back than be the death of wanderer so I thought that was nice of her. I think Stephenie Meyer really made Melanie's character glow in the Host :D
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Re: Melanie

Post by piemurmom2 »

I've been trying in my head to compare Melanie to Jodie. It sounds like in the beginning, Jodie was there with Sunny. But Jodie was not the fighter that Melanie was. She, like Melanie was very much in love with her man. But Melanie had spent the last part of her "normal" life protecting Jamie & Jarod. She was in fight mode when she jumped down the elevator shaft. So it was logical that Melanie would keep fighting and protecting. Jodie passed her love of Kyle onto Sunny, but it was not fierce protective love. It was much more gentle and soft. It was deep enough that Jodie/Sunny did everything she could to get Kyle back, but the only alternative she thought she had was to pass everything she had to the Seekers. Jodie just wanted Kyle with her. Melanie wanted Jarod to stay human more than she wanted him with her.
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Re: Melanie

Post by bite_me »

Yeah - Sunny was kind of selfish in a way,because she just wanted him with her, though it could mean he was caught, whereas Melanie did everything she could to keep Jared and Jamie safe, even if it meant she couldn't ever see them again.
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Re: Melanie

Post by cedwardrox »

I think melanie is a very good female role model. She fought for what she believed in, and would never take 'no' for an answer. She is a person we should all look up to. Even if she is just a fictional character.
About trusting the host, I don't know if I would have been able to do that. I think I would have but it would have taken me a long time. I believe I'd feel the same way Melanie did when the host wanted to kill herself. It's so hard to say without actually being in place, so I'm really not sure. :?
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Re: Melanie

Post by RussetRose♥ »

Melanie is strong willed. She has a strong heart and mind, and she believes that she can do anything. I love how she fought to get what she wanted and she didn't let Wanda get in her way. She loves Jared, yet she didn't totally mind the fact that Wanda loved Ian, even thought she did have feelings for Jared as well. She is a good person to Wanda and Jared, and she cares for her brother so much.

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