Are the aliens really "wrong"?

Discussion of the novel, The Host

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Re: Are the aliens really "wrong"?

Post by soleyezon » Wed Nov 05, 2008 12:17 pm

its very very simply, to duplicate, in this nature, any event that has occured. including, from one strand of 'DNA", or light, any body one wishes to duplicate, and installing, a spirit ether, into the 'inanimate host, is just part of nature. havwe you seen the movie where they walked on board a past plane crash and brought all the people out, and the plane crashed, still, but the people were saved. thats obvious. it the hollowcast, simply put, supher fire rained, change, and makes water. the flowing moment, and the interpretations thereafter are the responsibility of the observer. in actuality after a supher rain of fire exists so many ways and possibilities. the thing is when there are so many observers, viewers, of one event, the event champains in every direction concievable, and presently 'inconcievable'. Death of any moment, leaves possibilities of anything to occur.

Death or dissappearance, from a persons 'plane' into another- if the person can no longer see their loved one, or some aspect of reality they wish to reunite with, it is because of the value, or interpretation they presently hold/held, that disables them from seeing 'to' the area the 'other' aspects, or plane, has transvered to. the nature of personalities, and dimensia, is that every possibiliy is occuring in every instant of reality, which means that all is interconnected, at every time and place, and the carrier, or aligner is the vieweing attention, and direction sustained. superimposing images, is not body snatching, it is selectively placing yourself, your eyes and attention, into a moment of many potential horizons, and sustaining the value, of mergence within the bundling of reality, which is to say theunfolding of the dream sequence being observed. to observe a dead one just watches, and waits, for how ever long it takes, and holds within their attention the event they wish to unfold. the evernt of any point in time, can easily be braought into manifestation, regardless of 'w-here' one seems to be present. all points of time and place meet, converge, jhust outside the reality we are within, and to bring those emanations into use, one simply concieves of them and watches alignment, take place into the bubble.

Wandering Through Town
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Re: Are the aliens really "wrong"?

Post by soleyezon » Wed Nov 05, 2008 2:52 pm

liquid nitrogen
i dunno .. plutonium nitrate?
its science of human nature
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Re: Are the aliens really "wrong"?

Post by vampirechick101 » Sat Nov 08, 2008 12:44 pm

well the aliens did take over Earth and destroyed the life people lived on Earth. On some ways they are not wrong because they are peacemakers and have very skilled medical antidotes. :D
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Re: Are the aliens really "wrong"?

Post by cedwardrox » Sun Nov 09, 2008 5:34 pm

I am torn. In a way, I think they're right because they were trying to fix humanity which did need some patch-up work. But on the other hand, They shouldn't take other's bodies. I'f they would have taken the bodies of the very sick, and then helped the humans fix humanity then that would have been great. Although, I doubt that would have been possible. I think some of them are more right then others though. Wanda wanted to help the remaining humans where as The Seeker wanted to capture and control them. I'm so torn. :|
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Re: Are the aliens really "wrong"?

Post by OneDazzledLamb » Mon Nov 10, 2008 5:26 am

This topic is something that's torn me about the story - how wrong were the aliens in taking over Earth? On one hand, they seem to be a fairly benign being, intent only on making wherever they occupy better than how they found it. They occupy the Flowers, living only to eat the sunshine. They occupy the See Weeds, spending their days telling stories of their past lives, or creating tales to entertain each other. Then they happen upon Earth, where the hosts are far more difficult to inhabit. These humans are complex, complicated, and hard to handle. They don't concede to control. And yet the aliens don't give up. They see these humans as vile, aggressive, hateful beings, and complete control is the only way to heal Earth. The aliens watch our television programs, our news stories, and their own neighbors commit acts of unspeakable violence. We humans beget murder with murder. We lie. So why, as an obviously superior and seemingly benevolent species, would these aliens let us wallow in our selfcreated misery? They wouldn't. They would take it upon themselves to heal us, and believe they were doing the right thing in the process. Cedwardrox makes a good point.
cedwardrox wrote:I'f they would have taken the bodies of the very sick, and then helped the humans fix humanity then that would have been great.
But I also agree that this was probably never an option.

On the other hand, there are those of us who are exceptionally good. The numbers of good are at least equal to those of us who are exceptionally bad, but the human mind isn't concerned with the good in the world. We are so preoccupied with all the bad that that is what alerts us to the presence of this alien form in our midst - there is too much good going on and not enough bad.

So, were they "wrong" in taking Earth and it's occupants? I guess it depends on which species you're asking.
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Re: Are the aliens really "wrong"?

Post by bookluvverx4 » Mon Nov 10, 2008 5:59 pm

I believe they were wrong. Yes, they had great ways to improve humankind....they could cure CANCER, of all things, and they love to live without violence. However, what they did to make Earth a peaceful place was practically inhumane. They trapped people inside their own brains, and most of humanity was left screaming like prisoners as they watched their world collapse. I'm sure that, given their intelligence, they could have found ways to make Earth a better place WITHOUT trying to kill off an entire species. I don't hate the aliens or anything, I just don't think they can justify what they did. I'm glad that a few of them "went native" and decided to help the humans. I want sequels where all of humanity returns and the aliens find happiness on other planets. However, I think that if the human resistance ever does take its world back, they should keep some of the souls' philosophies (doing the right thing, reducing violence, medicine, etc.)

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Re: Are the aliens really "wrong"?

Post by soleyezon » Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:13 pm

its all bunky shoot, a chapter in a chapter, in a non existent book. the aliens, as i saw it, who wiped out Earth, did so to help the one who was host to earth. the host of the entire Earth was sick and tired, and the burden of housing the thoughts of all the earthlings in that faze, was ... a burden. to say the least. not to mention an interpretation. the host of humanity asked the aliens, kindly, if they could remove the connection, the wieght, the crown of thorns placed onto 'his' head. torture. he had already given humanity what they needed, health, knowledge of eternity, freedom of passage etc. and way more. the human mind wanted more and more and more, and was violent, it was greedy, it was speaking and emoting so many things, the host wanted to be himself, free of the encumbering thoughts of 'outside' humanity inside. now view it how you wish, i think it is perfectly acceptable that one man would break free, in doing so, freedom spreads. the choice was made perfectly clear for every connex.

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Re: Are the aliens really "wrong"?

Post by ThisStoryOfLove » Fri Dec 05, 2008 6:47 pm

Ehh...yes and no. While I recognize that they found a way to live in peace and to sure all kinds of diseases, they did so at the price of trying annihilate an entire race. Wouldn't it have been better had they taken over only a few hosts that were almost gone anyway and then tried to help the human race build itself back up? This is a tough question and I fee like it could be debated for a while...

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Re: Are the aliens really "wrong"?

Post by kellen_fan<3 » Mon Dec 08, 2008 2:26 pm

  • yes they were wong because they went to different planets killing them out and steeling their bodys for their own purpose they never once thought about how the people or other speices felt. yes they did make life better but that doesn't change the fact that the killed people! they didn't like it that the humans started to fight back but that is how the humans felt.
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Re: Are the aliens really "wrong"?

Post by runswithwolves » Sun Dec 21, 2008 1:26 am

Ya my first post having anything to do with The Host!!!!!!
The way I see it is the souls are killing all the humans and that is wrong but they did it to survive, how is that diffrent from us killing animals just for something to eat? We are doing it to survie, there are other ways to eat but there are also other planets that the souls could have gone to. Does that make any sense?
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