The Ending?

Discussion of the novel, The Host

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The Ending?

Post by rainbowcrayon »

I loved the ending, and the way it managed to tie everything off, especially the last line between Burns and Wanda, "It's a strange world, isn't it?" "The strangest." that is repeated from earlier in the book, I'm not sure where. I can't say I liked the new body the Jared, Melanie and Jamie chose for Wanda, but I liked that Ian didn't care. I also really liked the last chapter, before those blank pages. It's a technique that works well for Stephenie Meyer (see New Moon, end of Chapter 3) and also for evoking emotion in the reader. I cried after those last few words, before realizing that it wasn't over yet. In a way, I believe I was almost disappointed. It seemed like it had lost the sincerity and tension that separated it from Twilight in a way and made it something of its own.
roseaurora wrote: I was looking forward to Wanda dying and a epilogue of Mel being with Jared but remembering Wanda, like a part of her was still alive. Seemed to be the natural end of the story to me. But, it seems SM can't write a tragedy or a story without a perfect ending for all her characters. Wanda did not want to be a parasite any longer and yet there she is, back in a human body and okay with it... seemed off to me... Despite that, I actually did enjoy it, a lot! I was just taken aback a bit by the ending and I think the story lost a lot of depth with the ending as it is.
I agree... I can't exactly say I'm happy with everything about the end, but it was a good way to tie off the book and all of its complexity.
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Re: The Ending?

Post by paula_bnsnt »

I definately saw the ending coming.. the part about Wanda getting a new body. I knew they wouldn't let her go.
I agree with many about the fact that Wanda's new body being so young made me feel uncomfortable... like Ian was with a kid. I also had the same feeling I had with Vampire Bella: I missed Mel's body and her abilities (agility, strength) ((did you realize it's the opposite change? Twilight - > Weak for strong. The Host -> Strong for weak))

I liked the idea that Mel and Wanda are going to be like sisters... I mean they've shared more than anyone can share and survived the experiment. That's an unbreakable bond.

I've been waiting for a Q&A with Stephenie to ask her this but maybe you guys can help me figure it out.
Stephenie left clues as to what's going to happen with human kind in the future.

· When Mel/Wanda sees two souls raising a human baby:
--> Future scenario #1: Souls raise the new generation of humans. Humans learn to live in peace with each other or at least not to kill each other so much. I know it gets philosophical, but I don't think we're untamable beasts. We learn to live like we are taught to live, so the souls would make a difference.

· Human kind takes back the planet by removing souls from Hosts (whenever possible) one by one and sending them FAR FAR away:
--> Future Scenario #2: Impossible.. they can never remove every soul... at least the drivers of the ships must remain =P

· In a few hundred years, supposing they carry on:
--> Future Scenario #3, the Seeker's soul will arrive to her new planet, wake up in her new host, and tell everyone what's happening on Earth. ...

· So:
--> Future Scenario #4: Souls either give up the planet, recognizing humans were not as messed up as they thought or they come back on Seeker mode to end the resistance.

Every Future Scenario includes the fact that souls may "go native", to quote que book.

and Finally Future scenario #5: Stephenie writes sequels and all this speculation was for nothing =D

What do you think?

Ps.: I'm pretty much sure that the 1st thing you'll think is I have way too much free time... and maybe also too much imagination... or I'm just crazy.
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Re: The Ending?

Post by FilDeCuivre »

Although I hated how Breaking Dawn ended way too happy, I loved The Host's ending. The ending really did surprise me! I was waiting for the whole time that Wanda would move to some other planet and Mel would somehow get her body back and I didn't like how Wanda was ready to die. Because I didn't want to let her go and die. I was thinking how miserable Ian would be after that and at first I thought he'd eventually fall in love with Lily - which fortunately didn't happen - and move on. I cried so hard when I thought Wanda dies and after I'd turned the blank pages I still thought she was in some sort of Soul's Heaven and seeing everything that had mattered in her life and thought there'd be funeral and everyone would say something that'd make me cry even harder. But then she woke up in a new body. I almost screamed YES out loud, I was that happy that they'd decided not to let her go :)

I was the kind of an ending I love!
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