Wanda/Melanie Casting Thread

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Re: Wanda/Melanie Casting Thread

Post by Mini »

To tell you the truth I can't find anyone good enough for becoming Wanda.
But Jessica Alba seems a good choice. :)

Re: Wanda/Melanie Casting Thread

Post by lady4string »


So is Saoirse confirmed as Melanie? She doesn't fit the physical description and she seems a bit too young for Mel. However, I thought Kristen was a crappy Bella (I know that's not a popular opinion around here & I'm sure I'll get flamed for it). I've never seen Saoirse in anything so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. I imagined Melanie as a Latina. I could see Hayden Panettiere as Pet/Wanda after she gets 'moved.' It's probably too small of a role for her though but it would open her up to be in a sequel if Stephenie finally cranks it out.
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Re: Wanda/Melanie Casting Thread

Post by Malteser »

I totally think Sophie Bush, she's really pretty and I think is perfect...when I think of Melanie-that's who I think of.
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