Jared casting Thread

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Jared casting Thread

Post by Pel »

Who do you think should play Jared?
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Re: Jared casting Thread

Post by Meztli »

For some reason I always saw Jensen Ackles as Jared. I don;t re4ally know why. I watched Jensen in Dark Angel as Alec/Ben and when I read The Host that's who I saw as Jared. Or just recently Hayden Christensen and Henry Cavill.

Jensen Ackles-->

Hayden Christensen-->
For some reason I only see him as Jared when he played David Rice in Jumper. Only in that movie does he look like Jared to me.

Henry Cavill-->
You all know who that is so I don't need pictures.
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Re: Jared casting Thread

Post by Black »

Ironically, of the actors mentioned above, Henry Cavill is the one I'm least familiar with.

Googled him, and no... not the Jared for me. Neither of them are really doing the trick.
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Re: Jared casting Thread

Post by chrisri »

good call on Jensen Ackles... he's my Jared too
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Re: Jared casting Thread

Post by JennyLA »

I thrid Jensen Ackles. He looks like he could survive in an outside wilderness :)
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Re: Jared casting Thread

Post by AspenRose »

Just check out my icon and the answers right there :)
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Re: Jared casting Thread

Post by Tinkerbella »

I didn't know who Jensen was, but I like him for Jared! Hayden? Blech! Please no.
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Re: Jared casting Thread

Post by They-Call-Me-Mimi »

I definitely agree with Jensen for Jared. :)
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Re: Jared casting Thread

Post by BeccalovesEdward »

NOT HAYDEN!!!!! If Stars Wars fans have learned anything, it's that Hayden can ruin a franchise. He's not good looking (waaaaaaaaaay too much forehead) and he CANNOT act. He's like the male version of Kristin Stewart. I've never heard of the Jensen guy, but he could pull it off if need be. I like Matthew Goode, but he's a little too soft looking (and in need of some blonde hair if he was to play Jared), so something like him but harder. http://media.photobucket.com/image/Matt ... /goode.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Qzd9HIsRWeA/S ... +Goode.jpg
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Re: Jared casting Thread

Post by abigael_d »


i don't really watch Supernatural, but i've watched at least a couple of episodes, and that's where I've watched him...
when I finished reading The Host, i thought that Jensen would fit the role :D
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