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Post by Pel »

This is the place to discuss Gabe as a character. What was appealing about him and did you realize there was something special about him?
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Re: Gabe

Post by Hayleytwilighter »

I didnt guess that he was so special but then how could anyone resist one of SM's male chara's!
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Re: Gabe

Post by BreathelessVampire »

He reminds me a cuter version of Zac Efron(although I don't like him). Hahah.

His blue eyes sounds sexy!
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Re: Gabe

Post by animalgirl »

Gabe seems like such an amazing character... Honestly I think I like him better than the Cullens
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Re: Gabe

Post by cullen1901twilight »

r u talkin about edward cullen or robert pattinson? they r 2 completley different people.

1) Robert Pattinson is human and real and as sad as this is to say:Edward Cullen is a fictional character :cry: :cry:
2) Edward Cullen is WAY better in the book than Robert Pattinson was picked to look like Edward
3) Let's face it: Fictional Guys are just better. :D
4) Edward Cullen is fictional AND immortal AND can sparkle. Who can beat that? :D :D :D :D :D
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Re: Gabe

Post by jacobblacksgirl »

Hi I'm christina aka jacobblacksgirl....I'm new to this
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Re: Gabe

Post by giulybecks912 »

I really liked Gabe, he seemed noble and truly an angel and his blue eyes sort of reminded me of a friend from college...
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Re: Gabe

Post by Aline Mason »

I think (opinion, obviously) Gabe is an awesome character. Come on, he practically saved the prom :D
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