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Ensign Magazine

Post by Pel »

Stephenie wrote an article for the magazine in December 2006 called "Hero at the Grocery Store"
http://www.lds.org/gospellibrary/pdfmag ... 06,00.html#
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Re: Ensign Magazine

Post by Serenity Volturi »

The article that Stephenie wrote is really great. I went looking for it in my mom's Spanish Liahona, but the article wasn't translated in Spanish. For those that really want to get there hands on a hard copy of this issue of the Ensign, I would try out eBay. There are some people that sell their copies there or have a long series of them and when you purchase a copy you just have to tell them which one you need (in this case the December 2006 issue of the Ensign).

Any who, the article had this beautiful air of peace that would have me do what that great woman did for the other. Care giving and service is a part of what life is about.

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Re: Ensign Magazine

Post by CéliAmbre »

That's beautiful. And I think she's very very right. In one moment we complain about the horrible world, and then we miss out on helping people that are o near to us, even if it's just small things we can do. We do that even if we're not particularly selfish. I thought it was a good reminder, just this short little story. Even if we don't believe in God, even if it's not Christmas, it's the small things that make our world. I got tears in my eyes when I read it, too. I will keep it in mind.
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Re: Ensign Magazine

Post by jenni_elyse »

I love inspirational stories like that. I think I may have even read that story when the December 2006 Ensign was first published, but, at that time, I had no idea that the author of that story would make such a huge impact in my life, not only because of her books, but because of that story as well.

I had a similar experience to Stephenie's and her story just brings to mind my own feelings when I experienced it. It helps remind me of what I have instead of focusing on what I don't have!

My husband and I were at a Taco Bell in the dead of winter. (It was about two years ago.) A man came into the restaurant and because of the way he looked, I immediately dismissed him. He looks very ragged, scraggly, dirty, and I pictured in my mind someone who was on meth or something like that. The thoughts I had were very rude and critical.

My husband and I were already eating our food when he sat down to eat his. My husband noticed that he only had a small cup of water and one small taco. At this time, I was still thinking about how awful he looked when my husband took a chalupa that Taco Bell had given us by mistake to him. We had tried to give it back to Taco Bell, but they said that since it was already made to just keep it. When my husband handed the chalupa to this man, his eyes lit up! He no longer looked like a vagabond to me. Instead, he looked like a human being, who hardly had anything to his name.

I immediately felt ashamed and realized that he was homeless and looked the way he did because he had nothing. Who am I to judge someone as I had judged that man? I'm nobody! Ever since my husband's example, I have always tried to look at people differently.
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Re: Ensign Magazine

Post by UnfreakinBelievable »

That story was wonderful. Come to think of it, I'm quite sure that I've read it before, but at the time I wouldn't have recognized Stephenie's name -- now it stands out to me like a neon sign. The Taco Bell experience you shared was also awesome -- I too need to keep from judging and strive to be more Christ like.
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Re: Ensign Magazine

Post by bella fiori »

I remember reading that article back when it came out. I didn't know who Stephenie Meyer was back then, but I was still moved by the story.

It's still a powerful message, that we can't let ourselves get so wrapped up in our circumstances that we miss the chance to reach out to others in need.

"I could not afford to have my children learn lessons of compassion only from strangers." It haunted me then, and it strikes me with just as much force now.
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Re: Ensign Magazine

Post by SethisMine »

I love that article!!! It made me tear up. I just love inspirational stories.
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Re: Ensign Magazine

Post by cidluen »

What I loved about Stephenie's story is the way she makes you realize we have to do "good deeds" whenever we can and not only when we schedule it - like the once a year donation to the good will XP )

And the lady who paid for the old woman's market was so sweet <3 !!
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Re: Ensign Magazine

Post by debussygirl »

If you aren't familiar with the Mormon church, members of the congregation give talks on a gospel subject, sometimes based off of an article in the Ensign or a talk by a church leader. The youth also give talks, but shorter. I was so jealous when one of the youth speakers got to talk on Stephenie's article. I wanted to sooooo bad!! She did an amazing job, but still, I wanted to give the talk on her article. Not only because it was by Stephenie, but also because it's really true. Sometimes you just get caught up in yourself and you need to help others.
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Re: Ensign Magazine

Post by inspired »

Wow...It is amazing to me that there are still people out there who feel that way. It is so refreshing and hopeful that Stephenie cares about the impact her actions leave on the lives of others. I am a mom of 2 autistic children and the hardest part for me is not dealing with their disability, it is dealing with the cruel comments and nasty looks from people out in public. It is impossible to count the number of times that I have been reduced to tears by someone elses ignorance, but I can easily recall the number of times someone has shown their kindness and compassion (4 times). Stephenie was always high on my list of people to admire, but now she is truly my hero. I will take her lessons with me and strive to treat the people I cross paths with in the manner I wished they had treated me.
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