Midnight Sun - The 12 Chapters

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Re: Midnight Sun - The 12 Chapters

Post by Dark_Heart »

Someone told me today that SM has decided to finish MS. Does anyone know if this is true and where I could find out otherwise? It's driving me insane, and I want to know if it's true or not.
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Re: Midnight Sun - The 12 Chapters

Post by TwiliGhtersUnite »

Where did you hear that from?

If its true...thats awesome

By the way, KH on MTV interview said the twilight dvd will feature a special scene of Midnight sun..at first i was like :o no way how? So now im thinking SM will finish it or has finished it but will tells u when its about to come out...so we dont expect anything

I hope sooo :(
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Re: Midnight Sun - The 12 Chapters

Post by Dark_Heart »

hmmm.... what would be the point of a MS movie though? how would they make that any differnent from Twilight>? unless SM rewrites MS to be radically different from the twilight story or something. but i wouldnt know... i'm still an MS virgin! :P lmao
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Re: Midnight Sun - The 12 Chapters

Post by Phoenix8 »

I'm afraid I read Midnight Sun the moment I got chance and have reread it many times. I find it immeasurably satisfying and tantalizing for the following reasons:

You get an inside view into the dynamics of the fascinating Cullen family.

I got to appreciate for the first time how serious, emotionally repressed and self-disciplined Edward was before he met Bella. No wonder Esme was worried he had been changed too young! To watch as his rigidly self-controlled world comes crashing down like a stack of dominoes is hugely entertaining. He had never had any real curiosity in the humans he interacted with, only using his mind reading to safeguard the Cullen facade but suddenly (to the utter consternation of his siblings as well as himself), he throws the caution of decades to the winds . He is using every ability he has, physical and mental to appease his compulsive obsession for Bella. It is so funny and touching to witness his wry disbelief as he becomes hooked on the very soap opera of high school life which has previously left him so unmoved and watch his progression to
"stalker, obsessed stalker, obsessed vampire stalker"

He is trying so desperately to ignore Bella, and Mike Newton is taking such shameless advantage. Priceless to see the violent, acerbic jealousy this sparks!

I love the scene where he is so involved following a conversation between Jessica and Bella in another classroom that his previously exemplary behaviour has gone to pot and the room could burst into flame and he wouldn't notice.
And the conversation he has with Emmett when he drags himself away to go hunting.
And his curiously convenient notion to get Carlisle to commit Bella to a mental institution where(surprise, surprise), he would visit frequently. I needed a human moment myself here! He analyses every aspect of Bella( not always successfully) yet his own self-knowledge is endearingly sketchy.

I have always loved Bella's character but now I can see through Edward's eyes her individuality, integrity and subtle beauty. There is so much more to this than a tasty scent and a quirk of fate. I applaud his discernment!

When this book/s is finally published, it will be fantastic! This extract and the film's release (Dec for us poor Brits) is helping me keep the faith. Go Rob and Kristen and Stephenie, of course!
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Re: Midnight Sun - The 12 Chapters

Post by Dark_Heart »

Thanks for the spoilers... I guess... It shouldn't hurt so long as SM doesn't totally scrap the storyboard and and start from scratch. lmao. now you've made me want to read it.... but I never wil, not till it's published, and that's just a rumor from what I've heard.

(one i shamefully placed here as well)

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Re: Midnight Sun - The 12 Chapters

Post by angelz429 »

Well we all know that SM gave Rob a copy of it to help him get more into Edward's world... so maybe that partial rough draft was just that...partial. Maybe she's already done and in the editing process. Who really knows?

To be honest, this is the best publicity that she could get for the book...everyone wants her to finish. Maybe that was the marketing plan all along?

lol...we'll just wait and see
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Re: Midnight Sun - The 12 Chapters

Post by talirhee »

I loved, LOVED the little side project Edward and Emmett had going on to get Angela with Ben.
When they were in class and Edward was going on about "this Ben guy" Angela liked; Emmett was like, real obviously mouthing "He's right behind you."

That cracked me up beyond belief.

And "Like a stalker. An obsessed stalker. An obsessed, vampire stalker"

Actually, basically everything in those chapters made me laugh.

I was "awwwh"ing when Edward put the blanket on Bella in her sleep too. =)
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Re: Midnight Sun - The 12 Chapters

Post by Tastetherainbow08 »

Okay I am new to the board, BUT I am just as in love with the entire world of Twilight as any other fan. (I wouldn't say if not more JUST out of respect. Lol) From that heart wretching moment I read that Midnight Sun was put on hold I vowed that I would respect Mrs. Meyers request that her fans not read it. I think I did rather well,I avoided the topic like some contagious disease. I do regret that after seeing the movie three times, in twenty-four hours, I broke and began reading Saturday the 22nd. I only hope that Mrs. Meyers can forgive me for breaking my vow, even if it was only one-sided. I am not sure which version I like better, Bella or Edwards P.O.V. The regret mentioned before is because without Midnight Sun I am left standing at the edge of the world waiting for more to appear.

On a happier note... I am really grateful that she decided to make it available on her site. Stephenie has always been so considerate of her fans. I will always stand behind any decision she makes regarding the series. I will continue reading anything Twilight she writes even if she continues until the only P.O.V. left is from a small mouse watching form the sidelines. (HONESTLY) I would just like to say that I, as will many other fans, will stand by Stephenie until she decides the time is right for Midnight Sun to make its appearance.

**I loved how Edward was super jealous of Mike. His thoughts of backhanding him, sending mike flying across the room was PRICELESS. I wasn't as interested in the meadow chapter as much as the baseball chapter and there on out. Lol. I totally agree on Alice... I love her more now than EVER!!! (I didn't think that was possible in my wildest dreams.)

***AND... This is to Mrs. Meyers (If she ever comes across this message) I just want you to know that I love your books more than you could ever understand. They are one of the few great escapes I enjoy. Your writing these books is enough to justify the creation of the whole universe. (Lol) I meant what I said above and will always stand by your decisions, BUT I have to say... Don't get too mad at what happened. Think of it this way, There are thousands of Authors that couldn't leak their book if they published it on a website and had it broadcasted over national television. You have people willing to sell their soul to live in the world you have created. That is a true gift that you have, cherish that it is able to bring so many people happiness through one small leak. As for whether or not the book will sell properly now due to the leak. I would be willing to bet almost anything this has made it even more in demand due to everyone wanting to know what else he thinks. (I know I am.)

Well I have prattled on more than I should. I don't even know if it makes as much sense online as it did in my head... But WELL... Here you go. Lol
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Re: Midnight Sun - The 12 Chapters

Post by vampbball »

You know, I'm re-reading Twilight after having read the partial draft of Midnight Sun, and I can't believe how much in Twilight implies events in Midnight Sun; it's almost as if Midnight Sun was already written when Twilight was being written. For example, when Edward's tone suddenly changes as they discuss changing their plans to go to Seattle to going to the meadow, in Twilight, we have no idea why he's suddenly angry. In MS, we now know that he's just seen Alice have a vision of...presumably Bella getting killed. And Edward is constantly saying things under his breath and communicating with other members of his family w/o Bella understanding...all of which is revealed in Midnight Sun. I'll bet you that it's largely finished, that she wrote the two in tandem. Which would be an awesome way to publish it, btw. Twilight on the left page and the corresponding events in MS on the right.

Also, this draft made me love Edward. I've always liked him, but now I actually feel protective of him and can understand why Bella was worried on his behalf.
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Re: Midnight Sun - The 12 Chapters

Post by cascsiany »

I loved it. I enjoyed hearing what Rosalie was thinking when Edward did certain things.

If they put a scene from MS on the Twilight special features I think it would be interesting to see the Cullens meeting after Edward rescues Bella from being crushed by the van. That scene would give all the Cullens more screen time (which I think we would all appreciate).
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