Midnight Sun Partial draft release --Express your feelings

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Re: Midnight Sun Partial draft release --Express your feelings

Post by sleepingfear »

Oh my gosh.

I've been looking forward to Midnight Sun for so long, and to hear that someone had spread it around in such a disrespectful way just disgusts me. I feel so sad for Stephenie--what an awful feeling! That being said, I think she made the right decision to post the chapters. And, after reading them, I don't really care that they haven't really been edited, that they have grammatical and cannon errors here and there. I am so amazed by all 12 chapters. I like them better than Twilight itself. The way Stephenie writes Edward's thought process is just beautiful, I think. His emotions, especially combined with Bella's from Twilight, are intensely lovely. I hope, I <i>pray</i> that she will finish it. I look forward to it more than I looked forward to the release of Breaking Dawn--and that was pretty high up there.

I hope that Stephenie's fans will come together in light of this mini-crisis and support her in whatever she decides.
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Re: Midnight Sun Partial draft release --Express your feelings

Post by la_tua_cantante »

I sincerely hope that I'm not the only one who feels this way, but here goes:

While I understand that Stephenie's feelings must have really run the gamut - everything from anger to betrayal to sadness - I think that never publishing the book is a slap in the face of every reader who was intending to buy it. I feel that the appropriate response was to deal with the jerk who posted her work online (meaning sue them for copyright infringement or whatever, since she knows who they are), work your way through your emotions, and finish what you started. Not publishing the book is punishing all the readers who were eagerly and anxiously awaiting Midnight Sun's release. It's also publishing Stephenie, since we all know how much she loves these characters.

I am so bummed to not be able to have an entire book from Edward's perspective (if she decides to not finish it), that there are no words. But the thing is that this comes with the territory. The same kind of thing happened to JK Rowling with some Harry Potter material and she didn't threaten to not write the book. Why? Because she KNOWS how passionate her audience is, and that people would most definitely still read her work.

This same principle applied to The Twilight Saga. I mean, the plethora of people who love these books don't care if a version was leaked... they'll read the book regardless, and buy themselves a copy to boot.

In short: Does it suck that her work got leaked? Yes. Do I think it would matter, when it comes to people buying the book? No. We deserve to read it and she deserves to write it. The end.
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Re: Midnight Sun Partial draft release --Express your feelings

Post by AussieT »

AAAAARGH!!!! Stephenie - Please, please, please don't make the majority of fans suffer because of the few who have acted irresponsibly!!

Interestingly I wouldn't have known about the leaked Midnight Sun chapters at all if it wasn't for it being announced on the various Twilight websites I've seen... As a loyal fan, I still would have waited for the release of the book and not searched the net to find the illegally posted pages. I was very surprised that Stephenie posted the pages on her website - it's like she's given up on writing it and said to ALL her fans "this is all you're gonna get, hope you're happy now". :cry: I hope I'm wrong.

I'm torn as to whether to read the pages or not - I'm pretty sure it will only leave me sad that she may not write more - and from the other blog entries it sounds like she hasn't written about the meadow which would be one of my favourite parts. I desperately hope she doesn't give up on writing the book because of some selfish idiot...
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Re: Midnight Sun Partial draft release --Express your feelings

Post by b2008m »

THANK you la_tua_cantante!!

You are most defenetely NOT the only person feeling this way! I LOVE SM to death. But really I felt like it was a slap in my face when she posted that Midnight Sun was "on hold". I doubt that it will be finished. With everything thats happened and all, I highly doubt it. Posting all the chapters that she HAD wrote online for us to read was pretty much the dead giveaway to me. And I read them too. They were awesome. I wouldn't have read them if i didnt think it was the end for that book... If she wouldnt have posted them MOST of us wouldnt have bothered to look for them on the internet. We're too strong of a fanbase to let something as little as that bother us.

And dont think that I dont feel sorry for SM because I really truly do! It's horrible to be betrayed the way she was. But there was no reason to post those chapters up unless she wasn't going to finish it. Im so sick to my stomach right now knowing that I will never get to finish the series. I feel like I'm still in the middle of it but I wont ever get the satisfaction of owning ALL the books. I'm behind you SM, but really you gotta know your fanbase is stronger then what you think. Dont make us all suffer (the ones who have been behind you since the beginning) for something that we had no controll over...
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Re: Midnight Sun Partial draft release --Express your feelings

Post by francesca1986 »

This is my first post ever in this forum and let me just say that from the very fist page of Twilight I was hooked, much like everybody else. I did not find out about the saga until maybe about a little under a month ago and I think it might have been for the better, at least for me, because I got to read all the books at once XD

It wasn't until after I finished all the books that I ventured onto Stephenie's site in search of a fix for my "addiction". I had been reading the books so quickly that when I was near the end of Breaking Dawn that I was overtaken with sadness just with the thought that once I finished it it would be the end. Every new thing I found on her site helped subdue that sadness and I was sooooo excited after I found out about Midnight Sun and reading the first chapter because I knew that eventually I would get to read more about these characters that I loved.

Then on the same day that she posted the update I read the horrible news. As I read what had happened I could feel myself getting sad again and then even a little depressed. Though there had never been a set date for the release of Midnight Sun just knowing that it was coming was enough. Then getting the news that it was "indefinitely" set on hold broke my heart. Putting to the side my broken heart, I understood where Stephenie was coming from. She had been hurt badly and trying to continue to write Midnight Sun in that condition would be wasted time because it would just not come out right. I do believe though that she will finish the book. If her love for her characters is as strong as she said it is then there is no way that she will leave Edward's story untold; especially since she has already gotten so far. After something so horrible she just needs some time to heal and when she has she will be back stronger than ever. These sort of things don't happen to destroy us they happen so that we may overcome them and grow from them. All my best wishes are with Stephenie and I hope that with each day that passes she gets closer and closer to being emotionally better.

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Re: Midnight Sun Partial draft release --Express your feelings

Post by Alexis »

After reading Stephenie's post about Midnight Sun being leaked on the Internet I was curious about its content. Like most of you I was waiting for the release of Midnight Sun and didn't know that it had been leaked. When she posted it curiousity got the best of me and I read the chapters she had posted. I had never read any books where I wanted to know what the other characters were thinking and feeling. This was definitely a first for me. As I read the chapters I kept hoping to be bored with them and not be upset that this novel was postponed indefinitely. As I read the chapters, I had the same feeling that I had when reading Twilight. I wanted to know how everything turned out. Even though I already knew the ending, reading Edward's thoughts and feelings helped to intensify the story for me.
I had taken an avid interest in Twilight after reading the article in Entertainment Weekly. I read the first three books in the course of a week and anticipated the release of Breaking Dawn. After reading Breaking Dawn, I looked forward to Midnight Sun. Again, like most of you I read what she had posted of Breaking Dawn early on and was intrigued.
I am saddened by these turn of events. I understand Stephenie's feelings about Midnight Sun. I don't know what I would do if this had happened to me. I hope that eventually Stephenie will finish this book because I think it is too good to let it go.
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Re: Midnight Sun Partial draft release --Express your feelings

Post by ellybean »

I absolutely love Midnight Sun so far! I think that it is ridiculous that Stephenie is considering not finishing it! I don't think that it is our fault that it got leaked on the internet. If she just gave copys of Midnight Sun out to her friends and family why would she me mad at her fans when it was the people she trusted who put it on the internet!? I can also imagine how hard it is for her to continue writing Midnight Sun when she has been betrayed like this, but she just needs to remember that she has SO many fans and that we will support her in whatever she does! Keep writing Stephenie! please!!
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Re: Midnight Sun Partial draft release --Express your feelings

Post by leannia »

The Twilight series is all about choices. I hope that Stephenie will choose to take this as a compliment and finish the story. LIke someone said before, life happens and we all need to deal and move on. I was so looking forward to reading Midnight Sun next year. She seems to be over half way done, it would be such a waste for her not to finish it. I am still holding out hope that it will be out next year. I read the chapters from her website and I love them. The thought of not being able to read the whole story is saddening. I understand how she is feeling right now and I hope she works through it soon = ).
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Re: Midnight Sun Partial draft release --Express your feelings

Post by random_mad_fan »

I feel for Stephanie, I really do, it's not like she'd have sent it to anyone it must have been someone she really trusted and it's one of those things that shakes your perspective on the world when someone betrays you that way. I have only ever trusted three people to read anything that I’m working on, and I don’t have to worry about them leaking it on the internet, because I’m not published (Yet!) I’m protective over my work and I don’t even have anything to really worry about. I can only imagine how she feels right now. I hope she’ll find it in her to finish it because what she posted it FANTASTIC!! It’s times like this I regret my empathic nature and try very hard to distract myself from feeling pain on other people’s behalf but I still find myself struggling to see how someone could do this to her, I usually have a pretty good idea of peoples character – okay so actually taking to people helps, but Stephanie Meyer seems like a truly genuine kind person and that’s not something I find often, especially in people with a certain amount of celebrity, and I don’t see how anyone could betray the trust of such a nice person, to hurt someone like that should be a crime and I just hope karma come and bits the git on the backside! :o sorry about the language I guess I got a little worked up there!

though i must admite to a slightly more selfish reason for wanting her to finish, i am intreued to see what Edward was thinking in teht medow, he has shuch an intresting mind - it makes me wish i was a phycologist, so it would count forf something that i often agree with Emmet

also i'd like to point out that the harry potter leaks cant really be compared bcause it happened when the last book was finished.
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Re: Midnight Sun Partial draft release --Express your feelings

Post by Anna »

I am completely enraged with this turn of events.

First of all, by the person who leaked the chapters. I know they must have been very close to Stephenie Meyer, and I can't image why they would do that. I feel for her completely as I hardly ever let anyone read an unfinished story of mine. I don't give unwrapped presents. I'm sure that she feels the same way.

Second, I'm also upset by how Stephenie took it. I understand it was a low blow but...is it really necessary to punish all the fans for one person's mistake? I feel like I'm in a class with a misbihaving child, and the teacher gives all of us lines if one person talked out of turn. It's like saying, "See what happens when someone does wrong? Everyone suffers. So if you don't want that, BE GOOD."

We aren't a class of misbihaving children. We don't deserve to be punished this way. Midnight Sun had been a bright light on my horizon before I had even read New Moon. I've been looking forward to it for a year now. All of a sudden, I come back from a vacation and see this? "Hey I'm bummed about this and I won't write any more?" How can she do that to us? More, how can she take a commitment she made to herself and her characters and twist it? I couldn't image how she jumped to that conclusion so easily. I could never ever be able to abandon a story like that.

Especially a story like Midnight Sun. Don't get me wrong, i understand completely how Steph must feel. Angry...betrayed...saddened...upset. It's natural. But it's extremely unfair of her to punish all her fans and Edward this way. He deserves to get his story told. Just twelve unedited chapters into his head and I already like it more than any of the other Twilight books.

Also, I was hoping MS would have recruited a lot more guys into the fanbase. I was already planning to lend it to a friend when it came out...but I guess that won't happen.
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