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Various articles that Stephenie Meyer has written

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Re: New Moon Extras

Post by roo-roo91 »

Total Twilight Fan wrote:I think that New Moon from Alice's point of view would be quite good :)
I actually agree..

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Re: New Moon Extras

Post by corona »

Yes, Alice’s POV would have been very interesting for any discussions with Edward during the breakup, and then from chapter 17 onwards. I’ve always been very curious as to whether she provided Edward with any visions of Bella in the forest, prompting him to leave the note beforehand, or whether Edward was entirely winging it on his own.

Also, chapter 17, what are Alice’s initial thoughts upon seeing Bella? Then there is that odd statement that puts Bella into a panic when Alice says something along the lines of “I guess I shouldn’t have interfered”, right after finding out about the werewolves, Laurent almost killing Bella, and Victoria still actively hunting her. Huh? She’s obviously thinking about something else (maybe Jasper?), but it would be nice to know exactly what that was.
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