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Goodnight Elizabeth
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Goodnight Elizabeth »

I've been posting on the adult threads and chatting with friends. I've been doing everything I can to avoid grading essays. Bad GNE. Now I'm done here. I'm gonna take a shower, deep condition my hair, and go to bed. The fun never ends.

It's still 11:58. .... Ok...I'm not gonna drag it out. It's now 11:59, and I'm clicking "submit."

Goodnight everyone! Sweet dreams! (hey, it's Midnight!)

My PC is obviously 5 minutes ahead of the Lex. Figures.
Squee! Thank you, Nena!
Isabella Cullen
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Isabella Cullen »

Well, technically it's 2:30 in the morning now...


I'm up studying for my German test tomorrow, so I thought I'd post a little since it's been months since I've really been around the Lex. (I blame school and the never-ending fact that my life keeps me on my toes...even though I'm klutzy enough to be a hazard to my own health.) :oops: 8-)
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vamp na hEireann
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by vamp na hEireann »

Its 12.10 in Ireland and I am waiting for Ghost Whisperer to start!Yay love Ghost Whisperer and eh...I think I probably have some homework to do but I'm not bothered so................................................yeah :mrgreen: !
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Ms.BelleFlanders »

Tomorrow (I mean today) I'm going on a trip. I still need to set my luggage but feel kinda lazy (aff! :| )
I'm feeling awake although I'll need to wake up early (If I sleep) :?
Midnight lex is awesome! 8-)
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Elizabeth »

It's almost 12:30am here. I've been getting to bed really late recently. Not good, especially when I work at 2pm. I haven't been doing anything before work because I get up late and my day has passed me away. Anyway, I'm shooting for an earlier bedtime tonight. Midnight on the Lex is definitely a busy time! Lots of members from different countries are on, I love it!
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by ashleygill03 »

I have absolutely no good reason to be up this late. I've been trying to get to sleep earlier, but tonight I just felt like being online and finishing up a book. That being finished.. it just may be time to get some sleep.
Tengo Nubs.
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Tengo Nubs. »

oooh this is a fun thread!!

it's 12:40 in the am here and i'm still up because i have a problem with doing things i don't need to be doing when i should really be going to bed (did that make any sense at all?) i've got to get up at 745 tomorrow for class but i just don't feel like sleeping yet which is why i'm perusing the lex.

hmm..i also just got off IMDB, looking up things about twilight and the actors, as i am prone to do. i was also looking to see if the official soundtrack was released yet (i don't think it has).

my sister is trying to get me to do write some paper thing for her but i refuse, i refuse. it's not even for a grade so i don't know why she cares so much. she just stormed off in a huff. oh well.

i don't know what else to post.
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by sinamongurl »

its 12:56 and im up because i have an insatiable appetite for all things twilight

im a total twi-geek!!
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moon sidhe
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by moon sidhe »

'Tis late. I should probably be in bed. But I'm such a procrastinator that I procrastinate on sleep as well. Instead I'm IM'ing my friend about visiting graveyards in Paris. Definitely way more interesting than sleeping. :)
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by nissanmama »

It's midnight here in the eastern time zone. Tomorrow I have nine hours of spin instructor certification. I'll actually be on the bikes about 3 hours. Pluls six hours of classes. Why am I not in bed????

Because FS scored FOUR, count 'em FOUR touchdowns at the football game tonight. (Yeah, we won 35-14) T-pa is one of the varsity coaches and he promised the rest of the coaches a cinnamon roll for every TD FS made. That's four rolls times ten coaches. He's gonna pay for making promises on my sleep time.

I don't even get to bed early tomorrow night because it's homecoming. I have to go to dinner with MG and her group and take pictures, then stay up worrying about FS and MG all night.

Homecoming was really fun at the football game, not just because FS played so well. The game ball arrived by helicopter on the 50 yard line along with the Grand Marshall. One of the country's premiere fireworks factories is in our town so we had fireworks after the national anthem and every touchdown. Then we had a great finale when we won. The tailgate was awesome with beef tips, steak, side dishes etc. Really fun night...except for the cinnamon rolls. *yawn*
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