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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by nissanmama »

It's 12:13 EST. This means two things:
  • 1. I need to go to bed!


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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by twilightmom »

I'm just following Nima around and posting after her!! HEHEHE!

I agree - time for bed!!
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Lacuna Scion »

So, it's the middle of the night. Clearly. Why else would I be here? This is the "Midnight on the Lexicon" thread and I wouldn't break rules and be on here outside of midnight. Me? Break Lex rules? Neva!

I have heartburn and I can't sleep. But it's not because of the heartburn. I just can't sleep. Even though I'm tired. So where does the no-sleep-for-Rose bit come into play? I have no idea. I'm not nervous or anxious or even thinking particularly hard about anything.

I just can't sleep.

But it's kind of bothering me because I'm a major wimp and kind of need to sleep at nights. I'm just weird like that. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not tired anymore. I'm overtired. So I don't feel particularly tired but when I talk I don't feel my mouth move and I'll probably be pretty keyed up in a while too. Because it's nice to be keyed up in the middle of the night when the rest of the house is dead to the world.

I might watch some TV but there most likely won't be anything on. They should put some good stuff on at night. Even if it's just one channel or some good old movies. We need something for the night owls of the world. Help the people out.

Good thing I don't have anything to do tomorrow or this would present some serious issues. I can feel that I'm not getting any sleep tonight. Not the I-just-got-a-few-hours-of-sleep nights. No, no. It's going to be a I-watched-the-sunrise-and-set kind of situation. Superb!

Then the hard part is just staying awake for the rest of the tomorrow so I can maintain some kind of normal schedule. I don't want to reverse my night and days and become some kind of creature of the night. Some kind of... VAMPIRE! It all comes back to Twilight in the end. Life, the Universe and Everything does NOT equal 42. In fact it equals Twilight. QED!
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Dovrebanen »

12.57 am...I am putting off going to bed for as long as I can. Because my boyfriend is away for the weekend, and I have a hard time going to sleep without him here. I keep listening to sounds in the house, and just getting all worked up. So I am waiting until I get really tired before I go to bed. I am a wimp, I know :D

So I am listening to music, and I am on the Lex. I am also reading fanfics. Tropic of Virgo is on the agenda for tonight.
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Jrm2492 »

12:39 a.m.

I just got done with APUSH homework bleh. Although well I was reading about his one guy, I found out he married someone named Sussana Cullen which basically made my day :lol:

There is nothing on TV and I'm starving.
I'm thinking I should probally get to bed
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by roseaurora »


I just got home from a "Back to School Bash" hosted by my law school. It was a blast, with only minimal drama. I am also home alone since my husband is in Iraq for the next "few" months. Such is life....

But its been awhile since I've been around to post here, so.. cool 8-)
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by urcoolcarrie »

Well, its a bit after midnight where I am, but now is as good of a time as ever to say why I'm up so late.

I'm simply enjoying my time that I can stay awake. You could also call this protesting against school--both pretty much mean the same thing in my mind. I want to stay up as late as possible so that I can sleep in as late as possible. That also ties in with both of the earlier reasons. I've wanted to be a teacher my whole life, and yet I'm dreading school. Why? Because school requires the active-ness of my brain, which I clearly don't like. That, and theres something about teachers scaring you to death at the first part of the year with "nobody ever passes this class. Switch out if you can," and the homework overload they give you just to prove their point that just plain stresses me out. When I become a teacher, I swear I will never do this to my students. Haven't my current teachers ever been through high school? Is this whole "lets make the students hate us on the very first day" thing a new trend thats just caught on? Either way, it's got to stop. I have a social life, family life, and school life to juggle right now. As a teenager, all you can ask is a bit of help with it all, not more stress to sprinkle on top.

Ah. That felt good to get that off my chest. Sorry about the rant. :)
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by OktoSink »

11:32 EST... Close enough.

I am currently surfing to the edges of the internet in order to avoid writing an exercise testing lab write-up. Somehow I just keep ending up back on the lex... hmmmm 8-). Oh well, I guess I'll end up doing it tomorrow as expected. Heaven forbid I get anything done until seconds before it is due. Ugh, I sicken myself.

Hope all you lexicon-ers everywhere are having wonderful nights/days/mornings/evenings... tata for now... I'll probably be somewhere on the lex for a couple more hours :oops:

Oh, and here is my favorite smiley. Enjoy! >>> :roll:
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Wingtear »

Oh my midnight, how I've missed you!
and technically it's not midnight yet, but I'm cheating.
I'm preggie and I don't stand a chance of being awake when midnight comes around. I might be at the 'puter, but then it will be with the head firmly planted on the keyboard.
Anyway, I'm only a little less than an hour early
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by clpviolet »

It is 12:30 and i am still up because i have the day off tomorrow....and im watching sxephil on youtube.com
don't know if you have heard of him....he's pretty funny sometimes and talks about current events/news/politics or whatever the heck he feels like at the time. I just started watching him couple weeks ago and im catching up on all his vids because theres like 3 yrs of stuff, but whats kinda sad cause it shows how much i don't have a life, im almost done.....lol :lol: :o :oops:
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