Midnight on the Lexicon

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Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Nena »

This thread may only be posted on between Midnight and One o'clock your time.

Remember this isn't a chat room.

Talk about why you are up. What you are doing this late at night.
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by WishIWasACullen »

12:43 my time....just surfing the internet--reviewing my Lexicon posts and reading posts from other posters. Having a solitary Avatar the Last Airbender marathon. being incredibly bored. I really should be sleeping but meh.....
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Nessa645 »

Well it's a little after one where I live. Just can't sleep cause I have so really bad heart burn. Ugh I hate heart burn damn them jalapenos I ate earlier.
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Venecettia »

I am on the weirdest sleeping scheduale. I have to go to the fair tomorrow, I just can't fall asleep. It is almost 2 o'clock. I have been looking at the Lex all night, browsing the web, and also watching Avatar.
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by srabrgr »

5,4,3,2,1 MIDNIGHT!!!

Well I am online because I woke up late this morning and I can't go to bed early once I have gotten up late. Too bad school starts in a bit, no more late mornings for me :cry:

What am I doing online? Well I am surfing the Lex, and hoping that someone will get on Messenger.
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by mz.cullenn »

Well, it's a little passed midnight here. Actually it's 2.45am and I can't sleep at all.
So I'm just posting on the Lex now. Lol.

I think I might get to bed soon though. Hmm.

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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Lizzie »

Well, actually it's a few hours after midnight my time - it's almost 5 am, but I was working on an assignment for uni until just now. I'll have to write another 1000 words tomorrow before I can hand it in, but now my concentration's gone and I'll go to bed now. Night!! :) (or better: morning ;))
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by BlueOrchid »

Yeah midnight baby!

well in 3 minutes.

not really doing anything in particular but still cool to post on this thread.
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by nissanmama »

12:10 am here in Cincinnati. We had a lightning delay so the football game just got over. We won 28 to 21!! Woo Hoo! FS had a good game. I think we got some good film for his highlight reel.
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Re: Midnight on the Lexicon

Post by Anarey »

It's 12:40 here, I always go to bed at 3 or 4 am because I have insomnia (thank god for it or I've never even knew what Twilight was). I'm just surfing the internet while I get to calm myself because someone put an anti Stephenie rant on the new kid forum which was really mean to her.
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