What's Your OCD?

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What's Your OCD?

Post by Pel »

Hello eveyone, this is the thread to confess the weird OCDs you have, assuming I'm not the only one Very Happy

I know that people's OCDs usually seem bizarre to others (for example my one friend shrieks like a maniac when someone shoots rubber bands, not even at her. which I find funny)

So what bothers you to death?

Mine are that my books must be kept in PERFECT condition (otherwise I get exteremly upset) and that no one can step on my pillow. My friend does it ALL THE TIME and I hate it.

Isn't this a weird topic?
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by Lauralai »

I also hate when people step on my pillow (I always bring extra pillow cases just incase...)

I love so many more things than I hate!

But...I hate when...

People don't cover their mouths (with their ARM not hand where you go and touch things after) when coughing, sneezing, etc...

Touch my computer screen

Leave their shoes on in the housr

Return my books in less than MINT condition (I actually no longer lend them out, and i take them places in plastic bags. I don't care that I'm a freak or if people stare, my books are spectacular=])

Pull out loose hairs and just drop them on the floor

People don't wind the headphones back around my iPod (the way they found it!) after borrowing it.

Sip my drink without asking

Talk really loudly

Go through my sketchbooks without asking

Sharpen my pencils wrong!


color-code my crayons and such

Never touch public bathroom sinks, paper towel dispensers or door handles

Okay, i'm starting to sound prissy, i'll be done now :ugeek:
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by AnaBanana »

I'm pretty much classic OCD. Afraid of germs, has to have everything in a certain order...

My worst, though, is probably the "routine" I have for public restrooms:

1. I use my elbow to push the little lever thing-y down to get a paper towel before I wash my hand. I then hold this under my arm while I wash my hands.
2. Use aforementioned paper towel to shut off the sink. Think about it: you touched the handle for the faucet BEFORE you washed your hands, contaminating it. Do you want to touch it again after your hands are actually clean? :?
3. Use the paper towel to get a NEW paper towel to dry your hands.
4. Use a paper towel to open the door.
5. Use Purell or other hand sanitizer after exiting the restroom.

I've had multiple people tell me I was insane and/or give me weird looks...you get used to it after a while though... :ugeek:
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by StupidxLamb »

Holes in my jeans. It bugs me. Even worn spots bother me. When I was 11-13, I would literally freak out if there was a tiny hole or worn spot in my jeans. I'm almost 16 and not much as changed. It's not as bad as it once was, but for about as long as I can remember, I have bought the darkest washed jean I can find (without it being black), because they last longer. I don't know why it bothers me so much, but it just IRKS me to no end.
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

-Looking through my things without asking
-Touching my things without asking before hand
-Touching my food!!
- Basically saying things about my yummy food. I don't want to even hear that my food looks delicious. Just don't say anything when I'm around my food!!!
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by HazedInDeadlyPollen »

I have a lot of random ones that I remember when the occasion arrives, but here are the ones I remember:
-low quality televisions and cameras, they make my eye twitch
-if I lose something I HAVE to find it.or I'll attack someone
-when someone goes on my bed
-if my pillows aren't alined
-when the touch screen on my iPod is smugged
-if I don't have the tv on when I read or write or listen to music

And that's all for now.
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by xMoonlightxTragedyx »

When I come across bubble wrap I must pop every bubble. Its a habit.
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by Iris Messenger »

the bubble wrap? YES!

um, i hate it when things are messy. i don't care if i'm only hiding that things are a mess, but IT MUST AT LEAST APPEAR TO BE CLEAN AND NEAT.

I really hate writing my name at the top of a page and not having it neat. A neat page makes me feel so much better.
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by Shannon »

i hate it when people touch my shoulders. then i touch my elbows together for some reason when they do touch me...
all of my blankets have to be smooth when i lay on them. I have to put on my right shoe before my left. I have to turn my plate while eating- i eat what is right infront of me. I cannot stand it when people crack their knuckles and when touch their ears. Weird, I know...
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by Paprika »

Ink. When people leave ink stains all over the service desk at work and don't clean it up at the end of their shift!!! incidently, aerosol air freshener is amazing for getting ink out of things although i'm not sure I want to know what's in it!! Also, I hate it when people/ sharp things touch my wrists and I'm obsessive about people getting song titles/lyrics right.
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