What's Your OCD?

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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by DunnerheartsTwilight » Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:54 am

ok in my class there is this eraser that when you rub it on your desk it leves big purple marks... and since it was originaly mine and i gave it away it somehow always ends up rubbing my desk when im not looking ... and i hate it cause it smells and you cantr erase it you have to clean your whole desk... and i hate brandan..(nobody on this site hes someone form hockey...)

but anyways whenever i smell yummy food at a resturant then i get that food but if i dont smell anything then i never no what to pick... its weird...

and i go on like a monthly spree of a diff fave colour and i have to buy all my clothes in that colour...
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by dazzlingdynamite » Wed Dec 31, 2008 10:23 am

This is really weird, but I HATE the sound of fabric ripping or rubbing against another piece of fabric. It makes me shake, shivers run up and down my spine and really just grates my nerves.

My dvds and books also have to be in complete alphabetic order, all on a right, even angle.
I have to do everything an even ammount of times, for example brushing my teeth, coughing, drinking juice, anything. It's really weird.
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by kimmyBEE » Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:42 am

This may sound crazy, but I think I have reverse OCD. A lot of stuff doesn't initially bother me, but then if I think about it... it's all I can think about. For instance when it comes to organization (my room, my dance bag, book bag, locker, etc.) I'm not exactly the neatest person. But if my parents tell me to clean my room, (or if I decide to) then I can't stop until everything is perfect.

If I hear a song that I really like, [especially if I haven't thought about it for a while] I'll listen to it multiple times in a day. And I probably won't stop until I have choreographed a dance to it. (latest project = Brighter by Paramore.)

Above all, I hate basketballs. The way the bounce and pretty much everything about them irritates me to no end. Which is really bad when I have to perform at games!
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by -Jasper » Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:41 pm

Things have to be tidy. It has got to the point where I start tidying other people's stuff away. :D
My room is spotless, it just annoys me if it's not.

Books must be spotless, I don't lend them out because they might get ruined.
Sorry if it sounds selfish :?

I can't write the date in numbers. It's just wrong. It's okay for the number, like the 20th, but not for the month.
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by emmettsbiggestfan » Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:14 pm

My OCD is when someone doesn't put away the silverware correctly. I have a certain way I always put them, and when my brother, mom or dad doesn't put them back correctly, I have to take them out and do it the right way.
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by roseaurora » Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:22 pm

When I turn on my computer I have to check my email, myspace, facebook (and soon here I'm sure) before I can do whatever else I needed to do. Its odd.

I also set my alarm to odd numbers. If I am getting up on the hour its always one minute after, like 6:01 and on the half hour is always :31.
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by Niinella » Fri Jan 02, 2009 9:05 am

Well, I have given it some thought sometimes.. I actually have quite a few OCDs..

- I hate it when someone eats while reading my books. Eww. I don't mind if I happen to be the one to ruin my books, but if it's someone else, it annoys me.
- I can't stand it when people are late. I always try to be on time so it bothers me a lot when people show up late or REALLY late.
- I also can't stand it when someone leaves the kitchen cupboard doors open. Even if it's almost closed but not quite, I have to close it. I do this everywhere.
- I don't like touching public doorhandles or make-up testers or stuff like that.
- I have a morning routine.
- I want things to be straight. Even in the stores.
- I hate it when people don't cover their faces with their arms when coughing.

Wow. I think there's even more, but I guess I sound OCD enough with these.

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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by LadyViolet » Sun Jan 04, 2009 3:32 pm

I really hate leaving a mess at someone else's house - at a friends 18th birthday party the other week i couldn't relax the whole time cos i was running around picking up rubbish and rounding up a load of half-drunk cans of beer and putting them out of the way so they didn't get knocked over. I tried to stop the girl whose party it was from pouring a jug full of coke over one my friends (who was pretty drunk and rather upset) not only cos it wasn't going to help his misery and cos it would make a load of mess in the room where we'd all be sleeping later. stupid girl didn't realise that until after she emptied half the jug over him so i got pretty angry at her (i don't like her much anyway) Why do people trash other people's houses? its totally stupid they wouldn't like it if someone did it to them and left them to tidy up so why would they do it at other peoples houses? Ugh untidiness really get on my nerves .
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by one_tuff_muffin » Sun Jan 04, 2009 3:46 pm

I always have to have my nails be painted a color. I can never have them be plain, or it will just bug the crap out of me. Same goes for my toes. Also, im my room, if say my grandma or mom organizes it for me, i just have to take things down or put them back the way i had them or else i'll lose my mind trying to find them. Like if someone picks up my tv remote off the place in the ground i always have it, ill take it down and put it back on the ground, bc i know where it is!Also, whenever i bake anything, i have to wear shoes and a jacket. don't ask me why!!


I'm also way too obsessed with making lists. Even lists for lists! (i just like the thought of knowing what im doing)
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Re: What's Your OCD?

Post by eliselovesedwardx » Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:39 pm

If we're getting instructions for an activity I have to have everything explained precisely so I get it right..

And if I'm just sitting somewhere and something is near me it has to be perfectly straight and aligned with whatever it is near - whether its a clasp, or a pen, or a book, or a photo or anything like that..It has to be straight! And I think that could be counted as OCD in the extreme..

OH! And if I'm getting the washing off the line or just with any washing or even plastic bags! They have to be folded very neatly..
Especially plastic bags! Don't ask why!

I think I may have OCD..:?
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