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Re: Your Top Ten

Post by StupidxLamb »

Top 10 Things I Am Excited About

1. Writing a book. I'm ready for that!
2. Turning 16 in exactly a month!
3. The Twilight movie!
4. Getting confirmed into the Catholic church
5. My youth group's fall retreat in November!
6. CHRIIIISTMAS (Yes, I am one of those people who get really excited about that in September)
7. Driving!
8. Taking line-dancing classes at the YMCA
9. The random YouTube series my friend and I started!
10. An upcoming dance that's actually the night of my birthday!
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Re: Your Top Ten

Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Top 10 Most Played Songs on my iPod
1. Nine in the Afternoon - Panic at the Disco
2. On Top of the World - Boys Like Girls
3. Guilty Pleasure - Cobra Starship
4. Hero / Heroine - Boys Like Girls
5. Dear Maria, Count Me In - All Time Low
6. Shake It - Metro Station
7. Disco - Metro Station
8. One Day, Robots Will Cry - Cobra Starship
9. California - Metro Station
10. Prostitution is the World's Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Madame, am a Professional) - Cobra Starship
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Re: Your Top Ten

Post by skylarblue »

So my top ten, what topic should I choose? Lets go with music on my ipod.

1. Dance with my father again - Luther Vandross
2. Superstar - The Carpenters
3. Dancing - Eliza
4. Time - Billy Porter
5. Fuego - Pitbull
6. Saints of Los Angles - Motley Crue
7. Beth - Kiss
8. What becomes of the broken hearted - The Temptations
9. I wish it would rain - Jimmy Ruffin
10. Down in Mexico - The Coasters

So now I want to do movies

1. All the Harry Potter movies
2. All the Saw movies
3. Sweeney Todd
4. Charlie & the chocolate factory
5. She's the man
6. Grease 2
7. All the Lord of the Rings movies
8. Grindhouse series (Death Proof & Planet Terror)
9. Grease
10. Pirates of the Caribbean movies
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Re: Your Top Ten

Post by nissanmama »

Top Ten Things I'm Worried About Today
  • 10. Finding the floor in the dining room.
    9. Getting FS to e-mail college coaches back.
    8. Decluttering my house and my life.
    7. Actually getting all the work done that I need to get done.
    6. Not losing anymore weight.
    5. FS won't turn in his cap & gown order at lunch today.
    4. LG will have to have major surgery.
    3. Getting FS's senior highlight reel done.
    2. That the football highlight will really suck.
    1. That FS will blow his chances of getting into a good college by not being timely. ... directlink
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Re: Your Top Ten

Post by darkrider »

top 10 fav things
1. riding
2. showing
3. almost lover-a fine frenzy
4. limewire
5. lexicon!
6. the ts
7. the dh series
8. dave matthews band
9. incubus
10. kentucky

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Re: Your Top Ten

Post by una »

My Top Ten items to distract me from getting my Work done today:
1. The Lexicon
2. Email
3. Grading papers for my evening class
4. The Phone ringing
5. My Boss bugging me
6. Paying bills
7. Reading my book
8. Getting lecture ready for tonight's class
9. YM Chatting with lex buddies
10. My own lack of motivation today...Is it Friday yet?
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Re: Your Top Ten

Post by Amethyst1 »

Top ten books on my 'reading list' (in no particular order)
1. A great and terrible beauty
2. Rebel Angles
3. The sweet far thing
4. A separate piece
5. Memoirs of a geisha
6. Wuthering Heights
7. Vampire Diaries
8. Extras
9. The devil wears prada
10. Gone with the Wind

^____^ I am SO excited to start reading them. Going to get as much of these books
as possible monday. >____<
and yeah, i've noticed. i am a nerd WITH the round glasses too. (not realy >___>)
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Re: Your Top Ten

Post by kl1028 »

top ten book series (no order)
1 twilight saga
2 vampire diaries
3 the mediator series
4 the morganville vampire series
5 vampire academy series
6 evernight series
7 the secret circle series
8 the night world series
9 the sweep series
10 mortal instuments

books (some are in a series as well o well....)
1 impulse
2 burned
3 tattoo
4 poison
5 project 17
6 wake
7 jinx
8 burned
9 crank
10 glass
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Re: Your Top Ten

Post by Lynzeee »

My top ten obsessions of my life so far:

1- Twilight saga(takes the top!)
2- Buffy the Vampire slayer
3- Concerts( nothing beats live music) My father inlaw gets box seats to any concert in the dallas area i see TOO MANY CONCERTS
4- Dancing( i once was going to be a Mavs dancer but i choked at the auditon i still Do hip hop dancing though and just spazz dancing is what my husband calls it.. and salsa dancing)
5- Harry potter
6- taking pictures of random things i see I always have my camera with me.. i see some pretty funny things
7- Guitar Hero! Im so awesome at it... I make all my guy friends feel like losers
8- Lexicon even though i try to stay away i just can't
9- Myspace a long running obsession since 2003
10- Ohnotheydidnt On livejournal ( or Tmz any other gossip website)

top ten favorite bands ever
1- MUSE( so much love for MUSE i love that stephenie loves muse also)
2- Pink Floyd (nuff said)
3- the beatles ( all you need is love...)
4- stabbing westward(got me through some hard times in my life)
5- MSI(sometimes you just have to go crazy)
6- Pantera( RIP DIME BAG)
7- the Killers( i love his sexy voice)
8- INCUBUS( i met them when i was 15 when there second CD was release they were at gameworks in grapevine, tx my friend won a snow board we took a picture with them and i grabbed a handful of Brandon Boyd's Butt mmmm)
9- HIM(mmm Villie)
10-Placebo( rocks)

okay thats all im totally bored out of my mind
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Re: Your Top Ten

Post by xoxocamille »

Top Ten Things I Love/Like.

10. The usual necessities - eat, sleep, watch TV, etc.
9. Driving around not knowing where you're going. (Just a way for me to let out my anger)
8. Drinking OJ. Like seriously. (Sometimes Milk Tea or Coffee)
7. Doodling on my notebook.
6. Chatting with my real-life friends / Lex & OAL friends.
5. Listening to music, 24/7.
4. Scrapbooking, making posters, etc.
3. Robert Pattinson (like that wasn't predictable).
2. Reading the Twilight Saga.
1. Edward Cullen<3
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