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Pet Peeves

Post by Nena »

Discuss your pet peeves in this thread!
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by una »

A new thread! Yay, thank Nena!

I am a Type 'A' personality, I accept that whole heartily. However, my students can't believe when I ask for a particular paper size, I actually mean it. I teach a computer drawing class and expect the large size drawings (24" x 36") to actually be that size. When you roll up a set of plans and a sheet or two are a bit bigger, they get all beat up, they don't roll up nicely and it REALLY bugs me. I like having my paper edges all line up and that so wrong?
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by zerolover34 »

i absoulty hate being late to anything

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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by mrsedwardcullen »

I have so many pet peeves- where should I start?!
-First off, I can't stand it when people talk bad about Twilight when they haven't read it. If they want to be mean, they need to at least be educated first.
-Also, I can't handle it when people don't brush their dogs! ( I have been a groomer for 8 years). When I go over someone's house and their dog is gross, I just want to brush him and get all that extra hair out!
-It irritates me when people have a drink from a fast food place and I can hear the ice sloshing around in there. I don't know why, it just creeps me out.
-I can't stand people who drive slow in the left lane. There's a reason for the right lane you know. My friend was driving once and we actually got pulled over for driving in the left lane when she wasn't passing someone. I found humor in it only because she didn't get a ticket.
-It bothers me when people text while I am talking to them. I always think they are writing something about whatever we're talking about
-If we're having dinner, please don't answer your phone unless it's an emergency
-It disturbs me when people misuse apostrophes- you're vs. your etc.
I'll give it a break for now so you all don't think I'm really that mean cause I'm really not :D
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by jaspercookie »

Haha, wow. Okay...
- I HATE it when people replace the word "to" with 2 or the word "for" with 4. And any other type of netspeak along the lines of "gtg", "ily", or when people use "u" instead of "you". Not being catty or anything, I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!
-It bothers me when I smile at someone and they just stare back.
-If you trail off in the middle of a sentence I will freak out (altough I often do it myself... I know I'm hypocrytical).
-When people only drink half of a bottle of water.
-When my Latin teacher uses a million and one hundred fifty different annoying animations in his powerpoints. Like, am I supposed to copy down the vocabulary or the huge sparkly NY Giants logo?
-When people say "screw" to refer to the act of sexual intercourse. Make love, f**k, bang... whatever you want. But just don't say screw!
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by jamielikewhoa »

-The sound of someone chewing gum. If theres one way to drive me crazy it is definitely that.
-When someone stands so close to you when you turn around you almost end up sitting on top them.
-When someone tries to put their hand over my mouth I hate that. I have no way of knowing where the h-e-double hockey sticks your hand has been!
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by StupidxLamb »

1. When people use than, then, there, their, they're, to, too, except, accept, etc. incorrectly.
2. When people don't use commas and when, they, use, too, many!! Lol.
3. When people chew with their mouths open, or when they talk with food in their mouths. Ew. No thank you.
4. When girls talk about other girls in nasty ways behind their backs.
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by Carrisa »

- I hate all anti-anything clubs, like Anti-Twilight clubs for example. It's okay if you hate/dislike something, but do you have to have a community over it? Instead of wasting your time with Anti-whatever do something pro like a pro-Harry Potter club.
- When people decide it's cool not to capitalize something that under proper English rules should be capitalized. The ones I hate the most are 'i' instead of 'I' and someone or some-thing's name.
- When someone sends me an email or a text that is absolutely incomprehensible or don't reply to what I said or asked.
- When people continue to do something they aren't suppose to even after they went through the consequences of that action and treat it like it was all some big joke.
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by WishIWasACullen »

Ugh SOOOO many---here's what I come up with off the top of my head:

--when people smack/pop their gum. UGH!!
--When people eat/chew with their mouths's gross so stop!!
--When people say things like "I seen the Monticello" or "They was walkin' over to the Dairy Mart"
--All bad grammar, incorrect use of words, basic f-ing up of the English language. (Yay English Majors!!)
--people who drive/walk too slow. Nothing I hate more than being stuck behind a stupid Honda doing 20 MPH on a 45 MPH road. UGH
--people who don't signal before turning and/or changing lanes.
--having my wrists touched
--people who tell me that Twilight or anything that I like is stupid without even reading, watching or listening to it first. I'm fine if that's your opinion of it after reading/viewing/listening to it--but making a judgment based off of nothing is just being a jerk to spite me. which = annoying.
--People who try to argue about politics, or any subject that is widely discussed for that matter, without having a firm grasp of the basic concepts. If you don't know what you're talking about, then don't speak at all. Or do. It's no skin off my teeth; it just makes you look stupid.

And, as many people have said, I'm not a mean person...I just know what I like and dislike!!! YAR :D!!!
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Re: Pet Peeves

Post by srabrgr »

I have a LOT of pet peeves, but the one that bothers me the most it when people grind their teeth together. It is like nails on a chalk board.
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