Remembering September 11th

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Re: Remembering September 11th

Post by allieb »

i was inschool and the PA system would click on and list of children 50 long would be called to the office for early dismissal.... i didnt understand the point because we didnt have the TV's on...

then i remember getting home with my mom sobbing on the couch....
turns out my dad was suppose to be at the pentagon that day... and she couldnt get a hold of him.... so naturally she thought the worst.

but she eventually got a hold of him at his other office and she told a portion of the NSA about the attacks... they cant have any TV feeds in his building... so they were naturally shocked.

i find it odd and peculiar that no one seems to remember the pentagon in this discussion... i mean if those people on th plane hadnt put up a fight i think that plane was headed for the white house. yes?

i mean maybe just because im from around DC and we knew many collegues of my fathers who were lost that one hits home more..... but still.

those events were extremely cursed and the images i saw around DC for the following months were sobering and ones i will never forget. although those events are tradgic... they make me realize the important things in my life.

"god bless those who were lost and their families."
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Re: Remembering September 11th

Post by Jadey »

I didn't know about it until I got to school in the morning.
People were like "omg did you see what happened" etc..
And I'm like :?
And then we spent the whole morning at school talking about it.
One thing I do remember clearly is the teacher asking someone to go get a phone book(?) and see how many hours behind New York is from us.

..When I got home, the news about it was on basically every channel.
It was surreal.

Since I live in New Zealand, and all my close relatives live here, I guess it didn't affect me as much as people living close by, but it was still unbelievable.
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