Periods...not a grammar topic

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Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by Pel »

I didn't find a thread on this so I hope I'm not reposting anything. In my other message board this was really popular, primarily because we could rant about it and such. But that board sadly died Crying or Very sad . So I need some female support!

School starts on Monday (back from Winter Break) and I have it Crying or Very sad . This is really bad for me since my school rarely has bathrooms open. So I was hoping to be able to route out a map of where I could go, and now nothing.

So rant about the crimson tide!
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by Elizabeth »

Argh, nothing more annoying about being a female than dealing with "it". Growing up, I was told what to expect from my mom, but once I started my cycle, I was told we don't mention it, like it's a private thing. So when my friends finally started coming to me years later talking about how they go their periods, I would just tell them, 'What took you so long?' They'd all be mad at me for not telling them, but what was I supposed to say? 'Woo hoo, I've got my period and you don't?' I thought it was just a nuisance, why would I wanna celebrate that?
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by FireLuna »

I had the "monthly friend." My longest one last 3 weeks. I'm not exaggerating. It lasted that long. But I went on the pill when I was in 8th grade (still on it, gonna be a senior in high school), and my period became more...routinely? I lost my word, but now it's not all over the place like it had been all those years. My period just ended today, so I'm pretty happy about that.
The thing I like..well, sorta like, about my period is that I know when it'll happen. I get really emotional the week before my period starts, so then I can prepare myself...well, when I remember, that is. Otherwise it's just not fun to deal with when it's in the underwear and stuff. Oh so fun.
Oh, and I was an early starter. I was 10 or 11 when my period first started. Woo, I grew up young. .-.
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by NolitaFairytale »

Omigosh, when "it" comes, I start off as a complete wreck. I get wicked lethargic, and get weak kneed to the point I can't stand. Always the third day of "it". Once this happened in a long block gym class, so I spent an entire hour and a half nearly passing out. Or even better, I just finished camp counseloring at a day camp when I got it. It was the last day of camp, and my campers (fifth grade girls), wanted me to go swimming. Of course I couldn't, but I really didn't want to tell them why. They kept pressing me, until I told them, "I can't go in because of a confidential female matter I prefer not to discuss in public." Lol completely went over their heads.

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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by Crooked_Rose »

I always have my baby faucet turned on at the worst possible times.

Opening night.

The day my choir went on tour.

BD release party.

And they are fricken HEAVY MAN!!!

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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by Iris Messenger »

i was in a production of Oklahoma!, and half the girls got their periods on opening night ... so adding to the tension of a play we were barely ready for (our director was terrible and we only had three weeks to rehearse), we had a bunch of hormonal teens all backstage. GAH!

periods, i think, plot out the most inconvenient times to happen. always. i had mine on a chorus performance as well, Crooked_Rose ... not fun when we only had two bathrooms that the whole chorus was using to change in. <--- fanfiction/twilight blog <--- twilight chat
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by Luna Silvertail »

I HATE that word.

I have PCOS, a hormonal syndrome. So my periods are whacked when I don't take my medicene. They last for three weeks, and HURT. Not only that, they are super heavy. Rather embarrassing.... It's worse so when you don't use any passes for a whole month, and then suddenly use like 16 the next. The teachers don't like it one bit...

Thank god for medication. If not I would have to endure that every year or more.
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by Ruby »

Usually I'm a total wreck the first few days. My flow is super heavy and I have cramps so bad I can barely move. But my last one, which was like a week ago, was really really light, and no cramps. I really hope it's like that from now on. I'm so sick of not being able to function because I'm in too much pain.
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by Nessa645 »

Ugh I hate it when my "Aunt Flo" comes down for a visit. Hate the cramps and everything. Good thing is that it only last for about 3-4 days. But I am like so sentimental when I have it. I'm on it now and I hate it. It's times like these that I wish I was a
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Re: Periods...not a grammar topic

Post by Paprika »

I get mine every 5 weeks but when i started school last year and moved in with 5 other girls, mine went HAYWIRE!!!! I went on the pill and that took care of those vicious cramps that I usually get but then I found out that I'm prone to blood clots *mostly by getting one in my leg* and I am now never. allowed. hormonal. birth. control. again.

Meaning, welcome back knowing when it'll come, and vicious cramps when I do get it.
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