Do you have a type of boy?

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Re: Do you have a type of boy?

Post by Genevieve »

i would like someone with soft dark thick hair not attacked by chemicals like gel/wax.
nice eyes that scrunch up when they smile.
the one whos not really popular, but everyone knows hes hot.
someone whos intelligent, and soft spoken.
oh and of course, old fashioned chivalry.

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Re: Do you have a type of boy?

Post by Crooked_Rose »

I love curly haired boys.

It just makes me crazy...;D

I love winter guys. You know, hot jacket with a scarf.


I have always seen myself with a guy who is musically talented and smart.

And funny.

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Re: Do you have a type of boy?

Post by BettingOnAlicexX »

I tend to go for the more alternative type boys..hehe they're just so darn cute.
(to me.)

Example: ... titled.jpg
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Re: Do you have a type of boy?

Post by Bizarre Star »

Paprika wrote:Must be a capable snuggler (preferably with an Emmett-esque build, which my boyfriend does:D)
Cuddly Emmett-esque men are beyond sexy. Any guy who is just so cuddly is sexy to me.

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Re: Do you have a type of boy?

Post by thisheartitbeats1 »

straight dark hair [a little long, but not longer than mine] or curly hair [blonde or brunette].
deep eyes- not necessarily any certain color, but ones that reveal emotions really well. if that makes sense.
not overly tall- i'm 4'11". if he was really tall, it would probably be cute, but i think it would hurt my neck.

but that isn't really important as long as he is this...

it's really cliche, but good bad boys. guys that seem kinda dangerous, but also respect me a lot, and are really protective. [and i really did like that kinda guy before edward. i think that's why i like the books so much, because bella is a lot like me, and edward is pretty much my perfect guy. so it's my dream life, and she gets to live it forever. not fair.]
opinionated and intelligent, so we could talk about things that really matter. and i really can't stand people who have so many opportunites to learn and be educated but waste them because they are lazy.
someone who appreciates movies, books, music, and tv as much as i do. ha, i watch/read/listen to a lot of different stuff and i wanna be able to discuss this stuff with him.
someone with an amazing sense of humor. i'm really sarcastic and it's fun to go back and forth just to see who can outdo each other.
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Re: Do you have a type of boy?

Post by »

I don't like guys with blond hair. It has to be black or brown. Curly or straight, whichever.

I prefer if they were slim, maybe a little muscle here and there.
I'd like if they were tall, but short guys are cute. I dated a guy once who was very significantly shorter than me (and I'm not tall, maybe 5'3"?) and everyone made fun of me for it. *sigh*

And they have to be a complete gentleman, and sweet and nice. And smart, too. Not rude in the slightest. And they would have to be very patient if they were dealing with me. And he would have to be able to put up with shyness and non-talkativeness.

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Re: Do you have a type of boy?

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

You know the 'normal' type of boys.
haha yeah right........*coughEdwardCullencough*

-I like boys that can make me laugh. Some guys may think they're funny when they're joking around, but sometimes I find it hurtful and immature. I have a guy friend like that and I was like, "Ummm, what the heck man? What was that for?" He was like, " Don't you know that guys like to joke around?" I was just staring at him. The things he said wasn't even funny. It hurt my feelings.
-They have to be smart or smarter than me. I don't like guys that don't do their homework and just fool around at school.
- They have to be mature, but can also be immature.
-I also like guys that are sweet. Like they do the sweetest things for you without you even knowing it. For example, waiting with me in line for an hour and not even complaining once, but deep inside you're waiting to leave. So that means I hate rude guys.
- Guys that treat their mom with respect and love. This really really means a lot to me. If guys don't treat the person that gave birth to them with respect and love how do you expect him to treat you with respect?
- Tall, you have to be tall. I can't date guys that are shorter than me. It just doesn't really work for me. I never liked short guys. Tall as in 5'9 and up.
- Short hair, but not super short hair. It doesn't matter what colour hair.
- Guys that are lean and long. haha Like Edward!
- Guys that aren't embarrassed to hold my hand in front of his guy friends. That shows that you respect our relationship and you really care about how I feel.
- Romantic guys. *swoon* I love romantic guys. Not the roses and chocolate on Valentines Day, but poems and things that Edward would say to Bella. Things that can make be cry because they're soooo beautiful.

All in all you have to be a complete gentleman. If guys are a complete gentleman. Everything just seems to fall in place.
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Re: Do you have a type of boy?

Post by loverboyis »

I usually tend to gravitate towards guys with sweet personalities, a little bit humorous but not intensely being obnoxious, nice hair and good smile - oh and with an awesome iPod; Bob Dylan, Queen, a few indie artists, David Bowie .. I like to him to listen to my iPod or iTunes with out being 'grossed' out by the musicians/songs and vise versa. If he plays any instrument (especially guitar, drums or piano), that is most defiantly a plus in my book ;) Though, I like a guy who can state out an opinion and wouldn't be afraid to argue with me - in a certain sense; like this band is better than that band, who should win the Stanly Cup ... have an opinion you know, I wouldn't want a guy who likes everything I do or to be just saying that so he doesn't face my own personal perspective. Be too boring for me than.

Hmm ... and few other little things:
- Can not be tall .. I'm 5'0 and do not want to be craning my neck just to look at him
- No greasy hair, because honestly I like touching a guys hair. :lol: Okay that sounds a bit creepy (think Lane in Gilmore Girls), but if I were close with a guy, I wouldn't want my hand feel so ick.
- I like to be friends with guys, have actual conversations - I wouldn't want to be dating someone who just wants to makeout and have awkward moments when neither of us have any common interest or a special spark.
- Smart, as in has a 'good head on his shoulders', as old-fashion it may sound, I really do not care for jerks, perves, or any other un attractive qualities. Though I wouldn't want a guy who is perfect, I don't mine the odd flaws he may have.
- I always had a soft-spot for a bad-boy. Not exactly drugs or drinks a lot, but doesn't mine breaking the rules here and there. A little bit excitement doesn't hurt anyone I say :D
- Yellow teeth, just ... uhg. Nice smile is always a good sign.
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Re: Do you have a type of boy?

Post by wishingiwasbella »

I'm totally into the bad boys type, except for my huband I've always dating the drug type, I'm a hopeless romantic who wants to be the one person who can make them change their ways but it never works out. Lol.

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Re: Do you have a type of boy?

Post by Christine! »

I like sweet guys.
Ones that are smart and maybe a little bit nerdy but really cute.
I love it when I guy can make me laugh, and is not obnoixous or immature.
Also they need to be able to have a intelligent conversation, and be able to keep a conversation going for that matter.
I like it when they don't always agree with everything I say, because I like to argue points, but not fight. Like one time me and my friend were having this arguement (not like a mean one, just trying to prove our sides) about life and death and the state of nature and stuff. Kind of like, Hobbes and Rousseau stuff.
And I also hate akward moments, so I like guys who aren't awkward people.
And know how to have fun!
Hm, other than that, I like guys who play sports, and are really hot. Like abercrombie model-like, yuuuum. Of course, those guys seem to be more cocky, so a great guy would be like, both of those put together!
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