List of things to do before you die.

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List of things to do before you die.

Post by Pel »

My friend is constantly making notes of things she wants to do before she dies, so....what about you?

1. Read at least one letter's worth of words in the dictionary
2. Sail around Cape Horn (just to say I did it Laughing)
3. Learn at least two other languages (preferably French and Italian)
4. See every artwork in the Louvre (I hear it would take two weeks to see them all)
5. Ride a camel (never done it before Laughing)

What are yours?
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

Oh yeah!

1. Buy ALL the Twilight merchandise
2. See the Twilight movie at least 5 times on the big screen
3. See all of the other movies if they are filming them
4. Meet Stephenie Meyer and tell her how much she rocks!
5. Meet the cast of Twilight and tell them how much I love them to death. :D
6. Tell Robert Pattinson how much I love him and clap after every since take his does for the rest of his life. haha
7. Get a 5 minute hug from him.
8. Buy a silver S60R Volvo
9. Meet Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Marry him. :D

That's my life right there^ :lol:
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by Elizabeth »

After the movie the Bucket List came out, I started calling it my bucket list too. I haven't given it too much thought of the years, but some things remain the same, and I only included the ones I haven't done yet. In no particular order:
1. Own a '65 Ford Mustang (Powder Blue)
2. Own a Mercedes
3. Travel to Italy
4. Get married
5. Learn to do a cartwheel (I know, it's pathetic)
6. Go to the Mall of Americas (my sis and I agreed to go together)
7. Learn to accept my body image (skinny legs and all!)

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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by una »

Interesting question and I sure it will change as I mature, but for this instance in time:

1. See more of the United States, especially Washington D.C., parts of the NE, South and Midwest. Oh, and Seattle again! (oh, and I can visit Forks while I'm there)
2. Tour Europe.
3. See the pyramids.
4. Visit Japan (so much to see) and China (see the Great Wall and the Forbidden City).
5. Meet some of my Lex friends in person.
6. Have at least one child (hopefully).
7. Get my master's degree.
8. Audition for a musical to see if I can make it.
9. Audition for a play.
10. Finally learn Gaelic.
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by 22.FireandIce »

Visit all 50 states
get married
have a kid or two =]
get a dog!
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by Crooked_Rose »

Here's mine...I've never thought about it before:

- Get married
- Move to New York City
- Travel the world....Europe, Ireland, Italy...
-Go on a shopping spree
- Become a professional actress/singer
- Star in a touring company (?) musical
- Donate a bundle of cash to my hospital..

Wow, those are kind of lame.

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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by receptionontv »

-Have Kids
-See my little sister get married (and hopefully my own kids)
-Go to ireland and scotland
-re-learn spanish
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by Bizarre Star »

I actually have a huge list put aside but here 10 favorite:

1. Lose weight to be healthier. (Lost 10lbs since I started the list!)
2. See the Nutcracker live.
3. Have my own private library. (Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I'll cross it off once I reach 100 books)
4. Open up my own cafe.
5. Ride a hot air balloon.
6. Have my portrait painted.
7. Publish a book of poetry.
8. Visit all 50 states. (6/50)
9. Visit 25 countries (6/25)
10. Maintain my travelogue at least another 2 years.
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by Paprika »

1) Posess a Black or Red Corvette or a Red 69 Mustang ragtop
2) See Jack's Mannequin in concert
3) Visit Hawaii and see the Volcanos
4) Visit Japan when the cherry trees are in bloom
5) Cage dive with Great Whites
6) Get my masters in Volcanology
7) Skydive
8) Master Archery
9) Visit Western Alberta/Banff
10) Visit England, see the Tower and visit all the places Henry VIII lived.
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by CamberXite »

1 - Meet Joey Jordison
2 - Talk to Joey Jordison
3 - Play drums with Joey Jordison
4 - Marry Joey Jordison

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