List of things to do before you die.

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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by 21Twilight21 »

I've never really made a list of things I would love to do before I die so I will probably have multiple posts here over time as I think of new things lol!

1. Visit Italy :)! It seems like such a beautiful place and I want to learn Italian!
2. Meet up with friends from the Lex in person (even though I'm 19 years old my family doesn't really like me to travel alone so that will probably be difficult to do! Especially since I would be meeting people from online :?.... I'll figure this one out though lol!)
3. Go to a NFL Superbowl!
4. Go to the Ellen Degeneres Show
5. Graduate from a university as a registered nurse!
6. Camp out for a movie premiere!
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by pennybug84 »

I thought of some more I would like to do.
  • see a NFL game in person
    go to NYC and see a Broadway play
    go to Washington D.C.
    go to Boston
    go to the Harry Potter theme park
    to to England
    meet a star of Psych
    go to a lot of the American History sites back east
    go whale watching
    go to Vancouver to see where they film Psych and while I'm at it the Twilight spots
    go to Forks
    see Lifehouse in concert
    see Kelly Clarkson in concert
    finish my story I've started writing (and I've got writer's block on. There's a lot of things I need to figure out.)
    get married and have children
    have a house with a nice library to put all my books in
    go to San Diego
That's all I can think of right now, I know there are more things I want to do.
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