List of things to do before you die.

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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by VampireKnight »

Finally a thread I can talk about this subject without sounding really weird in real life!!!

*Travel the world
*See the Olympics LIVE, IN PERSON!!!
*Swim with dolphins
*Publish a book
*Get a bigger house
*Get my Masters
*Make a difference in someone's life
*Lose weight and get killer abs
*Find my true love! ^_^

I'm sure there's more but I can't think of anything else.
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by wishingiwasbella »

1) scuba diviing on the Great Barrier Reef
2) Back pack across europe
3) See George Strait in concert
4) See the 7 wonders of the world
5) learn how to surf
6) do something memorable.
7) Find my Niche'
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by pamplemousse »

i have a huge list of things, so i'll only post a few, but here are some:
- Go cliffdiving. [after reading new moon, i knew i had to do this. looks like im all about the extreme sports these days too.]
-Go to Paris & Italy [especially Volterra]
- Learn how to surf
- Own a silver volvo s60r
- Write & Publish a novel
- Have one of my photographs in a magazine or something
- Go to Picacho Peak, AZ
- Learn how to ballroom dance [since my dancing skills are very bella-ish, i dont know how well this will work lol]
- Join the peace corps

and the number one thing;
- fall in love.

sounds lame, i know :]
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by xoxocamille »


-Go skydiving.
-Travel the world.
-Lose weight, lol. (Like really healthy, haha)
-Meet RPattz, duh!
-Find my one and only. Lol.
-Make a change.
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

*laughs at Camber* Niceeeeeeeee

Rule the world
Move to England
Blow up all the coal plants.
Build a ton of nuclear power plants.
Meet William Beckett and Brendon Urie.
Re-invent love.
Go to Middle Earth
Oh, and did I already mention Rule the World? Well, yeah, that too.

There's more.... somewhere.....
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by GoldEyesSilentHeart »

You guys should just stop reading here. It's kind of long. :roll:

-Get kissed in the rain
-Meet the whole cast of Twilight
-Hug Robert Pattinson
-Hug Taylor Lautner
-Travel the world
-Settle in England
-Go to Forks, Washington
-Find my Edward/Jacob
-Be able to pick up the guitar and play anything that comes to mind
-Become an actress
-Go to at least three of my favorite bands' concerts
-Learn how to juggle
-Meet Ronnie Winter (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)
-Walk on the beach
-Get married
-Meet that special someone who tells me all those little, sweet, romantic comments like Edward
-Meet Stephenie Meyer
-Get a giant teddy bear (and by 'giant' I mean giant)
-Go on one of those 'no limit, everything you want' shopping trips
-Beat a guy at Guitar Hero (that one is already accomplished!)
-Design something big
-See the Eeifel Tower
-Just have a day where I have no rules
-Become the first woman president
-Have a whole room in my house dedicated to Twilight
-Learn how to work a computer so I can make cool graphics
-Write my own book
-Get a silver Volvo
-Have a huge, outdoor party at twilight with all kinds of cool decorations (basically the wedding party in BD, but without the wedding part)
-Buy at least 20 books at a time
-Read the whole Twilight series at least 100 times
-Get as many people as I can to read Twilight
-Make my own T-shirts

And finally,
-Become a vampire! :P
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by StupidxLamb »

Yay. I love these things. This was my list, which the ones I've accomplished in bold.(There are only two. LOL. Sad times)

1. Eat sushi
2. Ride a motorcycle
3. Go backpacking across Europe and stay in hostels
4. Buy something from the ice cream man
5. Ride a roller coaster
6. Attend a ball
7. Pull an ultimate prank (and not get arrested or sued)
8. Swim with dolphins
9. Watch a sunset/sunrise on the beach
10. Go to a remote location and go stargazing
11. Adopt a son and name him Heathcliff
12. Get married (before the above is accomplished)
13. Go to graduate school
14. Free fall
15. Visit a botanical garden
16. Plant dozens of rose bushes
17. Climb a tree and read Jane Austen whilst sitting in said tree.
18. Pay for the person behind me at the drive-thru
19. Go on a road trip and have no idea where I am going
20. Go on a road trip and have a VERY good idea where I'm going
21. See the Pacific Ocean
22. Go ice-skating
23. Go to a professional football game
24. Learn how to waltz
25. Have/attend a Hat and Mustache party
26. See a Broadway show
27. Go on an over-seas mission trip
28. Actually eat Ben & Jerry's while watching actual chick flicks.
29. Punch someone in the face who really deserves it.
30. Dye my hair
31. Save someone's life.
32. Learn how to cook really well
33. Adopt a Dachshund and name him Superman
34. Inspire somebody
35. Go Christmas caroling
36. Go rock-climbing
37. Read the entire Bible
38. Have my fortune told, for laughs.
39. Watch a horror movie marathon
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by catieolacullen »

1. Be successful in whatever I do
2. Graduate, go to college
3. Get married to someone like Ian O'Shea, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, or any of the Cullen men ;)
4. Have 5+ kids (being an only child sucked)
5. Visit Forks
6. Move to Virginia Beach maybe...
7. Get a good picture with the Naked Cowboy
8. GROW!
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by Macy! »

My list in incredibly long and grows older all the time..
right now it includes send a message in a bottle, take a REAL roadtrip across the US, see the Northern Lights, splurge on a professional camera, see the 7 wonders of the world, and put my name on a water tower... :P
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by Shannon »

ride a mechanical bull
bungee jump
visit all 50 states-9 left
run through a cornfield with corn in it- don't ask
snorkel in Great Barrier Reef
scuba diving
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