List of things to do before you die.

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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by FireLuna »

My top 5:

1. Marry my love.
2. Have children with said love.
3. Live a happy life with family.
4. Have many Twilight moments.
5. Follow my dream and become a vet to save as many animals as possible.
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by Anarey »

1. read every single fantasy book in the world
2. move to England
3. learn Japanese
4. finish my book
5. get married at the beach
6. watch every fantasy movie one in the world
7. get a black convertible Ferrari (I've wanted one since high school but you can't have one in PR even if you have the money to buy it)
ImageCan't wait til Nov 20!!

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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by Jazz<3Jasper »

In no particular order...

Go to Forks.
Go to France.
Buy a Yellow 911 Turbo Porsche.
Go to Volterra.
Get a college degree.
Learn French and Italian.
Climb the Eiffel Tower.
Go to Japan.
Be kissed in the pouring rain by my love.
Take a ride in a Volvo.
Have 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl. Jacob Edward, Seth Alexander, and Makenzie Rayne. Lol. I am optimistic.
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by BeautifulVeins »

There are so many things!
The bolded ones have been done

1. Get married
2. Have atleast two children, naming one Isabella
3. Go to Forks
4. Move to the U.S
5. Have a white christmas (its summer here in December)
6. Go to Japan
7. Become fluent in Japanese
8. Learn to play the piano well so I can play Debussy
9. Learn to Dance
10. See three of my favourite bands live
11. Read all books written by Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters.
12. Kiss in the rain
13. Dye my hair bright red
14. Visit Volterra
15. Go hiking some place beautiful
16. Be able to recite my favourite sonnets
17. See Muse live
18. Put on 2 more kgs (seems strange, but I'm really bony. hahah)
19. Watch the sunrise
20. Do something I'll be remembered for.
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by EvenFreaksNeedLove »

- Meet Chad Kroeger and get a picture of him in a pair of massive red panties ( I hope to be doing that within the next 2 years. COME TO CANADA JEEZ CHADDY! IT'S YOUR OWN FRIGGIN COUNTRY AND YOU REFUSE TO COME HERE! JEEZ!)
- Hug Shaun Morgan of Seether
- Hug Owen Wilson (I really doubt I'll ever get to do that but you know whatever)
- Get dreadlocks (This November! :D :D :D )
- Get a babe, and get married to him/her/it
- Spend a week or 2 or 3 as a street person
- Have an abusive relationship
- Adopt a/some kids
- Milk a cat
- Live in New York City for a while
- Hitch hike around some country
- Get my future told
- Own a Hairless cat and make it a sweater

and yeah haha
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by darkrider »

I want to go to germany!!!!
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by simple_love♫ »

-graduate high school (2011)
-move to Music City USA (Nashville)
-get more guitars (I love my 12 string but you can never have too many acoustics)
-meet Toby Keith
-get signed to Show Dog Nashville
-win a CMA
-tour with Toby (make a pit stop in Forks...)
-meet Tyler Hilton (and hive him a hug :P )
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by AliceLauren »

- Graduate high school and go to college
- Find my Edward
- Love myself

That's about it.
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by waiting tobe dazzled »

Go and try to see Marilyn Monroe’s ghost
Publish a book
Master an instrument (guitar preferably)
Tip a cow
Find true love
Get married
Be declared fluent in a second language
Meet one of my literary idols
Go cliff diving (I’ve been inspired)
Transform a room in my house into a library, fully stocked of course
Have my own designs for said house made into reality
Race a car….the drag way is sufficient
Earn a PhD
See one of the great Norris dam fish (Here, it is said that there are fish as big as cars at the bottom of Norris Dam
Go to England
Go to the Hollywood walk of fame
Drive a SSC Ultimate Aero *drooling at the thought*
Learn to snow board
Be such a frequent shopper at Books-A-Million that they know me by name
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Re: List of things to do before you die.

Post by oleander »

I've had a list for years and have actually been able to cross some things off:

Original list (from early 90s)
1. See Pearl Jam perform live (did it, 09/22/05)
2. See Moist perform live (did it, 1993, met them and hung out with them on a couple of occasions)
3. Write the Great Canadian Novel (I have decided that i just want to finish a novel, which i'm almost done, it doesn't have to be great to anyone but myself)
4. Find my soulmate (still waiting)
5. Have kids with soulmate (not going to happen...i'm okay with it now)
6. Be happy
7. Do something that will justify my existence as being a good thing, as having not been in vain (still working on it)

If i were to revise my list for 2008
1. Truly and honestly finish writing a novel, with editing done, etc. and be happy with it
2. Travel to a) a place with white sand and l'eau turquoise; b) go to Europe and soak in as much art, history and fountains (i have a thing for fountains!) as physically possible; c) go be dazzled in Las Vegas and have one weekend of reckless abandon
3. Find love again--love of/with a man, and learn to truly love myself
4. See one of the following bands play live: Muse, Blue October, Pearl Jam (again), Ben Harper
5. Do something that will justify my existence as being a good thing, as having not been in vain--i'd like to do more than just buying the world a Coke :lol:
6. Go to Central Park in New York and see the Bethesda Fountain in person (I fell in love with it after watching Angels in America) <-edit...totally forgot about Bethesda!
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