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Re: Hair styles, tips, advice

Post by simple_love♫ »

Krystal wrote:I really need someones help. Whenever I straighten my hair, it always goes curly again. Can anyone give me some advice on what to use to keep it straight that won't wreck my hair?
My hair dresser told me to by wax, but it doesn't work and makes my hair even more curly, and plus its bad for your hair, I'm pretty sure.
Any suggestions?
why do you want to straiten your hair?? i got a perm to get curls... well i guess we all want what we don't have
try a ceramic straightener and Paul Mitchell Supper Skinny

my hair looked great for homecoming it looked like Hillary Scott's (Lady Antebellum) in the "looking for a good time" video
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Re: Hair styles, tips, advice

Post by Krystal »

I only straighten my bangs and sometimes all of my hair, not all the time. I am just sick of when I try to straighten it and it doesn't stay. :(
Thanks simple_love♫! :)
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Re: Hair styles, tips, advice

Post by debussygirl »

So here is some interesting advice I found:
If you're having a greasy hair day, but don't have time to wash it, brush loose powder in your hair with a blusher brush and it will absorb the grease. I tried it one day and it worked. But beware, your hair will smell like the powder you chose!
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Re: Hair styles, tips, advice

Post by Twilight_girl15 »

ok you guys my hair is about 8 to 10 from my sholder blades and i dont know what to do with it. its also black and i am deathly pale and i have bright blue eyes but i dont knowhat to do with it because its wavy and i alo have slanted bangs and layers. so what should i do :?:
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Re: Hair styles, tips, advice

Post by Gemini93 »

Twilight_girl15 wrote:ok you guys my hair is about 8 to 10 from my sholder blades and i dont know what to do with it. its also black and i am deathly pale and i have bright blue eyes but i dont knowhat to do with it because its wavy and i alo have slanted bangs and layers. so what should i do :?:
I feel your pain. My hair is a little longer than shoulder length and really thick and really wavy and I have slanted bangs, and I never know what to do with it in the morning when I'm dead tired. What I find works really well when I don't have the time to blow it out is to wash and condition it really well at night, and then once you get out of the shower, take the bath towel and give your hair a good rub down so it looks kind of stringy and then if you have any, put some sort of anti-frizz/silk serum all through your hair (I use CHI brand silk serum). Then you go to bed with you hair wet and when you wake up, your hair is really wavy and pretty, and it's not as frizzy thanks to the anti-frizz. Then all you gotta do is straighten your bangs (or else your hair looks really weird) and you're all set!

Hope that helps! It works on my hair and I've got extremely thick and layered hair, I hope it works for you too!

p.s. never underestimate the power of a thick headband or ponytail
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Re: Hair styles, tips, advice

Post by urcoolcarrie »

ok, so i am going to the midnight showing of twilight. the one i'm going to his having a prom, and i need to know how to do my hair. it is about 5 or 6 inches past my shoulders, and i have slanted bangs. if you have any suggestions, please share!
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Re: Hair styles, tips, advice

Post by lag28wa »

Welcome to my hair's life story!!

I too have curly hair, but I was in denial for a long time! My hair is very fine and I spent the latter part of my childhood/teen years just brushing it out which resulted in a stringy frizzy mess. One lady that cut my hair one time said "Did you know you have curly hair?" :lol: So now after my 24 years of living I have embraced my curls and learned to manage them! Actually I like curly hair, I am no good at hair styling so I would never have the patience/skill to blowout or straighten my curls every day. I keep my hair generally shoulder length or between my chin and shoulders. I wash it every other day. I use either a curl shampoo or a good moisturizing shampoo. Right now I am using Matrix Biolage moisturizing stuff. I also like Alterrna curl shampoo/conditioner, the Catwalk curl shampoo/conditioner(smells like oranges!), and the Loreal Professional Texture Line curl shampoo/conditioner. And the Aussie 3minute miracle conditioner is a great product for a bargain.

For styling I use a mixture of biosilk serum and the Tresemee curl gel(its more cream like in its texture, less watery/sticky). And then I also usually spray on a little of the Redkin Curl Boost spray gel. Then I blow dry it using my fingers to kind of diffuse it until its about 75% dry and let it air dry the rest of the way. Some hair spray to set it. I usually wear it down or with the front pieces pinned pack with bobby pins. Its generally not long enough to wear in a ponytail. It has long layers, no bangs.

This is my natural curl here and here

Sam! Your curls are beautiful! I wish mine were thicker like yours. Is that picture from after you got your hair cut? I like your dark hair also! I wish mine was a bit darker, its natural color is pretty mousy, so I usually jazz it up with higlights or glosses. Cute!
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Re: Hair styles, tips, advice

Post by vampire_elf »

Wow, lag 28wa, your wedding pictures are beautiful!!! And your hair looks great.

I've wavy/curly hair too (depends on the part of my head :roll: ) but it's not realy thick and I always straighten it because if I don't do it and mangage for my hair to look nice and curly on the first day it will look beyond dreadful on the next. The curls simply collapse while sleeping and there's nothing I can do the next morning. When I straighten my hair I have a realistic chance of looking halfway decent the next morning (the straight hair keeps the shape better than the curls) and I'm able to leave the house without to much fussing around... I use a hair dryer with a special top adapter for straightening which works pretty well. Of course I have to use a strightening/anti-frizz serum befor blow drying my hair.

For me washing and blow drying my hair in the morning works best but it's also getting on my nerves because it takes so long... Pinning the front pieces back with bobby pins is always a good a idea (that's the way I'm wearing my hair right now). That way you can wear you hair down without having the bangs all over your face.

Thanks for the tip with the loose powder. I've heard that before but doesn't it affect you hair colour? For example if have brown hair and use a light coloured powder won't the hair look a bit grayish??? Wouldn't it be better to use some bronzing power instead (that way my hair would sparkle, yeah!)? Just wondering...

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Re: Hair styles, tips, advice

Post by lag28wa »

I am wearing the bobby pins in my hair pulling to front pieces back too! We're twins!

Thank about the wedding pictures I guess I'll have to see it was the easiest formal hairstyling I have ever had done, it took the girl about 30 minutes, lots of hair spray, and lots of strategically placed bobby pins!! I think she did say loosely twisted some of the front pieces back before she pinned them. Oh and the perks of living on the gulf coast of Florida when you are getting married!! It was PERFECT. There was a beach weddings company who pretty much took care of the whole thing, all we had to do was show up and our friends/parents too. We originally planned on doing a civil ceremony like at the courthouse because it was quick and easy and he was getting sent off to TX and after 5+ years of dating, I said before I make the third move in three years with you and I think we should get married. And by golly. The company we found was a relatively inexpensive and super EASY way to have something small and quick!!! Of course they do you wedding as big or as small as you want.... They're based in Fort Walton Beach, FL, but travel locally to do beach weddings. So it all depends. You also don't necessarily have to do beach either! Can you tell I just got married?? Haha. If there are any that are looking to get married in that area, let me know in PM, I can give you contacts.

Sorry back on topic!!! :oops:
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Re: Hair styles, tips, advice

Post by kvampireloverr »

Ok so here are so tips for the people that hve to deal with curly frizzy hair.
i used to have very very curly hair, and people used to love to play with it,but it was the bane of my used to take me hours to get it straight. So i got a relaxed perm you can choose the straight one. No matter which each will tone the frizz down, and it'll make it a lot easier to handle. I still do straighten it, but now it's for only 15 minutes, and i'm actualy quite happy.

To straighten your hair
The first step is a good straightener.I know the price of the cheap ones is tempting, but your hair deserves the best treatment. The cheap ones, not only don't work well, but they really really damage your hair. Get one around 50-100 dollars and make sure that it's ceramic. It may seem like too much, but it works miracles. Take your time which each strand at first to know the way of your hair. Analyze what part of your hair gives you the most trouble and work your way up. Make sure to use oils for anti-damaging when taking your time. Make sure the place where you're strightening your hair isn't too hot or else your hair will frizz before you finish. After your finish just pour a bit of anti-frizz in your hair.
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