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Re: Awkward Moments

Post by talirhee »

Carrisa wrote:One time, not too long ago, in Environmental class I was talking to a girl I sit with and her friend (who's a guy). I was reading Vampire Diaries and I was trying to hide it since people always seem to embarrass me or poke fun at me for the stuff I read. I sat it down on the table at the same time for this really talkative girl in my class came up to the table and picked it up. I was like, "No! Just what I've been avoiding!" And she started to read the back out loud and I thought I was going to die because everyone I was with was just staring at me. When she got to a part about blood she said, "Ew! That's scary! How could you read that?" I was pretty much frozen and all I could say was "I like vampires," in a somewhat of a hoarse voice. It was quiet before the guy said, "She's obviously never read Stephen King." I was so relieved. Neither of the two I was talking to held it against me, but I think the other girl was scared of me at that point. I still feel mortified, though. I'm going to have to hide my books better.
Wow, I feel your pain. So annoying.
I was listening to Metallica one day. This chick comes up to me and is like "What are you listening to?" So I gave her an ear piece.
No joke - she squealed, and said "Ewwww, gross. Emo music!!" And ran away.
Was she for real or what? =/
But it sucked because then I got labeled the "emo" girl. Yes, with my hair pulled back neatly and in my school DRESS.
*shakes head*

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Re: Awkward Moments

Post by Carrisa »

talirhee wrote:Wow, I feel your pain. So annoying.
I was listening to Metallica one day. This chick comes up to me and is like "What are you listening to?" So I gave her an ear piece.
No joke - she squealed, and said "Ewwww, gross. Emo music!!" And ran away.
Was she for real or what? =/
But it sucked because then I got labeled the "emo" girl. Yes, with my hair pulled back neatly and in my school DRESS.
*shakes head*
That was completely unnecessary of her. What's worst is you got labeled because of her. Honestly, people need to know when to back off. Just because you like a certain type of band or book doesn't automatically mean you're emo or goth, or whatever they want to consider you. It makes me want to hide all my interests from people. :/
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Re: Awkward Moments

Post by StupidxLamb »

I have this REALLY pretty smelling Charlie Red perfume. It's simply gorgeous...unless you use too much, right? Okay. So one morning I was getting ready for class and I used a LITTLE more than was necessary. Whatever, I thought. No big deal. So I got to my early class and the woman who sat next to me got there a few minutes later. She said, "Oh no, someone is wearing REALLY strong perfume. Do you smell that? It's giving me a headache." I was like, "Oh, no...that's not good." :oops: :oops:
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Re: Awkward Moments

Post by emmettsbiggestfan »

Okay, so in my drama class in school, I sit next to my crush and one of my good friends. Everyday before class starts, my other friends sit with me and the friend that I sit next to on top of our desks (if that makes any sense...) So, one day, my crush decides to join in our conversation, and I was most likely blushing like Bella always did. When the bell rang, we scrambled to sit down, and right when he sat down, I slipped out of my chair. I fell flat on my butt, and I started laughing so hard. My crush started laughing too, and then when we were at lunch, he was joking about it with me. Everyone in the class was staring at me. Can you say awkward? :lol:
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Re: Awkward Moments

Post by DesiringJB »

Well one time babysitting, I set off the house alarm 4 times! It all started when the little girl ran in the room holding their little dog saying "Hes gotta go poo!" So, naturally, I opened the back door to let the dog outside. Well the alarm was set and off it went. Then the security company called and I told them the story, so they reset the alarm for me. Nice. EXCEPT that the dog was still outside. So I let the dog back in and off goes the alarm again. The security company calls again, and I retell the story. They reset the alarm but say that they still need to send a cop over. Well fine. But I let the cop in, off goes the alarm. I let the cop out, off goes the alarm...Geez, what a night! No suprise that they didn't use me to babysit again.. :oops:

At least the officer that was sent over was cute ;)

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Re: Awkward Moments

Post by Spartan »

I don't get awkward easily, and this wasn't awkward for me, but for the guys involved :lol:

Well I was standing with My boyfriend in Zavvi, and We were like kinda imtimate, not kissing but yeah. Now Osscar moves to the side and I just looked up and saw my older brother standing there like :shock: . :lol: Both of them were just like 'Ummmmmm :?' :lol:
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Re: Awkward Moments

Post by Waffle of Doom »

I was at my BFF's house and she lives right down the street from McDonalds and she tells me that the other day she was in there with some of her other friends and the guy working there went to my school and knew me. I told her to describe him because she didn't know his name and when she did I had no clue who she was talking about, so we dropped it and went on with our day. Well later our other friend comes over and my BFF tells her about the guy a McDonalds, so our friend decides she's "hungry" and we walk down the street to McDonalds. When we walk in I look up at the counter and my CRUSH is standing there looking hotter than anybody should in a Mcdonalds uniform, so my face turns beet red because I was never expecting him to be the guy from how my friend described him. To make matters worse, my friends were pushing me towards the counter while I was turning even redder (I could even feel it spreading to my EARS!) and then none of us wanted anything, so we ran out of there looking like stupid little giggling teenage girls. So morifying :oops:
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Re: Awkward Moments

Post by -Jasper »

I was walking home from the bus stop with my friend, and there were 2 guys just in front of us. I was telling my friend something, and for some reason I was using my hands as I talked, I was also holding a folder. I must have been doing really weird actions with my hands, because my folder flew out and hit one of the guys in front, then fell to the floor (very loudly), where I tripped on it and fell into the same guy. It was so embarrassing because the guy tried to help me not knock us both over and I ended up leaning on him. Meanwhile, my friend was laughing his head off. :lol:
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Re: Awkward Moments

Post by Starless*Eyes »

okay so this story is more along the lines of embarrassing then awkward but here we go.

I'm in my school's play and there is this one scene where I'm suppose to climb ontop of this really high box before the big murder scene. well while we were rehearsing one day my teacher wanted us to do it over and over and over again to get it perfect. So I was jumping down from the box and climbing back on a lot. It strained my leg and I ended up pulling a muscle in my right thigh.
The next day while walking to class I was telling my friend about my unfortunate incident and it was really loud in the halls so I had to speak loud. Well of course just as I'm saying "My god it's my legs! My thighs are soo sore!" the guy I like (who's two years older btw and so cute) walks out of a classroom as I pass by. Possibly hearing everyword about my throbing thighs.
>__> typical.
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Re: Awkward Moments

Post by simplymortal314 »

So I had a rather awkward moment today.
In study I'm explaining to two of my friends my family tree. And to remember how everyone is related to me one of my friends is giving them all nicknames. Such as, Stupid Uncle, Infertile aunt, Rabit girl, Pasta boy cousin, and Candy boy cousin. After class the other friend and I are walking to our next class and we see my crush. He smiles at us and at the same time I am saying, "So we have Rollo, the candy boy player, and Little Emu, the stipper" No not akward at all. Except my crush stalls in the hall and jerks bacward. He is clearly thinking whoa!
Then the other day, he dropped a piece of mac and chesse on the floor and he, I, and three other friends stood awkwardly around it. Not as funny.
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