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Re: Dorks United

Post by DudeRocksTheTwilight »

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Re: Dorks United

Post by love_is_noise »

it's pretty quiet over here on the dork thread
:shock: :cry:

one of my favourite quotes of all time:
"I love being un-cool, it's so easy"
^^my friend Anna, she is so right, I love it.
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Re: Dorks United

Post by Jadey »

People call me a dork cause like, I actually DO my homiework.
:shock: Yes, I know. Im such a huge dork.
Anywho. I <3 being a dork.

Being a dork + staying home on a saturday night reading a book is better than being in a drunk driving accident, injuring 4 people
^actually happened to some people I know from my school. I was at home all snuggly reading breaking dawn for the 59,000th time.

So, in conclusion. Being a dork saves lives.
^ by ForJazz
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Re: Dorks United

Post by vampirenerd »

Jade, very nice saying. I personally think dorks are quite under rated. If being a dork in school gets me a better job afterwards than the kids who went out and partied and drank every night, I'll stick with being a dork lol.
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Re: Dorks United

Post by Mrs.TeddyBear »

^^Same. & I like being a dork because it means I can actually be UNIQUE, instead of the stereotype of a high school girl. I don't have to wear Hollister (no offense to those of you that do) or straighten my hair or be a cheerleader, I can just wear what I want and act like a weirdo and read all the time!

And I've got a dork story to tell! In 6th grade, me and my friends started this thing called the DORKS club!I cant remember what we made all the letters stand for, but I really wish I could, I remember it was a really funny acronym! Anyway, I got to be the VP because I was the inspiration :mrgreen: Im still very proud of that fact!
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Re: Dorks United

Post by SethisMine »

Hello fellow dorks! :D
I just found this thread today. :D
I'm a proud nerdy dork. :D
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Re: Dorks United

Post by psugar »


There you go! Everyone else make one too!

I'm such a dork, on my FB I put this as my political view: Giraffes should rule the world
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Re: Dorks United

Post by JulieM »

What a hilarious thread. I can't believe I haven't seen this before. Anyway, my name is Julie and I am a dork. It's nice to be in the company with so many awesome dorks here on the Lex! :-)

psugar-I love your banner. That google thing is awesome!!
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Re: Dorks United

Post by clpviolet »

Ok, sure I'm a dork. A kind of pathetic dork even. I feel weird about laying all my dorkiness on the table point by point, but trust me I doubt you'd want to see me feeling sorry for myself. Basicly without going tooo emotional. I am addicted to vampire stories(Rice, SM, buffy/angel, moonlight, only one I have not read is Dracula, which I do have but have not had the urge to read it yet), cry watching tv or movies or reading sappy books like Nicolas Sparks. Oh and of course until I was like 20 the only books that I had or would even read were Babysitters club, Sweet Valley High and other really ridiculous(sp?) books bought through scholastic mail order.
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Re: Dorks United

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

I'm not entirely sure just that qualifies you as a dork. A true dork (or a nerd) means you go to the midnight premiere of Transformers in full Optimus Prime getup, and glare at everyone from undre your helmet.
Not that I would do that. I'm just going to the HP6 midnight premiere as Hermione, since its the easiest costume for me. I'd much rather go as Luna, but I'm not blonde... I want her glasses, though!
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