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Re: Dorks United

Post by cassis_rose »

debussygirl wrote:
Carrisa wrote: - I'm protective of my books and don't like other people handling them
Me too! I'm so glad I have an excuse not to lend my twilight books out. I'm always super parnoid when I lend out my books.
Me three! I don't like lending out my books because I hate it when people take forever to return and I get really scared that the books will come back dog-earred or folded. So no, I'll either pretend I don't have said book or don't mention books in front of acquaintances or friends. I don't really like to bug people about returning my things because it makes me seems like a poor sport.

You'll have to be really special to be able to borrow a book from me. Looking back, I think I only lend out NM and HBP once to a couple of good friends whom I trusted.
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Re: Dorks United

Post by TheElysianSoul »

I'm sort of a dork, but to my manga instead.

I think I'm more of classified as "otaku".
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Re: Dorks United

Post by DudeRocksTheTwilight »

I'm a huge dork!
And I agree with the whole lending thing.

My sister's friend comes in here a month ago, and says, "Hey Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! I'm going to see the movie, let me see that book!"
I go, "Ok."
So they go outside and tan in the driveway ( :D ), and then my sister comes in. I go where is your friend?
She goes, "She left."
The friend thought I meant she could take the book with her, and she did! So she still hasn't returned it, and my sister won't ask her to!
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Re: Dorks United

Post by therealmrswhitlock »

Totally agree with the lending thing. I also have a friend who's finicky about lending books. I'm the only person she will lend them to, because she knows I'm just as protective of books as she is and she won't get them back damaged. I always make sure to use a bookmark, and if it's a really old book, I'll even touch and turn the pages extra lightly, like it's rice paper or something. My brother thinks I'm weird for treating books like priceless pieces of art, but to me, they are.
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Re: Dorks United

Post by aussie-twigirl »

I'm a dork/nerd/geek by default...

I *love* reading and books. I love the line in Twilight where Bella goes "... they (Jessica and Angela) didn't know how preoccupied i could get when surrounded by books; it was something i prefered to do alone " That explains me whenever near books - at the library, in bookstores, in shops, etc. I can't lend my books to ANYONE either, i'd get so paranoid and stuff. At school i was somewhat a nerd but it's worse since uni... probably cause I'm doing a science degree. And i'm a self-confessed klutz.. i really can trip on a flat surface, over my own feet or even just air! :lol:

I argee with everyone who'd rather be at home on a Saturday night homeworking/reading/lexing.. I'm legally able to go out clubbing and drinking and stuff (and i do drink sometimes) but i don't see the point of drinking my weight's worth of alcohol so that i can be soo drunk i don't remember the night and spend the next day regretting it! I have better things to do with my brain cells.. like get a degree so i can get a good job one day.
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Re: Dorks United

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

I'd rather be a nerd than a dork. A nerd understands pretty much everything on My Life Is Nerdy and I don';t think I've seen anyone mention Dr. Who. Course, that's why we have a Dr. Who thread.
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Re: Dorks United

Post by 21Twilight21 »

Some people may see me as a dork since I don't like to party! I'd rather be having real fun with friends or family by going to the movies or out to eat! It's kinda sad that most of my weekends are spent at home reading or lexing lol, but I'm not ashamed!
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