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Re: Blocked at School

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

I'm happy! For the first week of school, all of the lex was blocked! Then last week, it just randomly unblocked itself, right as I was planning to go complain and get it unblocked! *dances* So now, every second I have free time, I shall be on here! WOOT!
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Re: Blocked at School

Post by Anarey »

Friday was my first day of work and some most if the sites I visit like Myspace and Facebook are blocked. I'll check the Lex tomorrow to see if its blocked too, if it is, I'll die.
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Re: Blocked at School

Post by SethisMine »

It's soo depressing at my school. Everything is pretty much blocked except for the website on which we can check our grades. :(
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Re: Blocked at School

Post by LisaAnn »

The Lex isn't blocked at school, but I never get chance to get on the computers. Myspace, Facebook and Hotmail, along with every other e-mail program is blocked at my school. There is a way to get around it, but it's kind of attention-grabbing way (you unplug the network cable while logging in)....and proxy servers are out, you use them and an alert goes out to the librarian and she bans you for the rest of the year. :(
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Re: Blocked at School

Post by museicalking »

no, and guess wat? my school is allowing my lower grd. to have their own laptops!!! that sux cause when i finally graguate is when its all school..... arg

anyway- no isnt.

try ninjaproxy from a friend with tech skillz
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Re: Blocked at School

Post by »

Yay! I'm in school right now, in my intro to computer tech class. All the twilight websites are acsessible!! Woohoo :D
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Re: Blocked at School

Post by Spartan »

you guys who can access the Lex are lucky - My school uses Bulldog which blocks almost everything. We can use hotmail fortunately, but only because we have to prove that we can send emails ( :roll: ) in I.T - the teachers can use youtube and stuff but fortunately I can access IMDB so most I.T lessons we sit and watch the Twilight Movie ads saying the words outloud because we don't have headphones. I think the Lex is blocked because it has "Personal Pages" - we can do this 2 second form to unblock sites but the I.T technicians never listen to us. GOD! Even the teachers get annoyed at Bulldog. If Anyone else goes to a school in Brighton or Hove please PM me - it'd be weird to find someone from nearby on here.
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Re: Blocked at School

Post by psugar »

What! You lucky ducks we are only allowed to use the internet for acdemic purposes only and a billion sites are blocked anyway and normally it's the perfect site for your research paper or the picture you really need. I think you can go on any site in the highschool but then again I'm not sure. I'm so jealous of you guys. :mrgreen:
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Re: Blocked at School

Post by simplymortal314 »

last year towards the end, it was blocked.
This year I checked, it is all blocked now. The forums and blog. last year I could check the blog.
It is still all my fault, oh well! there is always v tunnel.
Lucky ducks who don't have it blocked. =P
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Re: Blocked at School

Post by maddy<3twilight »

Pretty Much EVERYTHING is blocked at my school. No one does research at school (for projects) because the sites do not work. So as soon as i come home I go right on the Lex. It's my homepage so good thing I don't have to type it in. :lol: That wastes a good 4 seconds of Lex time.
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