How Did You Choose Your Screen Name?

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Re: How Did You Choose Your Screen Name?

Post by blasphemous_contessa »

Its a funny story involving greek mythology and Ramen. I was making ramen for me and my friend one day and she said "you are like the dutchess of ramen or something!" and I told her I'd rather be a contessa than a dutchess it sounds more elgant. Later during the meal we were playing with our food pretending the noodles were blaspheming against the Church and if i am the contessa of ramen and ramen are the blasphemous noodles and they were being drowned in the river styx (which is in our bellies) it only makes sense that I would be the blasphemous contessa. the girl i ate ramen with is around here somewhere as the atrocious queen of attrocities (she got high [which i don't condone] and started shouting ATRROCITIES AGAINST THE QUEEN! and I AM YOU QUEEN!) and her sister is around here somewhere as the horrible dauphine....i don't think there is a story about that one i think she was just feeling left out
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Re: How Did You Choose Your Screen Name?

Post by Granuaile »

Granuaile is the nickname of Grace O'Malley, a pirate in Ireland in the 1500s. When she was a teen she shaved her head to get on one of her father's pirate ships. She eventually became the first woman to take over the family business, and shoot her way halfway around the world! I did my big history project on her, and really liked her. Her nickname means "Grace the Bald" in Gaelic (Irish), and grace (the emotional kind) is an important quality for me and I got a really bad haircut so for a while I was bald too, and it's just such a pretty name and so unique, ya know?
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Re: How Did You Choose Your Screen Name?

Post by EvrThinEvrMinEvrRs »

My name (EvrThinEvrMinEvrRs) comes from a love letter written by Beethoven to his "Immortal Beloved". It's how he signs off at the end of it. I fell in love with it when it was mentioned in the Sex and the City movie.

Oddly enough, it also kinda has a vampire relation to it...Gary Oldman played Beethoven in the movie "Immortal Beloved", and he also played Dracula....yes, it's a little convoluted, but it works in my mind.

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Re: How Did You Choose Your Screen Name?

Post by Jessalyn118 »

because I am Jessalyn, and i like those numbers.. :D
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Re: How Did You Choose Your Screen Name?

Post by *Wanderer* »

My screen name is from "The Host." I think that Wanderer is such a pretty name. I wish that were my name.... If I had a daughter one day, I would definitely name her Wanderer (I know, crazy right?)

And I also just really love to use these: *.

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Re: How Did You Choose Your Screen Name?

Post by LadyViolet »

My screen was totally random really- i needed a name so was like hmmm *thinking face* what to choose my favourite colour is Purple and i love speaking french so i used violet (vee-oh-lay) and just stuck the Lady bit on the front cos it sounded rather elegant :lol: its a naff story really
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Re: How Did You Choose Your Screen Name?

Post by eliselovesedwardx »

Well, mine is quite easy to describe: I loved Edward and my name is Elise. So it was only plausible that my name be eliselovesedward (with an added 'x' at the end for extra loving :D)
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Re: How Did You Choose Your Screen Name?

Post by bubblylittlealice »

lol mine screen name took along time to make :lol:
my fave person in the WHOLE book it alice sooo i knew she would have to be in my name
and my friend helped me with the rest,she is a member here 2
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Re: How Did You Choose Your Screen Name?

Post by Kat.Flow »

Well, the 'Kat' parte came from my name, a diminutive I invented and because I like cats too :D
The 'Flow' is the diminutive of my surname if we translated it in English.

I know is kinda weird but when I registered I wasn't with a great imagination.

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Re: How Did You Choose Your Screen Name?

Post by annabelle »

two words: jackson rathbone

you'll get it when you get it. it's also easier to understand when you see the whole name (ie: my user, see sig)
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