Boys in books are just better

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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by CullenxLove »

well of course the cullen boys
jacob black
seth clearwater
garret from BD!
harry potter
and others, that i just cant think of off the top of my head lol

Team Edward, Emmett, Alice, Jacob, Garrett, Jasper, Seth, Bella, Charlie, and Renesmee<3
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by alellie »

Ah! Give me some Emmett! I want him!

And, also Spike from Buffy. *dies*
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by PhantasmaWolf »

-The Cullen boys. *sighs* There, I admitted it like everyone else. xD
- Jacob Black
- Seth Clearwater
- Prince George fromThe Princess and the Hound
- Aido for Vampire Knight. He's more of a minor/secondary character, but I like him. ^^;
- Erik from Phantom of the Opera. Yes, he's obviously messed up, but I still like him. What can I say? I like messed up characters that redeem themselves in some way. :lol:
- Dr. Henry Jekyll from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, duh. Such a loveable doctor, huh? ...Except for his other side. xD
- Professer Lupin from Harry Potter. He was a really cool guy [spoiler ahead if for some reason you haven't read the 7th book] to bad that he died.
- Jonathan Harker from Dracula. Poor guy saw some pretty wacked out stuff!

...And that's all I can think of right now.
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by SethisMine »

I totally think boys in books are better!!!
Here's a list of my favs, in no particular order, only, Seth is at the top of mine!!!
Seth Clearwater- Has to be one of my all time favorites!!!
The Cullen boys
Jacob Black
Jonathan (from the Lioness rampant series)
George (also from the Lioness rampant series)
Farid (I think that's how to spell it. Its the kid from Inkheart)
Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)
Damon (the Vampire Diaries)

And I could keep listing and listing.
I have a friend who keeps asking everyone who their crushes are, and I just give her names of boys that I have fallen for in books. :lol:
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by eliselovesedwardx »

Boys in Books are seriously BETTER!!

Ok so mine..
Cullen Boys - this is a given
Ron Weasley
Harry Potter
Jacob Black
Kostos - Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series
Heathcliff - Even though he's evil..i still like him - yeah I'm weird

That's all I can think of right now..I'll think some more..
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by pallorxmortis »

Sebastian Michaelis - shoot [English title: The Black Butler]
-- The man is gorgeous and completely loyal to the thirteen year old Earl he serves, even if he is bound by a contract. He is a demon and a butler, and is insanely good at everything. And he is pure smex.

L Lawliet - Death Note
-- Not the stereotypical 'cute' guy but I'm always a fan of the dark hair, dark eyes (blond, blue eyed gods are NOT my idea of attractive) and he is also incredibly intelligent (Far more important to me then anything else) and the World's Greatest Detective. I love him, even if he is socially challenged.

Zane Cobriana - Hawksong
-- Shapeshifter, serpent and gorgeous. Zane is my all time favorite character from the Kiesha'ra Series.

Mr. Darcy - Pride and Prejudice
-- Who doesn't wish for their own Mr. Darcy?

Erik - Phantom of the Opera
-- A beautiful singer, the Opera Ghost, and all around tragic past. He may not be attractive but I still love him.

I have more, I just can't think of them. xD

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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by Shugo_vampire »

I have a great Bf, but I love Fictional guys my favorite are:

The Cullen Boys
Fai from Tsubasa
Mori from Ouran
Ed Elric from Full Metal Alchemist
Iktou from Shugo Chara
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by CauseofEdwardIlove »

Well before Edward there was Harry Potter....who is going into a very handsome young man I might add....But now all I can think about is Edward....I'm hopeless!
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by iLoveRob »

Well besides the Cullen's?

I'd have to say most of the guys from Harry Potter haha and I a bunch of guys from various manga's XD
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by Edward_Addict »

From the Twilight Saga: Edward (of course!), Jasper, and Seth
Ian O'Shea (The Host)
Gabriel Wolf (Dark Visions trilogy by L.J. Smith)
Julian (The Forbidden Game trilogy by L.J. Smith)
Daniel (Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married by Marian Keyes)
Dex Thaler (Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin)

I could go on forever, I have a ton of books, but those are the first the come to mind :P
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