Boys in books are just better

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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by pennybug84 »

I've added a few guys to my list of fictional characters I wished were real.

Dante Alexander from The Hourglass Door Trilogy
Colonel Brandon from Sense & Sensibility
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Re: Boys in books are just better

Post by BeautifulGoldenEyes »

-Jasper Hale (Twilight)
-Alec Volturi (Twilight)
-Demetri Volturi (Twilight)
-Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)
-Lestat (Vampire Chronicles)
-Louis (Vampire Chronicles)
-Armand (Vampire Chronicles)
-Jace (Mortal Instruments)
-Jesse Tuck (Tuck Everlasting)
-Laurie (Little Women)
-Ian O'Shea (The Host)

Umm that's all for now.
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