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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by Reverie »

One of the strangest comments I got was from this on girl at school last year that said I really looked like Twiggy (the model type person) wen I wore my hair up. xD
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by simple_love♫ »

I get comments on my eyebrows all the time they are really dark and perfect shaped with out being waxed and then I have the long dark eyelashes and hair that match and I'm really pale. Anyways... one time I was out with one of my friends for lunch and the old lady at the counter was like "wow your skin is such a nice contrast against your hair it makes your eyes look very bright" then I was like "... thank you??"
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by loverboyis »

^ lol, Some of my friends/random I know use to compliment on me for my eyebrows; "You have the most natural eyebrows I ever seen, who does them?" Uhr yeah haha ... I gotten that comment twice :lol:
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by little-freak »

a girl i'm having tennis training with is always telling me how beautiful i'm.
it's always like that: we're drinking or collecting balls and suddenly she says: know what? i think you're very beautiful or i can't understand why you're not having a boyfriend you're so pretty!
i said thanks the first time but after hearing it a tousand time i'm just like "hm hm" and "you told me before"

and another strange commpliment, same girl.
that was in our summer tennis camp. i'm always wearing a pony tail while playing tennis so she never saw me with my hair open before: it was after the last tennis lesson and we were standing around and i opened my hair. then i asked her if they looked stupid, cause i wore a pony tail all day and she just stared at me...i was like: um..that bad? and she said: you look absolutly stunning! i rolled my eyes and then a guy, who was always getting on my nerves that week, walked by and stared at me. and she said: oh my god, the way he looked at you! i told you you look great with your hair open and i told you he was in love with you! and i rolled my eyes again and answered: oh shut up! it just took him a second to recognize me.
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by bittenbyEdwardCullen »

My freshman year of high school my geography teacher announced to the entire class and myself that she loved my handwriting and that it was so perfect as if I had typed it and then she said "I would kill to have this handwriting". :? It kind of scared me a bit. My friend and sister also said that they hated me for being able to do that.

Another strange comment is from my younger sister.She just followed me into my room one day took a sniff and said "You smell good".
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by Reverie »

I find it awkward to be sniffed. >.>

Though I have heard that one from someone before though as well. xD
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by HipsAndHearts »

Wow, these are really random.
My cousin once got told by a date that she had nicely shaped calve muscles and kneecaps.
I always get complimented on my curly hair and people always ask me if I wish it was straight. I always say no and they ask why. I say "Isn't it strange how people with curly hair want it straight and vice versa? I don't wanna be like that." I love my hair, most days. If I don't have a shower in the morning, then I hate it.
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by emmett_<3 »

I was at a water park with my friend and someone stopped me and said, "You have really cute feet."

hahaha i was like...thanks?
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by edwardismystudmuffin »

My friend and I went to meet Amanda Bynes a while back and as she was autographing the poster, she looked up at my friend and was like "Oh my God! You're eyelashes are sooo curly!" We were freaking out as we walked away.
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by eizel »

oh there's this early 20's guy. he approached me ans said "i like you hair, its black and shiny *start stroking* and soft" and was like :shock: :?: what the?! excuse me?! :?

he scared the sheez outa me!
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